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  1. thanks snapper for the info, much appreciated, the car is far from being on the road again, so I will be asking loads more questions. thanks again
  2. Just another question for you. The car I brought has a pedal box with the 2 master cylinders on them, should it also have a servo. (As you can tell I know sod all). I can't tell you what pedal box it has in it. The car has a Vauxhall red top engine running on motorbike carbs, so I can't see how there would be room to install one. Any help or advice would be great.. Sorry if I'm a bit of hard work but as the car was half built when I got it , I haven't got a clue what bits I need to change as of yet. Thanks again
  3. thanks gents for your help. I will have loads more to get for it, and will need loads of advice along the way, thanks again
  4. Hi thanks for the reply much appreciated, I will look them up thank you
  5. Hello, I'm new to this site, so not to sure how it all works,. I have just got myself a mk1 at last, but I'm in need of some parts (well a lot really) what I need first is probably a long shot, but I need both doors complete with glass. My doors are good but someone has cut away all the insides so I can't fit all the window mec and door mec, mine had Perspex fixed in place. If anyone could point me in the right direction for replacing them please can you let me know thanks
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