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  1. Did you see that amazing dashboard with the various gauge options. I could not see the guys company name but I need it.
  2. I will buy British from now on and F@@@ the Chinese.follow trump and move on
  3. I have car-owner virus
  4. I do like fray bentos puddings though. You can microwave them in 3 minutes.i might get a shed load in,stock up on the pies.
  5. Pukka pies over here I don't eat those pies made in Caerphilly.horse meat in Peter's.
  6. A wood burner might be a good option. Could keep my pies warm.
  7. I want to get some heat in the garage. It's quite cold and damp.i am using a 2kw petrol 4 stroke genny for power. I have a cheap argos electric fan and it's shit. Not looking for huge amounts of heat but to take the chill of and dry out some damp patches. Any ideas . I don't want a gas heater. Neil
  8. I sold my capri LS wheels. You don't see them much compared to other ford wheels they are unique to the LS model. I do have 3 of the plastic ford centre caps.
  9. I had a 1.6 focus. Gutless and crap on fuel.
  10. Looks quite nice You tube Jay Leno 1989 ford shogun
  11. Where can I get a trigger wheel already mounted to the lower pulley. Changing my ignition to a different set up.
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