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  1. Cheers katana that was a good wee read....I tightened it up as much as I could and now it seems to be OK.. ... there seems to be an issue with my servo as it makes a popping sound when I press the brakes..... don't know if I can buy a new one or get mine reconditioned
  2. Hi Yes I just replaced the pipes and had the new ones made in a shop....ive just nipped it up a bit further and wiped away the fluid...ill check later to see if it leaks again..if so ill go back to the shop and get that end reflared.
  3. I've got a very small leak from the thread where the brake pipe joins to the rear brake cylinder... could I use plumbers tape on this or should I just keep tightening it up....its already quite tight but could go a bit more... im just wary off over tightening things and buggering it altogether
  4. Done...the brand new cable was too short.....this is now the 3rd thing I've bought from ebay that was the wrong part even though it was advertised for my precise model
  5. Cheers...ill refit the old one today and let you know what happens
  6. Yip its as far in as it goes.....everything on the drum looks fine to me . I wonder if the cable is wrong..it was bought on ebay made by veco ..ill try refitting the old one to see if it makes a difference.....I do have a nagging feeling the tensioners are sitting wrong
  7. I can get it on when I take off the handbrake cable...im wondering if the handbrake cable is too short as I can't stretch it over enough to get the pin in.... then if I try to turn the hub with the cable stretched it won't budge
  8. What am I doing wrong here......ive replaced the cylinders and springs but kept the same pads as they were fine...fitted the new handbrake cable but now I can't get the drum back on...no matter how much I adjust and readjust the tensioner I just cannot get it on
  9. I've picked up a 2006 transit connect...ex royal mail van but the rear arches are gone underneath the trim.....can you buy replacement panels for these vans....I can only find the plastic wheel arch trim
  10. I had a problem with oil blowing through the breather cap. Fitted new rings and problem solved...i also had an issue with mine cutting out all the time and not running right ...i found the jet in the carb was blocked
  11. You could also try a set of these...pretty sturdy and bound to put off even the most experienced thief
  12. Yes im going down that route... doing everything cylinders shoes springs and pipes.. even the handbrake cable and rubber boots....no point scrimping and it's safer for everyone that corners aren't cut...at least i know now the master's working
  13. I ended up draining the system down as the fluid was the colour of coke with lots of crystallised bits...i then topped up with fresh fluid and rebled following the manuals sequence..i did manage to get fresh fluid out the rear nipple whilst the wife pressed the pedal but brakes are still spongy so must still be air in the system....i also found more corrosion on the brake lines going to the rear so i think it's best to just replace them and the flexi hoses now....im also doing the rear cylinders and fitting new spring kit in the brake shoes.....ive ordered a vacuum bleeder so hopefully its a b
  14. Looks ace ... good luck with the build and keep the pictures coming
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