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  1. Has anybody got any Escort Estate rear side rubber glass seals I know that you can buy new but I don’t want to buy new until I can test fit an older seal to my car first or can somebody please post a photo of a seal showing the end of the seal profile and the diameter size of the seal IE 12mm x 18mm thanks in advance for your time and help
  2. I cannot promise but give Graham Worthington of Gs Escorts a call he might be able to help you or tell you where you can find them 01514228333 try also try Escort _tec
  3. Get in touch with Graham Worthington of Gs Escorts he might be able to help you it’s worth a call 07815723943
  4. Try Graham Worthington of Gs Escorts 07815723943
  5. Hi thanks for your reply no problem
  6. Sorry it’s the length just measure around the edge of the seal the green one is mine and I am trying to do it like the red one as mine leaks water into the door
  7. I cannot believe that no one has got a mk2 Escort 2 door
  8. Try Graham Worthington of Gs Escorts 01514228333 he carries a lot of stock and will send them to you
  9. Hi long story short I have a mk2 Escort that has the rear doors welded up can somebody please tell me what the overall length of the mk2 2 door quarter glass seal is i know they don’t have them on the 4 door as I am fixing a one piece plexiglass in it I just need to know what the difference is between them if someone could please measure them I would be greatly appreciate it
  10. Hi I have 2 up 2 down spotlights on quick release brackets and want to take them off as and when required can anyone suggest the best of what to use I don’t want to use either electrical block connectors or bullet connectors any advice will be appreciated
  11. Thank you for your time and help I will give that a try
  12. Has anyone fitted wire grill mesh above the front number plate there are 2 oblong holes and I want to fit some mesh behind them I know they have a slight recess so I am looking for advise on the best way to hold them in place
  13. Hi thank you for your reply I bought one from Peter Lloyd Rallying when I phoned them and explained it to them when I got it it was like yours but it would not fit no matter what way I tried it and had to send it back I think I will have to try and get one fabricated for it mainly because of the EFI chamber sits proud of the inner wings when I tried that loop one it fouled the back end of the chamber you have a nice looking tidy bay thanks again for your time and help
  14. Just asking has anyone fitted a strut brace on a mk2 Escort with a 2.0L EFI PINTO ENGINE in it I have tried asking a couple of places but they don’t reply I know the the EFI chamber sits proud of the inner wings by approximately 2” i will be great full if has done it and can send a link to where I can get one and also a photo if possible the reason I want a brace bar is I want to take it on track days
  15. That’s why I am looking to fit one to take it on track days
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