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  1. Great pics Marcel 👍, I didn't even take one pic 😆.
  2. Swindon bud, what time are people arriving on the morning, you coming from Cornwall on the same day ??
  3. got mine emailed yesterday, was worried at first 😀. Im coming up on the day so if anyone wants to meet let me know ? I'll be traveling up from southwest unsure on the route yet Motorway or A46. Does anyone also know what time we need to be on stand etc. I will be in my 100e so give me a shout if you see someone looking lost 👍 😂.
  4. I think its a good idea to change location, does anyone know why they changed it ???
  5. have you got a stand etc for the simply ford show Beaulieu ?
  6. I'm glad they've done this, got put off with shows because of newer stuff.
  7. All booked, If anyone is coming from south west and wants to meet ?
  8. Anyone had problem trying to buy tickets ? sagepay thing ? i'll try again later
  9. Will be interested in a few of these shows for next year ?
  10. hi welcome, any more old pics ?
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