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  1. Desperate for a GOOD dash loom. Converted my Escort to rhd, was going cut and extend the dash loom. But would feel happier having a un touch loom. Anyone able help
  2. Ok cheers. Been looking on there.
  3. As title says. Looking for a complete rhd wiper morrow and mechanism, converted my escort from lhd to rhd, and can not see a way the lhd mechanism can work as the position the wipers move on lhd, is obv wrong for rhd. Many thanks
  4. I've done a lhd to rhd conversion on my mk1. On the dash we cut out the hole for Speedo and then same size hole on rhd then just welded the 2 panels back in opposite side. Yr need change several brake pipes as obv, pedals will b moved to, also the reinforced plate on bulk head On a mk1 the starter motor is on the right and some say it's close on the steering colum. So i bought a 2nd hand rhd gearbox, so starter motor will now be on the left. I bought a battery cable pack and relocated battery to the boot. Other things to be addressed are- Scuttle Patel, drilling new wiper arm holes, welding up old holes, dash wiring just extend using solder and shrink sleeves.
  5. Yea it's a 1300 block and 1600 head. Bought it off a guy that done full rebuild with uprated cam etc Eventually ill build a 1600 bottom end but not bothered on power really. I've read that lightweight fly wheel have good and bad points. I've looked at getting 1 but there's few different with amount teeth they have. The dizzy, cap and coil all came from power spark
  6. I'm fitting my x flow engine back together ready to go back in my mk1 once back from paint. I'm running twin 40s and have bought a new dustributor with side entry cap. The clearance is non existent between carbs and the cap. Is this just the normal case or is there anything can do to give cap some clearance.
  7. What's the difference between lhd and rhd gearbox
  8. I've converted my mk1 to rhd. It's currently awaiting paint. U can extend the dash loom but cutting soldering in some good wire and re taping. Obv get new rhd rack. While at it upgrade the uv joint U can drill spot welds of reinforced pedal box panel and measure and spot weld on to rh side. Then make a blanking plate for where original 1 used be. Yr need buy some break pipe to make new brake lines as obv it's going b on the opposite side. I've had my dash all welded smooth. But u will need cut few square holes for switches. Yr need cut hole in scuttle panel for the wiper arm. Ahs obv weld other hole up
  9. I've removed my interior heater from my mk1 I got a cross flow running 40s. I been trying find somewhere that sells a shaped pipe that'll go from the top of water pump to the inlet manifold. Any one know anywhere to get such a pipe
  10. Looking for the strengthening panel that's spot weldded on engine side of bulk head for clutch cable and pedal box
  11. As title says looking for few bits for conversion from lhd to rhd. Rhd dash loom. Engine loom if not part of the dash loom.
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