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  1. My starter issues have returned. The up rated starter just grinds like duck. A standard version will only turn the engine over for a few seconds before solenoid dropping out. I have had this before but can't remember how it was resolved. The car was an automatic and there is a relay taking a live feed into it with a couple of others. If I short the starter with a spanner it will turn over much better. Any thoughts on by passing the relay. The engine has just been rebuilt and previously has been fine for 12 months on the up rated starter but won't have it now. The ring gear is ok and flywheel is not a transit.
  2. I know for a rebuilt 1700. It's a good one but not cheap. It's got a HI lift cam in it
  3. Brand new from Burtons. It's going back otherwise. This is the Rs2000 Type ally sump and matching pick up pipe all brand new and still in packaging comes with sump and crankcase seals.
  4. In the haynes manual for the MK 2 RS models, the picture of the Mexico and the RS look as though they have different 4 spoke RS alloys. What's all that about.
  5. 100 w H3 bulbs vs Led h3. Only my indicators and ignition are still filament bulbs.
  6. I don't know what diff is in there. It's got 9 inch drums and anti roll bar no radius arms though. The diff could be anything as the car was converted to pinto 5 speed before I got here
  7. 108 is with gps speedo. Probably would be higher with escort Speedo lol. The car is on 185 60 13 and sometimes it could do with a six gear to drop the revs when cruising.
  8. So a 2 litre capri laser can do 135 mph. I don't think so.
  9. The car was a 1600L automatic. So I think it's 3.54
  10. Today I thought let's tackle the rear light issues. I have been stalling on this one and accumulating some materials. It went much easier than I thought. No Reversing lights . Connector had come off the reversing switch. Intermittent brake lights . Shitty earth. No fog light . Blown bulb and shitty connector. Also got a handbrake for the first time in 2 years. A small adjustment of 25mm on the cable . Worryingly, the underneath is plastered in oil,the full length of the car. I have a carpet in my garage that has been absorbing the oil like a pig mat. It's from the front end near the dizzy. Let's hope it's a simple job. Went for a 30 mile run tonight and lots of sideways actions. Doing my frank kelly impersonation. Could do with a sixth gear as topping out across the moors at 108. Sheep looking nervous and quite rightly so. Fed the semi wild horses and one gave me a gentle kick to keep away.
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