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  1. Billy78

    Rs2000 wiring loom

    I would get in touch with the company who made you the harness I am sure they must have a copy of their wiring diagram where the wires go to
  2. Billy78

    Remote servo mounting

    hi I am fitting a remot break servo to my mk2 Escort has any one fitted it under the Dashboard RHS next to the pedal box as apposed to the passenger side I was looking at fitting mine Next to the pedal box their looks to be plenty of room for it and it a short run for the break pipes has anyone fitted one next to the pedal box and what problems did you come up against any help and advise will be greatly appreciated
  3. Billy78

    Plastic glass

    I have them fitted in my car but I am not happy the way they have been fitted and wanted to see how others have done them as mine has been done with alloy strips bolted through the plastic glass so the weather seal is bowed over the head screws so when it washed it lets the water into the door I have used smaller machines screws but still don’t fit flush to the glass had I done them I would have used the orange window mechanism and bolted it in position so the door seals would be flush
  4. Billy78

    Plastic glass

    Has anyone fitted plastic glass one piece side windows without the 1/4 lights to a mk2 Escort more door I am looking for the best way to fix and hold them in place if anyone has done them can you please post a photo of them showing how they have been fixed in place
  5. Billy78

    Wiring looms to fusebox

    I was recently replacing my fusebox when the loom connectors fell inside the car when I pushed them through to fit the new fusebox nothing worked so i took it off and noticed that the base of the fusebox has 2 V marks embossed into the base that the loom connectors also have embosed marks to corespond so they cannot be put the wrong way around the yellow one in the photo is the wrong way around the pin that you can see should face the rear as this is for accorries when the ignition is switched on you can se the notches in the base of the fusebox in the photo
  6. Billy78

    Fixing a fusebox

    I have a mk2 Escort and was having problems with the ignition being permanently on without the key being in I tried linking the fuses but that still made the ignition light stay on permanently so I took a inline fuse from the back of the ignition yellow wire to the fusebox spare post / Lug and everything works as it should as this will only power the fusebox when the ignition is turned on i hope this is of use to someone’s who is having problems with the fusebox
  7. Billy78


    can anyone tell me where the fusebox gets its feed from as mine has a fuse link between the two plugs the problem is the ignition is permently live when I remove the fuse link their is no power to the lights indicators wipers etc i have a master cut off switch so everything can be switched off but would like not to have it with the fuse link to power it any help and advise will be appreciated
  8. Wanted used rear quarter glass rubber seals as I have a Mordor with plastic glass in place but I want to change it to glass using the rubber seals any help and advise will be appreciated