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  1. Hi all Looking to get a decent system on my 1980 MK2 RS2000. I live in Bromley in Kent. Any recommendations ??? I need something from the manifold back and I'm thinking stainless..... Thanks Dave
  2. Dstrawson

    Free weber twin choke

    Hey Neil. What luck (I hope) my escort just failed the MOT on emissions and the garage have said the Weber carb is completely knackered. Could I have your carb??
  3. Dstrawson

    Bolt size - front seats into crossmember

    So actually for anyone else with the same issue as I had - the rear bolts on mine were M8 but the front were half inch 'UNC' and as I found - a little more difficult to get hold of! Thanks all
  4. Hi all I've just started putting my 1980 RS2000 back together but I'm missing a centre console. I bought one of those fibreglass replicas but to be honest I just don't like it. I do want to put a stereo in the car and I have the custom with clock pod in the dash so don't need that. Can you guys and girls tell me of any good options you know of? I saw a great home made one that someone on a forum had made and I'd be happy to pay someone to make one up for me - I guess I could make one from some plans - but in not that that handy with jigsaws and MDF Can anyone help?? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Dstrawson

    Bolt size - front seats into crossmember

    Thanks Vista - I've ordered some of those now.
  6. Dstrawson

    Bolt size - front seats into crossmember

    Ah sorry. 1980 MK 2 escort RS2000!!
  7. Hi all I've fitted sound deadening panels, and new carpets with nice underlay. Problem is I now need longer bolts to secure my seats. So What I need to know is the size of the original bolts to allow me to source some longer ones of the same thread width. Can anyone help me??? Picture below of the originals - I use an 11mm socket to do them up and undo them if that helps anyone
  8. Hi there I'm looking for a complete (with plastic surround not metal) heater box for an escort MK2 (if the heater motor is broken not necessarily a problem) and a set of rear light units - not the lenses - the units themselves Trying to get the car finished for the goodwood revival and running out of time Can anyone help me? D
  9. Dstrawson

    Fitting After-market Recaro's into Escort Mk2

    Hi Robert. Let me know what you want for them. Thanks David
  10. Dstrawson

    Fitting After-market Recaro's into Escort Mk2

    Don't the runners for the standard seats bolt to the sides? My adaption bars just bolt to the underneath of the Recaros I have
  11. Hi there I have some recaros that i want to put into my RS2000 (Mk2). I have adaption bars to fit to the bottom of the recaro's (they mount to the bottom of the seats) but I can't seem to find any subframes anywhere that I can bold to the adaption bars and then to the car I need the seats of move back and forth and I conscious of the cross member which is where the original seats bolt to at the front.... I am sure loads of people must have overcome this challenge but can't find any threads with the answer. Can anyone help? Thanks David
  12. Dstrawson

    RS 4 Spoke - correct boss?

    Hi all Does anyone know the right boss to get so I can fit an RS 4 spoke steering wheel I got off a Sierra cosworth onto my MK 2 RS2000. I bought one off of eBay (70mm) and it's not right Any ideas? Thanks David
  13. Dstrawson

    Leaky doors

    James - thanks again. You are right. I am making assumptions. Only just got the car. What else might it be? D
  14. Dstrawson

    Leaky doors

    James. Thanks. So my RS has no chrome strips but I think I understand now. I think it's fair to say mine is suffering from everything you guys have highlighted here. Thanks again!
  15. Dstrawson

    Leaky doors

    Kenny. Thanks for that. I think you are right about that. Rally Pack 2000 (sorry don't know your name!) - not sure I understand. Do you have a picture you can post??