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  1. My mk3 capri failed it's mot once for having the number plate sticker on the bonnet edge
  2. Yes I did and sold them.I was going back to standard and getting rid of spotlights and stuff. In a moment of ebay drunkenness,another set of bike carbs were purchased. These need some work but they are getting better each time i wave a magic wand and rub my magic lamp. Planning on another rolling road session soon.
  3. Picked up my new car today. It's got a DSG gearbox. Impressed hell yeah , so easy to drive and effortless. Can use it like a manual and has flappy paddles. Boys and their toys as my significant other says.😀 This evening I took the escort out.it coughed sputtered cleared its throat and still brought a smile to my face
  4. I have had mine on eBay twice and both times took it off sale. About 2 weeks ago I wrote a new advert. I don't have much time and when I do find time, I am rushing jobs. Sometimes I don't see the car for weeks and makes me mad when it won't start. I won't sell it now and will keep it. Even though mine is a fooking shed on wheels it always gets attention and someone's dad has always got a free leeter capri in the garage.
  5. Dale. With that car and your side ways style I am surprised he is still alive.
  6. I think the huntsman was a run out model prior to mk3 introduction.i think it was based on GL models with sports wheels and trim.
  7. The carbs are keihin zx9r x 37mm chokes.the problem I have is one slider is not lifting and they are £170 each. The car is very good up to 3k but the primary jetting is not working properly. The compression is good the cam timing spot on. I have ordered a good second hand slider to see what happens. Neil
  8. Well we think with new diaphragm will be more or less there. Fair play to the guys they said bike carbs was not their forte but they had a good go and learnt lots. So tomorrow a trip to the bike shop to get some new parts. Will report on session 2 Below is a greater spotted woodpecker nest I noted nearby.a few youngsters in there
  9. So, today i took my mk2 escort to a local rolling road . I was there for 7 hours, and will need another session. 2.0 pinto std but with good compression Bestek DANST BIKE carbs ..used Engine running like a pig with vauxhall tendencies. Base line power run was ......a massive 68 bhp/102 torque....at flywheel. The engine was very lean and power was all over by 2800 rpm. Fixed 3 x air leaks and some balancing gave 77 /107 More adjustments and timing = 73/95 Reset the cam with DTI etc and some shims on needles gave 72 /93. Engine revs to 5k now but lean from 3200 onwards. Basically the guys were all over it but what ever they did the engine did not respond as intended. It was then that we found slider on carb 1 not lifting and 2 sluggish. Diaphragm in and out. No luck. I then kept sliders on 1 and 2 fully open with my fingers and did a power run. We got 98/103. So part 2 will be with new sliders and basically set it up gain albeit not so long this time. I was gutted to start with 68 and end with 77 bhp. Fair play the guys did not charge and up to 2800 rpm the engine is much better and drivable.. Above 2800 and the engine is basically on 2.5 carbs so not great. Will need to get some new diaphragms and another session . The guys are convinced there is another 20 in there on top of the 98 we noted. I also made friends with a horse and a small pony.
  10. Honda's are for people who like to wear flat caps and grey clothes.maybe with slip on shoes
  11. Quite like this marina 1275
  12. I think that orange angle box is a ginger minger.
  13. Thinking of buying some 7j steel wheels with escort off set. Will 185 60 13 tyres fit ok without looking all stretched like.
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