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  1. Those spotlights ruin what is after all an executive car. Get the two rectangular lucas driving lampz on her.
  2. Got the mk2 out today. Engine run in and settled down after some initial concerns. Good run over the Brecon beacons and Fochriw. Car is much better with fr30 cam and now running a 38dgms jetted and set up for 2.0 pinto. Thrashed the arse off it.
  3. There is a hole next to the vac advance The other hole would need drilling It's a great carb and when new made a huge difference
  4. I removed all the choke flaps and linkage. Knife edged the butterflies Bought a kit that changes carb operation to a dgas.it has an extra hole in venturi so both chokes open and squirt petrol immediately I changed the linkage to get rid of the bar and remove any slop. K and n filter Cleaned up the inlet manifold with a dremel to remove casting marks. Pump pedal 5 times starts and idles nicely.
  5. The weber I bought from fast road cars was jetted for a standard 2.0 and worked straight out of the box.it is a genuine weber not a Chinese copy. The new weber made a huge difference. I have since modified it and it works even better.
  6. I was in the exact same place on Friday evening in the escort. Great view on a fine day and stunning roads
  7. The FR30 cam is very nice. Good tickover and pulls very well and noticeable. The head did not need machining albeit I had the engine all reconditioned and set up by a great engine builder. I am in the process of running in the engine.done about 150 miles so far.
  8. I once had that problem on a xflow. I changed the coil and fitted accuspark module and all sorted. Mine was in a dutton kit kit car and sometimes it was I or 3 or 2 and 4 it did my head in or sometimes not start. I almost torched that car it was possessed. It was a 1600gt cortina underneath and was nippy though.
  9. I just bought sportex manifold to go with 2 box system and fits and sounds ok.
  10. Bad obsession is a good watch. Always a bracket to me made. Quality of their work is amazing
  11. Brenda without her bike carbs
  12. Do you need tax, mine became tax free in January last year and MOT free.
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