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  1. Thanks for all the welcomes.
  2. I was kinda resigned to sticking it on a pallet and sending it off somewhere, so I guess anywhere in the UK, distance no object as it's going to cost the same no matter where it has to go.
  3. Not much of an update I'm afraid, but I have got the running gear off the car. Back into my garage next to strip the rest of the smaller stuff off. Has anyone got any recomendations for companies to rebuild the engine (1.3 X/flow), nothing fancy, just to GT spec?
  4. Thanks everyone, will try to post update as and when!
  5. Hello, Long time fan, just introducing myself as I have finally got around to starting on a car that I bought for a few hundred quid in the mid nineties and has been stored ever since. It's nothing exciting, just a 1975 1.3GL Escort. Plan is to restore it to standard spec. Hopefully I will manage to attach a couple of pics.
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