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  1. Sorry guys somethings come up and wont be able to make it. so i have removed myself. Have a god time all 1.MR&MRS GRIFF 2.CAPRIADDICT 3.VISTA 4.SAF CAPRI 5.PIRATE 6.RAY 7.PERRY 8FAST EDDY 9.MATRS2000 10.ILOVEGRANNYS 11.MR&MRS X 12.Baldrick + Mrs 13.KMJJohn + Mrs
  2. Me and the Mrs will be there 1.MR&MRS GRIFF 2.CAPRIADDICT 3.VISTA 4.SAF CAPRI 5.PIRATE 6.RAY 7.PERRY 8FAST EDDY 9.MATRS2000 10.ILOVEGRANNYS 11.MR&MRS X 12.Baldrick + Mrs 13.KMJJohn + Mrs 14.Mrp + Mrs
  3. We take it for granted we know the whole story - We judge a book by its cover and read what we want between selected lines ~ A. Rose Darren , you are quite correct , i don't know the whole story , in fact i know none of it . It just seems to me that recently anytime Ben is mentioned , a lot of snidey digs and sarcastic comments are made to which , i assume , he can't answer in a way he would like to due to his professional position . Looking from the outside in and not knowing any of the 'history' it came across as a touch of envy for which i apologise if i'm wrong Nail and Hea
  4. Sadly this is another example of a minority spoiling it for the majority. I have been competing on stage rally events at this venue for many years and all events run faultlessly multiple time per year, the problems have only come since the introduction of the chav racing at the venue. Unfurtuatly these simple tossers think that ont the way to and from a drag race turns them into a racing driver and drive noisily and quickly through the village getting the residents backs up, leading to them trying to get all events at the venue stopped. As far as i can see this is just another reason for
  5. Im having the same problem, currently running a Zetec 2000e box and a 4:44 diff on 50 profile tyres its silly can pull away in 3rd!! Have got a 3:54 to go in and try, have plenty of grunt so hopeing it will pull it ok, if not will pop a 3:7 in
  6. You pays your money you take yer chance.... If you want to go racing rallying ect its a risk you take. If your that worried stick to 1/4 mile where you cant get lost or confused by corners. The car will go again and the important thing is the guy was ok.. Nuff said.
  7. Now this is what i have. Recorded on a event i was sevicing on for a mate.. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=7s8ydSTj7bo Still trying to get a clear BDA on song!
  8. Just sell your back box for one that fits better! you will feel much better, (Its the only thing that spoils the look of it)
  9. Oldskoolgeezers 100E, Not a cheque book build done by a bloke on a driveway. Still in my mind the best thing about.
  10. but if its gonna be a rally replica... If it was a Rally replica it wouldnt have that kit on.
  11. If you google it there are a few sites mate but it depends on the model, ive unlocked a few now to use on O2
  12. Spotted this on another forum i use. http://britishrally.co.uk thought help spread the word
  13. At least that is a rare car with a history.... Have you not seen what people are paying for a very rotten mass produced base model 2 door escort??? Now thats stupid!!
  14. Do you like my old renault 8 gordini then , that had big wide tyres as well Ah yes sir but did it have a pinto in?? Sorry for the Hijack Sambo but i couldnt resist!
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