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  1. There is this thick grey wire. At the end are 2 yellow and black wires going into the loom. A similar yellow and black wire is connected to the +'ve side of coil.
  2. Magnetronic MTK001 KIT. Hi I would like to fit this to my 2 Ltr MK5. It runs a ballast ignition coil (Bosch) Can any body advise: Where the ballast resistor is and what it looks like? Where to take the 12v live feed from on ignition switch side of the ballast resistor? Thanks Nigel
  3. Hi Could any one advise please? 2.0 Pinto MK5 Cortina Ghia DGAV Carb. Just ordered KN56-9079. On arrival I notice that there are no screws/bolts included to bolt to the Carb. Can anyone tell me what the tread is as I don't want to cut the 4 original air box fixings down. Many thanks' Nigel
  4. Hello I have a 1981 MK5 Cortina Ghia. attached under the bonnet is a sound deadening/insulation panel that is slightly damaged. Can anybody advise if this is likely to contain asbestos? I know friction linings did at one time. Thanks Nigel
  5. Hi All Noticed a leak of some sort on the exhaust side of my 2.0 pinto. It appears to be coming from between the block and head and running down to the ledge at the bottom of the block. I cannot decide if it's oil or coolant. Only in a couple of places. Don't seem to have any other running issues. Can any one help with some checks to carry out? Suspect it might be the head gasket. The car does very few miles. Thanks Nigel
  6. Is there a calendar for 2017? Unless I'm not looking in the right place. 2016s was fantastic. NT
  7. Has any one had experience of the following? Prestone universal antifreeze in a 2 ltr Pinto. Supplier of Stainless exhaust for MK5 Cortina Thanks Nigel
  8. Many thanks. Blue Ethylene Glycol it is then. Thought it would be as my other old car takes it. Just checking as just watched an old wheeler dealers with the Green RS 2000 replica rally car and when the coolant was drained it looked red/pink .
  9. Please help a relative newbie. What is correct antifreeze for 1981 2.0 MK5 Cortina? I have various manuals and they advise both Blue and Red!! Confused
  10. Thanks What's difficult about bleeding the brakes afterwards?
  11. Just coming to do this job soon. How difficult is it to remove/replace the Reservoir? The plastic looks fragile!!!
  12. Measured mine. The bolt holes are 3 1/4 " spacing. Missed one this weekend at the NEC as I wasnt sure of the bolt spacings. Turneed out it would have been the correct one. Where did tyo get the smaller one from?
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