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  1. looking for a Mk1 Escort complete ignition lock with barrel and key Thanks
  2. I've got several bits im not using on restoration. I have full set of interior trims in carbon fibre cost me almost £300 2 the same xflow engine mounts £20 each Set blue brand new xflow h.t leads £25 inc postage Offers welcome
  3. Im looking at selling my 90% finished Mk1 Escort as i want a 100e or 105e. The car was imported and converted to rhd. Full bare metal respray with any panel that had rust removed and replace. I've replaced every nut and bolt with basically everything else bought new and replaced. I'll let the pictures hopefully andser some questions. Offers around 18k I'm open to offers, or px on 100e/105e Based in Medway Kent
  4. I've spent fortune so just want standard steering colum. I'm looking at selling car tbh
  5. As title says, I'm looking for a Mk1 Escort rhd steering column to finish my conversion of. Anyone able help Thanks
  6. Desperate for a GOOD dash loom. Converted my Escort to rhd, was going cut and extend the dash loom. But would feel happier having a un touch loom. Anyone able help
  7. As title says. Looking for a complete rhd wiper morrow and mechanism, converted my escort from lhd to rhd, and can not see a way the lhd mechanism can work as the position the wipers move on lhd, is obv wrong for rhd. Many thanks
  8. Looking for the strengthening panel that's spot weldded on engine side of bulk head for clutch cable and pedal box
  9. As title says looking for few bits for conversion from lhd to rhd. Rhd dash loom. Engine loom if not part of the dash loom.
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