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  1. Good old transit I have two mk6 engine's can't sell them as they don't go wrong very often . But mark 7 o my God the recon companies want two grand and the poor customer's van isn't worth that but he's just had it painted . Tidy work it will look well when finished
  2. I’m going to try a Mazda RX8 gear box
  3. What gearbox are you using
  4. Thanks mate here we go before the high build primer Here’s a
  5. Went to get my new engine today
  6. Hopefully they will be fitted tomorrow
  7. I now have two doors in primer
  8. Good to hear mate the Atlas brigade do my head in 😂
  9. It will sound awesome mate and your shell is much better than mine was I’m trying to find some pictures .
  10. They look good just the job
  11. I’ve got the same thing exactly.And it handles the power ok for you
  12. I see 👍Remember cheap kit car type fuse boxes corrode but you probably now this .
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