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  1. The banded steels with 195 tyres will be fitted in a couple of weeks.
  2. Brenda was looking a bit sad, 43 years of faded , touched and mis matched paint. So, me and the old man rolled the escort in red rustoleum combi paint. From 10ft away it looks good. Need the paint to harden, rub down 3000 wet and dry, bit of a polish and will look better
  3. Got some fibreglass forest arches coming for the mk2 escort 4 door How do you fit them. Are they bonded on, riveted or something else. Not to bothered if rivet or fixing heads can be seen. Going on a 4 door so the rear arches will need some work. Neil
  4. I got access to some fiesta 15 steel wheels. If these prove ok I might get the off set changed. What will be the impact on top end and acceleration when going from 13 to 15 on a 3.54 diff ...type 9 5 speed
  5. My starter issues have returned. The up rated starter just grinds like duck. A standard version will only turn the engine over for a few seconds before solenoid dropping out. I have had this before but can't remember how it was resolved. The car was an automatic and there is a relay taking a live feed into it with a couple of others. If I short the starter with a spanner it will turn over much better. Any thoughts on by passing the relay. The engine has just been rebuilt and previously has been fine for 12 months on the up rated starter but won't have it now. The ring gear is ok and flywheel is not a transit.
  6. I know for a rebuilt 1700. It's a good one but not cheap. It's got a HI lift cam in it
  7. Brand new from Burtons. It's going back otherwise. This is the Rs2000 Type ally sump and matching pick up pipe all brand new and still in packaging comes with sump and crankcase seals.
  8. In the haynes manual for the MK 2 RS models, the picture of the Mexico and the RS look as though they have different 4 spoke RS alloys. What's all that about.
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