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  1. preacherman

    Whats the coolest thermostat you run in your Pinto?

    Are you saying the fan belt was loose because the alternator bolts had worked loose. I had a problem with mine working loose and falling out.
  2. preacherman

    Fuel hose i/d

    Mk2 escort What inner bore is needed for petrol hose from tank to petrol pump. 6mm or 8mm 8mm rings a bell
  3. preacherman

    CRAZY stuff for sale

    Cooling fan for vauxhall engines maybe
  4. preacherman

    Something strange with this dash?

    Is there a bit of Granada dials in there as well
  5. preacherman

    2.0 pinto sump mod for mk2 escort

    Yes it did. I used the angle grinder on the crossmember and removed a few mm.job done.
  6. preacherman

    2.0 pinto sump mod for mk2 escort

    That is where I bought mine from. Good quality as well.
  7. preacherman

    2.0 pinto sump mod for mk2 escort

    Mine originally had a std pinto sump that the previous owner bashed in with s mallet. The sump bowl did extend below the cross member quite a bit. I fitted an aftermarket sump with big wings with modified oil pick up pipe and it was baffled. I can't remember the seller but it was on ebay for about 160. The bottom of the sump now sits level with crossmember and not so vulnerable.
  8. preacherman

    Weber twin 40

    I had dellorto and just as good possibly better than dcoe.
  9. preacherman

    For those with a pinto

    On my mk2 which was crossflow converted to pinto.i have 2 questions 1.The Speedo cable is close to the exhaust where it crosses over . The cable is melting. How did ford address this issue. 2.The petrol pipe is also routed in this area and close to the hot exhaust. How did ford sort this on Rs models. Talking about fuel lines. Last year I fitted new fuel hose and during mot it was pointed out that it was close to failing near the tank and in a few other places and was badly perished. Its not even 8mths since I changed it..it even says unleaded on the hose. Will get some of the Gates hose as this looks good quality. All advice welcome Thanks Neil
  10. preacherman

    Mk2 escort leaf spring bushes

    On my list of jobs to do is change the leaf spring bushes as they took perished. What is involved in changing these. Never done it before. What is a good brand to use with single leafs Are there any other bushes worth changing while I am at it Any advice appreciated Neil
  11. preacherman

    Sky scam

    Couple of my friend including myself received "genuine" sky store messages today . I received 4 emails within 12 minutes saying i had purchased a few box sets totalling 52 bucks. Outraged, i clicked on the sky store message and started a live chat with a guy -christopher-who seemed genuine .he was very professional and sounded as though he was in an office. I could hear sky sports in the background. After a few minutes the questions seemed like he was phishing so I hung up. Anyway I was a bit spooked by this. So checked my on line bill and contacted sky. Turns out some scammer has done a very clever job on pretending to be sky. The emails are not genuine with the guy after your card details. Be careful out there Neil
  12. preacherman

    Chassis number location

    I will probably hung drawn and quartered for saying this.......buy another v5 and vin tag off ebay. I think this is ok ish but I hate it when a 1100 becomes a mexico overnight.
  13. preacherman

    Is this a scam or is it me??

    I report them but dont engage in any conversation. I once did this and a few weeks later they had some of my profile info and were selling some bits that I had previously sold.
  14. preacherman

    Whats the coolest thermostat you run in your Pinto?

    I use a austin mini thermostat which opens at 74 degrees. You need to trim 2mm of the diameter but that is easy with an angle grinder.my pinto was running hot so I changed a few hoses as well. There was a few small leaks I was not aware of
  15. preacherman

    bike carb question

    Mine would not start without a choke. Pull choke out ...start car first time...push choke back in straight away. Eventually I made an electric choke with a small solenoid used to automatically open car boots.the solenoid was 12v mounted on inlet manifold and used some of the rods that came with the solenoid.