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  1. I had the chance of buying a good spec motor for 500 or get new wheels.the shows shows the outcome
  2. It still the same with the odd jangle noise from top end and heavy breathing. Got a missfire now but it still goes well. Do to the wifey having a new kitchen I haven't had any time on the car for 5 weekends. I am starting to accumulating some parts for a new engine. Its basically a stock 2.0 block albeit refreshed and a big valve head with fast road cam. Still on bike carbs though.
  3. Can someone recommend a good quality pinto head gasket. I have one but it's a bit cheap and flimsy. The compression would be a little higher than standard as the head has been skimmed by 1mm. Neil
  4. Hope you enjoy your new wheels to celebrate your recent 41st birthday. Can't beat a set of JBW Rs4. Went for silver. Wearing 185 60 13 with no arch mods Love Dad
  5. They are not banded mk3 escort wheels.
  6. These are 5.5j deep dished steel wheels as fitted to Capri LS run out model.all straight no damage. 4 X wheels...No tyres 4 X wheel centres 16 X wheel nuts Collection from South Wales £70. They are currently painted gunmetal grey.
  7. preacherman


    I haven't touched the escort for 3 weeks and hoping to get on it this weekend. Let's hope the rain stops it's been 24hrs non stop and feel sorry for those in low lying areas.
  8. Twas a few weeks ago Mk2 escort won it
  9. If I win the lottery,I would have a massive fook off garage with Lotus cortina Twincam Rs1600 Harrier Rs1800 Mexico mk2 My 4 door Brenda with low compression on cylinder 3 Mk3 rs1600i Rs200 Rs1700t Darrian with bdg
  10. Last night rally I went to was over 30 yrs ago going from Asda over to Cwm Cadlan by the reservoir. This one started near abergavenny. I noted 1 x mexico,1 x rs2000 and about 8 mk2 escorts with many of them being 4 doors. Even a hillman avenger more door. The organisation was great and the cars in excellent condition.lots of shitty FWD cars.
  11. I bought a carbon fibre type and it fitted very well and looks good. I edged mine with some rubber edging to prevent scuff as the hollow spoiler does flex.
  12. It's scary when it does happen.this was due to a cracked petrol pipe near the dizzy. The ramair filter certainly accelerated the fire . Took ages to get the carb clean.
  13. Oh go on,ermine white with black bonnet wearing a set of minilites with 2 up and 2 down cibies
  14. I got the chrome centre caps with minilite logos if you want them for free. Just cover postage. They wouldn't fit mine so I used the plastic caps from aerosol paint cans as mine
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