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  1. Just been told about these by an old friend, adjustable double width brackets. Has anyone ever come across these before, and would peoples thoughts be on them? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292340163680
  2. @notenoughtime - this is exactly what I was thinking 😅 I was also looking over the compression strut kits but I wasnt sure if that was overkill for the type of use I intend the car for - perhaps not? @BaileyMex - thanks , much appreciated. Its literally just the way the front wheels sit that I need to sort and then aesthetically, I'll be content! Love your car too by the way, it sits exactly the way I want mine too.
  3. Ha,thanks for the response! Interestingly you have the complete opposite of an issue to me which makes me think there is a difference between the kits we have? I don't suppose you have any pics of the ARB brackets you were sent do you?
  4. Yeah I get the impression they arent highly regarded as the best kit out there unfortunately. I must say the finish on the bar and brackets wasnt great but in terms of actually bolting up, it was tooo bad... Ive just been on the phone to MST and they did say the exact same thing!
  5. @dt36 Yeah I did wonder whether I could get the bar modified to pull the wheel forward again, I just don't recall anyone having to do that so I wondered if I am missing something else. @Miniliteman In fairness the front wheels are turned right slightly. The ARB and brackets were purchased new from Rally Design as a Twin Cam kit - is there a robust way of identifying? Thanks both for you advice so far! Kind Regards Joe
  6. Hi All, Sorry for yet another question! I bought some new wheels for the escort and I've put them on, I'm really pleased overall but the front geometry is bugging me. I had to lower the front a touch to get it looking right and as its now about 0 degrees castor. Not only that but in my opinion the wheels don't sit right in the front arches. I do already have a twin cam ARB and appropriate mounts from Rally Designs fitted. The castor angle presently is neutral... So my questions are, does anyone else think the front wheels sit incorrectly as per the picture, and does anyone have any suggestions to correct it? Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Brilliant, thanks for the info! I will look at the Autotecnica ones now! Kind Regards Joe
  8. Yeah mine still works incredibly well believe it or not, hence why I would like to retain the function - knowing I've fitted something that prevents it working would annoy the hell out of me, enough to just keep using the Springalex wheel! Good cal on getting it scanned, I had no idea they were difficult to find.
  9. Hi All, I hope you are all well! Just a quick one, I purchased an OMP Corsica steering wheel for the escort the other day to replace my Springalex one (its too deep for me really). I need to get a boss, but looking online, I cant see if they have the notch in back for the indicator self cancel bush to align in, most only show pictures from the front. I really want to retain the self cancel as it the sort of thing that irritates me when it doesnt work, so does anyone have any advice for a boss that would suit? Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have - also if anyone has one for sale let me know! Kind Regards Joe
  10. Hi All, Just a heads up- it looks like the first adapters have now been made and are being trialed now by MotorSportTools, both -8 and -10. All the information is on a turbosport thread, http://www.turbosport.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1588441&page=2
  11. Ok mate no problem. I wanted to use the heatshield on my st170 mk1 as the manifold runs pretty close to the breather/seperator. Its not causing any issues, but fitting one would be a nice little modification. If you do decide to part with them let me know. Good luck with the projects 👍
  12. Hi @notenoughtime , Love this mk1, I wish I had the time and space to have bought it! Sorry this is a bit of topic, but I think you may have removed a crankcase breather/separator and its heat shield from a mk1 focus RS recently... Would they be for sale by any chance? Kind Regards Joe
  13. Looks really good that does! They do sit really close to the bulkhead, i think 5mm is around par fr the course. I too am surprised regarding the prop length, it was a question I posed when doing mine and most people suggested it would be fine. Sure enough I had no issues - mine has a standard type 9 and a single piece prop obviously. If anything the gearbox sits a few mm further back than normal which means some people need to alter the hole in the tunnel for the gear stick. I was lucky in this respect as the car already had a large tunnel fitted. You may also find you need a riser plate n the tunnel, so you can lift the back of the gearbox high enough to get the prop angle right. But this isnt always needed as far as I know. Good work though, it always feels like the hardest bits done with the engine being fitted!
  14. Ill let you know what happens when I drive i properly, Im not expecting it to be silent by any means but it should help. Already just reversing back into the garage it seems a little quieter, and not as much resonance as before. Its actually quite a nice job to do ive found, as I mentioned surprisingly expensive but if you take your time you can get a decent finish.
  15. Thought Id update this thread with some small changes I've made to the car recently! The good news is that its still driving really well, and I'm completely happy with the engine conversion. It feels incredibly reliable, regardless how long its stood still, you can turn the key and its running within a revolution. I've completed about 200 miles so far which granted isn't a lot, but also I've not had anything to snag either, so I just need to start doing some slightly longer journeys. So firstly the Hi Spec brakes went on fine, I got some 247mm drilled and vented discs to suit and some braided lines and they are great. To be honest, actual braking performance if measured might only be fractionally better than the M16s, but the fact they are so light, and having the vented discs just inspires a bit more confidence. They also look much better behind the wheels in my opinion. I also got the rear Gaz adjustables on, they feel fine but to be honest the old ones didn't feel bad, these were just shinier So with needing to increase the distances I'm doing in mind, one thing that has grated on me is the noise in the cabin. Its deafening, and after a while driving, just a bit unpleasant. Mainly due to the fact there is no sound deadening or insulation/carpet of any type in the cabin. I have wanted to rectify this for 8 years, but its always been a non essential job that I put off. So now everything else is pretty much done I thought Id have a go. I bought some DynaMat sheet, and some foam insulation, along with a very good quality backed felt carpet. The DynaMat is brilliant but insanely expensive so i used it sparingly, the principle being that as long as a piece goes centrally over a panel it will stop the majority of the vibrations and thus noise. The passenger and drivers side floors were done, and then the foam insulation adhered over the top. I then put strips across the top, and sides of the tunnel. Finally I cut the carpet and did the transmission tunnel first, allowing an inch either side spare. The the floor sections overlapped this inch and gave a nice join from the floor section to the tunnel. Im actually really pleased with the finish, its not perfect but with the trims and seats back in, you really dont see the imperfections. Im yet to try driving it... but fingers crossed it will have helped!
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