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  1. Yeah they do. I just started brenda again and all fine. I do try to keep the neighbours sweet and on my side. I learned an important lesson. Sometimes I focus more on quantity rather than quality. I try to cram too much into a short space of time.
  2. It started. School boy error. In the week I repositioned the coil and rotated it 180 degrees. One lead was on a wrong terminal. It starts now and stater engagement is better 20201011_132249.mp4 20201011_132249.mp4
  3. Looking back through some old photos of the bestek set up . it looks as though I have put a lead in wrong side of coil. It will start tomorrow.
  4. Took plugs out ...turns over nicely. Put plugs back in and same problem. Starter spins 2 seconds. Renewed and cleaned connections,fitted 1.4kw starter and it flies over with plugs in. Bastard won't start now. 12v at coil Coil is 1.8 ohms cold New plugs Timing spot on. Leads in correct order. Last week I moved the bestek coil to a much better position.maybe I disturbed something. It's disturbing me now, in fact a night on the Steve McQueens is needed (whisky + ice + ginger beer)
  5. It will start tomorrow. I have a good idea what it is now. It's not starter motor related,looking in the wrong area. Although the starter has been playing up. Gonna flog the arse off it tomorrow.
  6. No worries. I got house full of jobs to do.i got a new starter OEM on her and no good. Gonna put the uprated one on tomorrow and give it a go. The engine starter better with standard flywheel and 2 bolts in the starter. Now flywheel is lightened and 3 bolts holding starter in its a no go
  7. Had a big refit on the upstairs bog. Got this small leak on the tap. Can't be arsed to fix it. Came up with this, note the strategic position of the sponge and plastic bowl.
  8. I would like an ATB diff ...but i not starty today or yesterday or even last Saturday ffs
  9. The car was an xflow auto converted to pinto type9.
  10. There is a relay in the wiring. Wonder if that is playing up. It's a ford one screwed to the passenger side strut area.
  11. Starter engages for a few seconds and disengages after 2 seconds. Car will not start as starter will not engage for long enough to start. Took if off cleaned it up and filed off some casting flash. Starter engages better but not harsh like it previously was. The ring gear on flywheel has some wear but I see worse Since I cameback from rolling road it will not start . Is it possible the ignition timing is too retarded. 20201007_195544.mp4
  12. So today had another look. When I start the car the starter engages ...engine turns ...start disengaged too quickly. Got it started and did 116mph on the heads of valley. A white van was right up my arse though cocky fairy.
  13. If the tranny flywheel and bell housing are larger when compared to a saloon. Is it far to say given I have sierra bellhousing that the starter motor dog would not align with ring gear. See attached sketch dim A versus B
  14. I might need to change flywheel ring gear or get a tranny 9 tooth starter. The starter motor guy said the tranny starter will foul on bell housing. Looks like I need to count flywheel teeth. The strangle thing is I saw the sierra GL the box came out of as I bought engine and box as a job lot
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