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  1. Going to fit 1 inch blocks this weekend. Was going for a nice drive thus evening but left sidelights on and flat battery.bugger
  2. Anyone fitted one and any benefit. You can get these using your standard anti roll bar as opposed to the anti dive kit that requires twin cam anti roll bar.
  3. When I recently enquired about recon units I think that one was recconned and shorter tail shaft housing done properly.not a bad price for a recon box some want nearer a 1000
  4. They sell them on eBay all ready to go with conversion done
  5. 5 speed 1600cc and 2000cc type 9 boxes have the same diameter input shaft. 2.8i are longer shafts. You need a 23 spline 1600cc 190mm clutch plate, ask for capri or sierra Use your existing x flow clutch cover plate. Use a type 9 sierra or capri thrust bearing Use a sierra speedo The steel bell housing should fit without touching the tunnel. Use a quickshift lever as you will have no problem with the gearstick touching the hand brake..escort only Use your x flow starter motor. Use the rs single piece prop Use the sierra sandwich plate I did this a few times but along time ago on xflow. Did an pinto to type 9 gearbox swap today. A heavy old gearbox.
  6. I would disagree there. Any one who has gone down the twin dcoe will see reduced mpg. A car with side draughts is destined only for wide open throttle with the awesome induction raw. 😀
  7. I can't help you much apart from Avoid buying second hand unless you can have a good look at the operation of the butterflies for wear. Always buy a matched pair. Avoid the type fitted to hillman hunters and other routes cars. The Spanish webers are ok.avoid Chinese copies. I have seen some nice deals on eBay australia. I bought a new manifold from there was £50 shipping. Twin 45 dcoe love petrol expect low mpg. The induction roar is awesome. Get some twin 44 idf downdraughts. Complete Kits in UK at £1100. Danst bike carbs are an alternative and good value for money
  8. preacherman


    Looking good there Dale
  9. I would avoid the so called 185 60 13 "trailer" tyres as they provide fook all grip yet look ok.£35 each
  10. Bought in 2018 done about 2k miles with it. New bosch dizzy fitted with accuspark electronic ignition. Has vac advance so suited for weber twin choke dgv dgas etc. Bought New from accuspark. New rotor arm and clear cap New 2019 matching accuspark non ballast coil. All items in good order.will get pictures but I think you know what it looks like. This is a plug and play set up. Easy to fit and gives a more powerful and reliable spark.
  11. Just a big smile on your face
  12. Thought I recognised the white stripe. Looks nice😎
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