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  1. What is the O/D of the clock as fitted to rs custom modules. Is it a kienzle clock as I am looking for one. Neil
  2. Cup holders in the mk2 escort
  3. Dale with you being an ex army paratrooper SAS geezer and seeing the size of your arms. I would have thought turning an escort wheel was child's play lol
  4. Looks quite nice You tube Jay Leno 1989 ford shogun
  5. The wife bought the mk2 an rs2000 clock pod. I need to cut the dash as mine is a 1600L. Can anyone help with some measurements or a good photograph of it in position. Thanks neil
  6. Where can I get a trigger wheel already mounted to the lower pulley. Changing my ignition to a different set up.
  7. I think the rectangular lights suit the van. I can't recall seeing a van with them.
  8. What's the advantage of fitting bike spark plugs. You can buy adaptors to fit bike spark plugs into pintos,crossflows etc. Just wondered if anyone has done it and seen any benefit.
  9. There is a site on eBay that makes a throttle cable that fits the standard mk2 escort pedal end and has a plain end so it can be used with bike carbs side draughts or anything else. Costs about £27. A single cable is ok.
  10. Well I finished the new kitchen and flooring and tomorrow,wife is happy now. The escort is going for a workout despite running on 3.5 cylinders lol.
  11. I replaced the boot seal on mm mk2 last year and the boot is a bugger to close and springs open when unlocked. The boot lid sits about 3mm higher than before.
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