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  1. HI All, After as above, Im after the mount which the ball of the rear view mirror pushes into. So if anyone has one please let me know. I don't mind buying the mount and mirror if you want to sell them as a pair, Kind Regards Joe
  2. As promised, power graph and also a dyno video! Also although the car did produce a max of 180hp, it was dialled back to 177 for smoothness. Ive just had the first drive and its much fun IMG_0811.MP4
  3. Well, this is basically the final update to this thread! The car has within the last hour completed a setup and dyno session. It arrived with ProTuner on Friday, and they were brilliant. As promised they went through a lot of prechecks before even considering starting it, including cam timing checks, compression test, induction leaks, fuel pressure checks. This was all fine, and they proceeded to map it. This included an additional day so they could properly setup cold start. Right at the beginning of this thread i explained i wasnt chasing numbers, simply reliability, and that is still t
  4. Hello mate! Sorry i only just noticed this, i see youve found the number now 👍 Mines all good, im just trying to make sure i have all the bases covered before mapping on October 2nd, I hate when my cars go on rollers! Im very paranoid about about noise effetcing the crank signal as the way loom routes, it takes the cable quite close to the coil pack so I've been shielding that as best i can. Also took the chance to fit a few suspension parts and collect some spares. I really want to get the setup over and done with though!
  5. Thanks all for the input, food for thought. I have to agree though, being as I have no issues with the brakes fitted... and seeing as this will still just be a sedately driven road car.... then I think as Katana suggests I’ll try some different pad compounds, just for piece of mind :) I can always address this once Ive used it a bit. Thanks for the advice all!
  6. Hi all, Sorry to ask yet more questions! I am currently adressing one or two things on my car whilst waiting for mapping, and im now looking at the brakes. I have 9”drums on the rear which ive rebuilt and will be stying as they are, and solid 240mm discs with m16 calipers on the front. I also have 13”x 5.5 wheels which i want to keep on really. Im also using a pedal box with no servo. With the pinto engine fitted ~140bhp, i didn't have any issues with brakes, but I would like to increase the performance (Or get your opinions on wether its necessary) due to the fact the car now has a
  7. Thats great, im pleased to hear the thread has given someone an idea! I have seen people fit the breather connection on the exhaust side of the cover but you will get a surprising amount of oil flicked through it without a splash plate, which is fine but should be considered 👍
  8. Thank you! I did consider going with an RX8 box, but Ive only done a couple of miles on my type 9 since fully rebuilding it so it seemed silly to replace it in the end. Not really much to update on at the minute, I'm booked in for mapping at a place called protune, but the earliest slot they had was October 2nd. Ive not used them before but they were recommended by Motorsport Electronics who supplied the engine management. The guy i spoke to when booking was also really good, pretty much interrogated me about the build and parts used etc, just to make sure there was no obvious reason for
  9. Thanks Vista, and everyone else that replied - i think that settles it then! I have a mk2 rack fitted and the previous owner used base model mk2 TREs (Ford part no. 5021411) with the capri steering arms. I do need the green TREs (Ford part no. 1564468), as they will suit the m14x2.0 thread on the rack, and will have a smaller taper that will fit the capri steering arm. There is a HUGE rs tax on green tres - ive seen anywhere up to £80 per side for genuine ford items, which seems insane. Instead I have a ordered a pair of firstline for £30 delivered. Thanks again everyone,
  10. If you have some to measure that would be outstanding! The more I investigate the more it seems I need the green track rod ends, most sources suggest they have a smaller taper than the standard mk2 TREs, and an M14x2.0 thread
  11. No the ones on mine are straight with the track rod. I found this picture online, mine looks identical to the one listed as mk2, including the taper size.
  12. Hi all, thanks for the replies and help as always! Ive just been out to check, the track rod threads are m14x2.0 and the taper on the track rod is too large for the steering arm. So i was under the impression I needed the ‘green’ TREs from a mk2 rs2000... but @vista you mention they have an m12 thread? In which case Im still not sure... Kind Regards Joe
  13. Thanks for the reply, im going to drop out later and remove a track rod end to ID the thread properly, it was a peer through the arch job! Having looked some more though, your assumption matches others - a standard mk1 tre should fit, so if that is the case god know what I currently have fitted! kind regards Joe
  14. HI All, Hopefully this will be a straight forward question, I just want to get it right before I order them! I've been sorting the rest of my car out ready for mapping and I've noticed that the track rod ends appear to have the wrong taper for the struts - the taper doesn't sit fully home in the steering arm. I haven't measure the thread on the rack yet but I'm pretty sure its coarse UNF, which I believe makes sense being a mk1 escort (mk1 escort rack - UNF thread, mk2 escort rack - metric thread?). So being as I have Capri struts fitted, which TRE do I need? I see a lot of talk abou
  15. Interesting - thats exactly the same as I’m seeing, throttle all the way off and no air leaks that i can see so far (although I am yet to smoke test it), and perfect throttle response etc. Also when balancing the throttle bodies i was seeing 15in/hg and all identical to each other after setup, so about what i would expect to see. You’ll have to let me know what you find, I was going to drop ME a call to see if they have any recommendations, it would be nice to sort prior to mapping.
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