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  1. Ended up buying a sealey trans jack from ebay....box back in in less than an hour...excellent tool and i managed to avoid the usual cuts and bruises
  2. Has anyone used one of these to install a type 9 gearbox.... my backs gubbed and i can't lift the box myself so was looking at buying a transmission jack.. ...ive seen a few sites selling the jack adaptors that basically fit into your existing trolley jack and wondered if they were any good.... can't find any reviews online
  3. Can someone tell me why my distributer cap has a 3 in it instead of a number 1... just back working on my escort after another long lay off and i can't find my manual.....i know its 1243 for the firing order with plug one at the front of the engine but the 3 is confusing me
  4. I might pop up photos from time to time but I'm not a great mechanic i have 2 kids and another on the way so i have no budget and very little time to work on it...it will be small bodges here and there. I will be sending it for a respray next year though.πŸ˜‚
  5. psmk2


    To be fair I've often wondered why they don't put pubs at the tops of mountains....🀣
  6. Heres mine...fully jacked up gives you 20 inches from the floor to the bottom of the cross member
  7. Yes it definitely feels safer...the front end is secure and no rolling back at all.....ill pop up a photo of them fully jacked
  8. These are my ones.... when the cars on the ramps and jacked up its gives you a lot of room. I even had to chase my dog because he kept crawling under and lying beside meπŸ˜…....ive got axle stands holding up the back end https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252585769997. I paid 139 for the pair.
  9. I bought the jackable ramps. They are brilliant and gives you plenty of room underneath
  10. i was getting a bit of noise and vibration from the clutch kit i fitted a while back. The first time i did it the plate was round the wrong way as the springs hit the flywheel bolts. I turned it round and it was better but i then started getting a grinding noise...After taking the box out i found this. Any idea how this can be hitting the clutch The other thing i found was that the spigot bearing isn't fully seated in the crank and sits proud of it by a few mill. Is this supposed to be like that or should it be right the way in
  11. My brother went to an air show when he was younger and took About 30 photos of the planes ....then when they were developed he found that his finger was in every photo.....it was absolutely hilarious
  12. Ive had halfords ratchet spanners for years and they are absolutely brilliant
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