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  1. Looks good mate. Really good well done 👍
  2. Very true I’ll sweat on it for a bit. Thanks for your advice 👍
  3. In other news I was going to re use the gaskets for my rear lights but they have shrank 😮
  4. True it might be a shame to modify them . I don’t know 🤷‍♂️
  5. I know I have a set of copy 7” on it now i may sell them to get the bits I need so I will finish it sooner it’s a hard decision.
  6. Thanks I still think they would look good on a escort. I don’t know what I will do with them yet
  7. I will have a look this weekend 👍
  8. The part number on mine is H71AB-1007-AC-C
  9. Yes that’s what I thought. Don’t know if I will sell them as they are or get them referb’d . will help me get a few things I need to get the car over the line.
  10. I’ve got some 51/2” ones I need to get done but they are pretty good
  11. Yes mate thanks. can you point me in the right direction I I have some alloys I think are mk1 RS2000 wheels how can I decode the part number. They are 51/2 “ .
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