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  1. Complete Set Up. Comes off a running car and runs perfectly. £100 Bestek bosch dizzy with cap and rotor Coil Amplifier Cables All you need is HT lead, 12v positive feed, an earth.fit and forget.
  2. He's only had about 2 weeks. No harm in asking is there ffs
  3. So do you it's too far advanced. The engine spins over but a bugger to start. He sent me a picture I can share and all of the manifold 1600 sport 4 branch type is red, at the 4 2 1 collectors it's glowing.
  4. I was talking to guy in work who has a robin hood kit car with 16 xf and twin 40s. He bought the car as a project. The car will start and run it's a bugger to start he says and the exhaust 4 2 1 glows red hot at the collectors. The exhaust is a cherry bomb. I said timing but could it be the webers being be too lean. Any thoughts. I will ask him for some videos.
  5. For some reason the back end kept going sideways.had to use some of that opposite lock and ok. The road was slushy but driveable
  6. I am doing some minor rust removal and paint touch up. I have gone back to bare metal in a few places. I now have a few small holes about 2 to 3 mm in size but at least the rust has been stopped for now. How can I best fill these holes. Don't want to use filler or fibreglass. Don't have a welder but I do have a soldering iron and hand held gas burner. Me thinking I could warm the area and let some metal in and then finish with fine skim of filler. The small holes are on the front edges of the wing around headlights. Any thoughts
  7. Yeah they do. I just started brenda again and all fine. I do try to keep the neighbours sweet and on my side. I learned an important lesson. Sometimes I focus more on quantity rather than quality. I try to cram too much into a short space of time.
  8. It started. School boy error. In the week I repositioned the coil and rotated it 180 degrees. One lead was on a wrong terminal. It starts now and stater engagement is better 20201011_132249.mp4 20201011_132249.mp4
  9. Looking back through some old photos of the bestek set up . it looks as though I have put a lead in wrong side of coil. It will start tomorrow.
  10. Took plugs out ...turns over nicely. Put plugs back in and same problem. Starter spins 2 seconds. Renewed and cleaned connections,fitted 1.4kw starter and it flies over with plugs in. Bastard won't start now. 12v at coil Coil is 1.8 ohms cold New plugs Timing spot on. Leads in correct order. Last week I moved the bestek coil to a much better position.maybe I disturbed something. It's disturbing me now, in fact a night on the Steve McQueens is needed (whisky + ice + ginger beer)
  11. It will start tomorrow. I have a good idea what it is now. It's not starter motor related,looking in the wrong area. Although the starter has been playing up. Gonna flog the arse off it tomorrow.
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