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  1. One of the main. Differences was the Bruce and Sheila Sun strip on the front window. Optional roo bars for collisions and plenty of twin cams in odd colours
  2. Why not make a custom grill. Could be unique to your car and you always have the original one to use. I had one made a few years ago and cost me £80 quid. It was laser cut .
  3. Treated Brenda to some new boots. Replaced the damaged rear bulb holders and lights all good.
  4. 4 x 5.5j steelies. As fitted to Mexico, RS ,Capri. These are not off a cortina Fitted with yoko 185 60 13 ..plenty meat on them. 16 metric wheel nuts 16 nut caps 4 wheel centres No dents or buckles. No air leaks or punctures. Pick them up, put them on and drive away Will fit all ford's with 4 studs.
  5. She looks fab in the rain . Nice colour rustoleumn red. My technique improved panel by panel.
  6. Brand new kit with cover,plate and bearing. I bought by mistake. 60
  7. Here is Brenda. Left the factory in '78 as a 1600L auto. A bit different now will add some pictures
  8. Apparently hydro dipping is not that difficult and can be done at home. I watched some motorcycle parts being dipped in a home made set up and the end result was good
  9. Rubbed mine down with wet and dry . Sprayed with strato silver. Then using carbon fibre vinyl wrap I hand cut some infills and stuck them in with a bit heat
  10. Brand new Unused Keeping my 4 door fairly standard £25 with free postage packing.neil
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