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  1. I have a scissor jack as above. Does the job. I might have a spare one . Will have a look in the shed.
  2. Top is for the water pump hose Bottom is for the hose to the carb In my opinion.
  3. Looking on fleabay I can see metal ones. Here is a picture of mine. My car was originally an automatic crossflow converted to manual pinto. Maybe I need rs2000 pipe with some mods to suit bike carbs.
  4. I have a suspected air leak in the servo pipe to the carb. It looks like a plastic tube rather than rubber. Any idea on what I need to buy . Ie size ,specification ,supplier etc. Neil
  5. Anyone fitted JBW os4 wheels on an escort.
  6. It is possible to fix the dash. I had a mk3 capri and the dash had cracked.i removed the dash and from the inside I used fibreglass resin and some matting. The resin filled in the gap and the Matt gave it some strength. Used a hairdryer to get rid of the sags. Using fine wet n dry I rubbed the dash down gently. Sprayed it black using vinyl spray paint and bobs your uncle looked very good. Not 100% but a significant improvement on what was there.the shine of the vinyl paint hid some of the imperfections lol
  7. It's a deluxe model I think. We wanted carpets but only offered vinyl mats.
  8. There is a mint twincam on eBay for 75k
  9. Quick update. I was concerned about operation of the carbs. Sent them to danst. Came back a load of shite. Another few hours on the rollers and shite. Carbs removed and sorted. Back on the rollers and 115 bhp now with 109 torque. Car drives like a dream and pulls so well.i knew there was an engine in there somewhere.
  10. This didn't surprise me. Broke down while on the rollers. Chinese fuel pump gone AWOL just relying on a bit of gravity to get fuel to the carbs. Good these rolling roads are as they load up the engine and surprising what you find. The petrol pump was clicking on start up as normal , some flow but no pressure.
  11. This surprised me today. Cossie in a minor 200 bhp on jenveys
  12. Here is my back doors. Gonna smash the wifes back door tonight lil
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