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  1. I just bought sportex manifold to go with 2 box system and fits and sounds ok.
  2. Bad obsession is a good watch. Always a bracket to me made. Quality of their work is amazing
  3. Brenda without her bike carbs
  4. Do you need tax, mine became tax free in January last year and MOT free.
  5. How's that power steering
  6. Did you see that amazing dashboard with the various gauge options. I could not see the guys company name but I need it.
  7. I will buy British from now on and F@@@ the Chinese.follow trump and move on
  8. I have car-owner virus
  9. I do like fray bentos puddings though. You can microwave them in 3 minutes.i might get a shed load in,stock up on the pies.
  10. Pukka pies over here I don't eat those pies made in Caerphilly.horse meat in Peter's.
  11. A wood burner might be a good option. Could keep my pies warm.
  12. I want to get some heat in the garage. It's quite cold and damp.i am using a 2kw petrol 4 stroke genny for power. I have a cheap argos electric fan and it's shit. Not looking for huge amounts of heat but to take the chill of and dry out some damp patches. Any ideas . I don't want a gas heater. Neil
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