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  1. I googled them and sent them a message. 👍
  2. Just a bit but thanks 👍
  3. I mean the paint and trim man .I live on Anglesey and don’t know who it could be.
  4. I’ll have his number if don’t mind please. I’m on Anglesey
  5. Hi Monza I don’t suppose you know anyone in North Wales that could fit a roof lining in this escort. Every thing else I can do but this really isn’t my sort of thing.
  6. Glad to see someone is making progress. I’ll try to get some more done to mine this weekend
  7. If it’s a matching numbers issue with your car/ engine you could have a sleeve pressed in and it bored to standard size. But if it isn’t just bin it and look for another.
  8. I had a 16v Astra Gte when I was 18 and the abuse that thing took was unbelievable . I think it’s a really strong engine and this one is a early one so it has the coscast head and the lighter crank and flywheel.
  9. All you need is practice and don’t forget you can always cut out steel and replace it with more steel. keep up the good work.👍
  10. Finally got some time to modify my engine mounts today. Very pleased with myself now I can buy a new big wing sump with confidence (used the ropey one as a template.But couldn’t fit a borrowed head to try my manifolds as the casting for the dizzy was in the way i had it milled off mine the Box fits well to with plenty of room for the clutch fork to stick out and the slave cylinder to mount .And at the other end no problems with the rad.😀🙌 .
  11. Tidy kit that’s what is on my RS2000
  12. My callipers have a fair bit of clearance (Cosworth) I’m using 7”RS copies
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