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  1. Did you get hold of a wiper linkage, if not, I have one complete with motor.
  2. thanks gents for all your replies. the only parts I haven't changed are the 2 master cylinders. and for what they cost I will replace them. but it will always be in the back of my mind (will they wont they)
  3. Thanks gents for your replies. The only thing that isn’t new are the 2 masters cylinders. So for cheap they are to buy I may as well just change them. Still a bit worrying as they have been fine all year and just happened once. So every time I get back in the car it’s always going to be at the back of my mind or me in the back of someone
  4. Your right it did I took it out and sold it complete with carbs and ecu set up. It looked a right mess anyway. Looked like it was painted with a broom
  5. Funny you said don’t fit a Vauxhall engine in it. That’s what was in it when I got it. Xe on bike carbs. Did go well but it went bang on me lol
  6. Could it be a master cylinder having a funny 5 minutes.
  7. It that case I will them stripped and have a look. Nice one. Thanks
  8. I thought pipe work problem. But now they seem to work ok again. So can’t be leaking fluid. All the levels are still up.
  9. Here we go. My mk1 Escort has got a bias pedal box fitted (already on the car when I got it) I have since fitted new front brakes 4pots with discs, pads and pipes. The rear disc conversion was already done. The brakes have always been ok, until the other week. I drove the car to work and all was fine. On the way home the brake pedal just went to the floor. I pumped them a few time and it was slightly better but not good. As I was nearly home I nursed it back thinking it might be a pipe gone. A few days later went to the garage to have a look for leaks but couldn’t see any. I tried the pedal again and it back to normal and can’t rectify the fault. Now I don’t fancy taking it out In case it happens again
  10. Thanks for all your replies gents much appreciated. I might just stick with my blacktop engine and just get some head work done along with a good set of cams and try that with my 45s. Then if I sell my Weber’s will change to Tb. Also got another problem with my brakes (if anyone fancies to help) I don’t just want to keep putting up problem after problem and becoming a pain in the backside.
  11. So if I went for a 170 engine I need to Change inlet and exhaust manifolds. And would I see a great deal difference from a std black top on 45s. I know throttle bodies would be better. But my 45s are near new.
  12. Thanks gents for all your input. My mk1 is running a zetec blacktop on 45 Weber’s. If I went for a st170 lump. Am I right thinking that exhaust and inlet are completely different.
  13. Just thought 5 cylinder 2.5 turbo would make the car a bit more fun. And I didn’t know if anyone has done it before in a mk1. I think finding a manual box and other parts might be a bigger job then I first thought
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