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  1. Thanks for the replies! Regarding a custom system, TLE and simpson, agreed they are probably as good as you get but i cant really stretch to that money right now unfortunately. Interesting about the sportex system though, so many people seem to knock them that i assumed they must be no good. Out of interest did you get a mild steel system or do they do stainless? Joe
  2. Hi all, As above, im after a 2 1/4 (preferably) full system and manifold if anyone has anything? Can be mild steel or stainless and not overlaly concerned on brand as long its in good conditon and fits well, kind regards Joe
  3. Hi all, Ive not been here for some time but, but i still have my escort and its almost ready to use again! However I need a full 2 1/4” exhaust system including manifold, its a 2l pinto RHD. Problem is I cant seem to find anything that fits the bill on review/cost. I have seen a lot of the ‘Sportex’ systems for not a lot of money but reviews dont seem great. I spoke to Janspeed need a minimum order quantity that they dont think they will get this year. I also spoke to ashley who can supply a stainless 2 1/4 system and mani for ~£700 which i thought was good but again review seem to knock them for quality and poor fit. So im a little lost right now! Does anyone have any advice they could offer - im looking to spend as above, around £700... Thanks in advance! Joe
  4. Hi all, I'm in the process of refitting the heater box assembly to me 1970 mk1 escort, that was removed by the previous owner. I pressure tested the matrix I have and its weeping however. Can anyone recommend a supplier, there's a couple of sellers on eBay selling them for £70-80 and can't see much difference between what they are offering! Any recommendations welcome Kind regards Joe
  5. Hi all, Am I right in thinking that you can get the top hat type stem seals for the pinto engines, that have a valve Spring seat built into them so the valve Spring clamps them down? They were introduced for the cvh engine and I though they were also available for the pinto but I can't find them anywhere. Failing that what make do people recommend, I've used Payen ones that I use for everything at work but they are crap! Kind regards Joe
  6. Hi all, after some advice and opinions! I was thinking about changing the wheels and tyres on my mk1 and love the look of the deep dish minilites! I stumbled across the White one below in eBay that I think sits brilliantly, would anyone know from looking what wheel and tyre sizes it's running? And it looks like it has plenty of clearance, are they normally problematic to run? Also what would other people's opinions be - change them or leave them, they are brand new after all! Thanks everyone
  7. Couldn't resist a photo off the fleet almost 20 years between each one which is nice! Also not sure of the video uploaded properly or not?
  8. Hi all, Just to finish this one off! I was at Northampton Motorsport on Tuesday with the mk1 for a rolling road tune. What a place! I can't say enough about them, anyone considerin going there - do it! It's worth it just to look around let alone speaking to some extremely knowledgable people! So found the car very lean on the first few runs. Lifted the main jet needles and took the jets out 2 sizes however this only had a small impact. This led to fuel pressure checks which turned out to be low. I ended up buying a hi flo pump and filter King regulator to replace the Mitsubishi bike pump I had which improved the pressure marginally but still very low! Long story short I found a crimped fuel hose which had been squashed under the rear seat bench?! So that needs addressing,previous owner ran them in and had secured them with p clips every but there! After sorting that blanked off the air correction ports on the carbs and refitted original needles and main jets and perfect! Slightly rich all the way through. Ended up with 130 at the flywheel @5000 and 140nm torque @3800. Not huge but the car is absolutely perfect now! And I feel much happier knowing its fuelling properly. It will just wheel spin down the road now if your not careful So as I said just go. I felt confident in what they were telling me, they constantly gave their opinion and offered all options, and there obsession to getting it as good as it good be was awesome. Check them out - http://www.northamptonmotorsport.com trim.3B3C2040-EEF0-4DE0-8D9E-2416A1C08A98.MOV
  9. Sucesfull day! managed to get the head on and cam dialled in. It's a burton blf40-41 so recommended 106atdc so that's what it's set to. Ignition timing set to 17 at idle (car runs no vac advance) and I've removed the previosipy fitted .8mm shims under the main jet needles that were their previously due to a rich mid range. Rubs well, loads of gear on it now! Still some fine tuning and think the main jets may need sizing down as it hits a little at wot but otherwise pleased. Even had the future ford nut helping trim.89D269B4-F858-409A-A4E8-327446EAFA52.MOV
  10. So not a lot been done, heads inspected and seems I may have just been unlucky with a bit of Coke/debris getting stuck under the valve seat - no problem with valve or seat and held cacuum perfectly on the bench. You could also see a little mark where something had been sat. So all valves lapped back in, vernier pulley fitted and dropped the head back. Just need to finish timing and give it a comp test!
  11. HI All, Just to button this one up, Northampton Motorsport will most definitely accept bike carb conversions. They do advise that you bring a jet kit with you so that should adjustments need making they can be done there and then as opposed to making another trip on another day. So I'm booked in for the afternoon on 19th April which is there earliest available slot! Thanks for your help Joe
  12. Well I can call them tomorrow and I'll post up what they say ref bike carbs - may be useful? To be honest it would useful enough just to use the rolling road with the gas analyser etc. im hoping it will just be fine tuning.... hoping
  13. That's brilliant fellas, thanks for that! I shall pay a visit as soon as the sodding things back together...
  14. HI All, Sorry I'm not sure if this is the right location for this post but I'm hoping someone can help. I'm in the process of putting my escort back together after top end and bike carb rebuild and was hoping to get it rolling road tuned. But without a 3-4hr drive up to Bogg Bros I cant find anywhere suitable or recommended? Is anyone aware of somewhere in the Leicester area that could help? Kind regards Joe
  15. Carbs rebuilt also, removed the shims fitted under the main jet needle to try and back the fuelling off through midrange. I'll put some pickup soon!
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