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  1. Hello everyone. I’ve just bought a me221 ecu and loom in a pnp kit anyone else running this ecu?
  2. I’m using 2wd cosworth callipers and fiesta mk1 discs plenty of clearance on 7”RS copies.
  3. Thanks I will keep my eyes pealed as well. many thanks again 👍
  4. Reading that was like something I’d written myself 😂. i know exactly how you feel. looks amazing by the way.
  5. I was going to buy a new s60 DTA But are now discontinued. I think I will buy the s2 as I don’t need cam sensor. As I will be running a red top
  6. Nice project looks like it’s going really well.
  7. Had some more time with the car this week. im not happy with the door seals that are pushing the top of the door out so I’m going to order some slim fit ones. plus I was going to order a DTA ecu but the one I wanted has been discontinued.
  8. Thanks mate. Time I’ve been able to spend on the car recently has been limited.But I’m off for a week now so fingers crossed a bit more will be done. Family permitting.
  9. Finally found the will to have a go at the roof lining. It looks better than in the picture glass and one door are on . i won’t fit the other until I have painted and fitted the roll cage.
  10. I googled them and sent them a message. 👍
  11. Just a bit but thanks 👍
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