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  1. Hey Rally Pack, thanks for the welcome, it won’t play, says it’s not available for the UK ;-(
  2. I have naked trumpets I’ve tried k&ns and the little mesh filters and suffered with flat spots, I was advised to try with out any and it’s smoother and doesn’t spit back any more, I don’t do millions of miles but haven’t had any for about 8,000 mile with no birds or straw getting sucked in
  3. Hi everyone, I’m Nick, I I’ve been a member for quite a while but never got round to posting much on here, I have a Mk2 RS2000 in the fastest colour yellow of course i am am looking for some help with registering the build date with Dvla, I see that old Skool Ford is recognised as a club, so what I need is who could I talk to or msg to get my chassis number decoded on osf letterhead please, oh looking forward to getting up to speed with the forum 🤪
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