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  1. preacherman

    You tube

    Vauxhall opal Corsa resto Red with black chassis. The mother of all bodges. Fibreglass floor with filler in the sills...its all in there.
  2. preacherman

    ??????? 711m 1600 crossflow block

    I have seen it before. Maybe a ford replacement engine. The engine in my old dutton kit car had one but could never make out the exact info. Might have a picture of it
  3. preacherman


    Took these pics today
  4. preacherman

    Escort duratec

    Awesome looking car .
  5. preacherman


    I bought a pair of crystal h4 headlights from bearmach for a landrover .They needed a small tweak to remove some excess plastic on the back. Fitted some updated bulbs from halfrauds, If you look for bearmach on ebay you will see they sell some halo ones and even smoked glass effect.nice Neil
  6. preacherman

    Just plain wrong!

    Disgusting.lost for words
  7. For my 50th my wife had a mk1 rs2000 cake made. Will try and get a picture.
  8. I treated myself to 4.99 bobble hat with a built in LED light. Used it today.
  9. preacherman

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    Nice one. Hope to see it soon. I don't think you should do a 2.2 pinto lots of faff . Maybe zetec is your next option imagine a BDA in there.
  10. preacherman

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    I think my pinto as 56 at the flywheel and about 20 at the wheels. It's a right bag of shit. Not been right since the fire earlier this year.lol
  11. preacherman

    Bike Carbs (Fireblade) - Running Lean on Pinto

    Ask the Mrs for them for Xmas or a Tony law bunch of bananas.coupled with a bestek.
  12. preacherman

    Bike Carbs (Fireblade) - Running Lean on Pinto

    😀You need jenveys ITB .I think you have maxed them bike carbs out and of course the jenveys would generate some more power from your new engine.
  13. preacherman

    1500 precrossflow Gt carb flat spot

    Get rid of the choke flaps and rip out the choke mechanism altogether....free Buy the kit that changes from dgv to dgas.£40 Knife edge the butterflies with a nice file. Free if you got a good file Makes a difference
  14. preacherman

    Car security

    Disappointed by the lack of some good advice .🤔
  15. preacherman

    Car security

    A few new cars have been stolen in our area including a 2018 ST fiesta about 200 yards from where my pride and joy sleeps. I think we should have a section on car or garage security without mentioning where anyone lives but some examples of good practice. I want to put an extra padlock or two on my garage but which ones are best how about different types of security bolts and fixings. It's a sensitive subject but it's horrible when any bastard steals from you.