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  1. Hi there, Sorry no I personally never progressed this. I got as far as designing the adapter and getting it drawn up, but I couldn't fulfill the minimum order quantity. I've attached the drawing below if its any use to you, it will thread into the tank and gives a -10 end (better too big than too small and can always be adapted down). The good news though, is that MotorSport Tools contacted me via TurboSport on the other thread open for this. And they are actually going to be making and stocking this very thing by the end of the year (or so they say...) : http://www.turbosport.
  2. Hmm yeah thats a fair point, looking at them side by side they are perhaps a bit plain.
  3. Hi All, Just a quick one as I know a few of you are going down the St170 engine conversion route. Theres a guy over on Turbosport that is looking to produce BDA style cam covers for this engine, both with and without VVT. I think hes looking for interest to see whether its worth pursuing but I thought it might be of interest to you. They look ok in concept... http://www.turbosport.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1823593 Kind Regards
  4. Well I thought Id update this thread as opposed to creating another one. After getting the car setup in October 2020, I managed to do maybe 150 miles or so and it was great. Really good fun with the additional power, and so much easier to get out and use, just flick the key and it starts perfectly and ticks over without missing a beat in seconds regardless of how cold or hot it is. Since the weather turned its been sat in the garage and Ive been left wondering what to do next 😅 I did have very dark thoughts involving a turbo and our wedding fund but I fought that off pretty quickly fort
  5. Good progress youre making there! Ive got a grp4 tunnel in mine and there are pros and cons in my opinion. The biggest advantage is the space to get the gearbox out if needed, and even to pull the engine and box out the top in one, its a doddle with the extra clearance. The biggest downside though is the one you mention - I had to modify the heater box to get it fit back in and the standard carpets dont fit.
  6. Good work mate, nice to see it coming along! When you do change the cam cover gasket, replace the seals on the bolts aswell. They are always perished/split and leak as much oil past as the gasket itself! Kind Regards Joe
  7. Hi All, After a Mk1 escort fuel level sender (for saloon) if anyone has one? Kind Regards Joe
  8. HI Gareth, Here is the thread on TurboSport where the guy kept the original inlet etc - http://www.turbosport.co.uk/showthread.php?t=164271 Though he only did this to be eligible to race in a rally series he was in. For the work and cost involved in making the OE system work, if you are considering changing to throttle bodies/carbs in the future it would be better to do it now, but this is purely my opinion Kind Regards Joe
  9. Great stuff Mash, that sump looks like it will do the job perfectly 👍
  10. Ive just checked and I you're entirely correct! I can only assume they must have had a price revision, it really was crazy money before! The extra long leads they sell let you route them under the sparkplug cover to the back of the head and then round the side of the head under the inlet - might be quite nice to hide them completely like that but it seems like a long run of lead and more opportunity for damage through rubbing etc. The other zetec leads (550mm) let you drop down the middle of the inlet which is what I did. The price is far better than it was
  11. Thats great, Im pleased the thread is being found to be usefull. Completely agree on your choice of RF parts - the engine mounts are quite cheap to be fair and you know the engine will be in the right place! The water rail is perfect too, really nice bit of kit. I used the coolant hoses from RF aswell as they will fit perfectly with the water rail but they are far too expensive in my opinion. I just couldn't find an alternative that didn't involve piecing together multiple sections of hose with joiners - although theres no real harm in doing that Ive always found in anything the less joints th
  12. Hi DpG, nice looking mk1 and I really like the defender! The link to the St170 build posted earlier is mine, the cars all done now, setup and running well so if there is anything that you think I could help you with then just shout out. As others have said RetroFord are really good. They are great to deal with and everything just fits first time. But they charge a lot for this! Things like the cast sump kit they sell, to me is a no-brainer. It looks great, doesn't leak a drip, comes with everything you need (sealer, bolts, new pickup pipe, dipstick to match, new dipstick tube, etc et
  13. Hi All, As above, if anyone has a sender please let me know! Even better if it has a fuel return connection, I *think* some did as standard? Kind Regards Joe
  14. HI All, After as above, Im after the mount which the ball of the rear view mirror pushes into. So if anyone has one please let me know. I don't mind buying the mount and mirror if you want to sell them as a pair, Kind Regards Joe
  15. As promised, power graph and also a dyno video! Also although the car did produce a max of 180hp, it was dialled back to 177 for smoothness. Ive just had the first drive and its much fun IMG_0811.MP4
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