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  1. I had one on my mk2 and was fine. No problem at all. Because it'd tin make sure you tighten in order to avoid distortion
  2. I bought a new tin one for about 150. It was ok. Will try and find the website
  3. I am up my garage from about 1pm if you wanna drop by on your way to the Brecon beacons
  4. I have a dry powder type fitted underneath the glove box. I change it every 2 years.i thought I had lost mine when this happened. A cracked fuel hose was the cause.
  5. She's a trailer queen now. Too posh for us valley boys. Throw caution to the wind and get some fuel in there and blast off them cobwebs lol
  6. There are some on eBay at a fiver each. I thought you might have turned down some alloy bar to fit.
  7. 75 per hour. I was in there 2 hrs. Had some other jobs as well. Couple of new plugs and jets. The car is a lot smoother,has better pick up and plugs are cleaner. Different car now and nice to drive. Those dcoe sound awesome on full chat.
  8. The mini is a 1380 with alloy 7 port head on TB and mapped ignition circa 135 horses
  9. Today Brenda went for a check up at Nutts RR. The car made 115 on twin choke. Fitted 45 dcoe and initially it made 118 and with sooty plugs. After a few runs and tweaks we made 130 bhp and 131 lbs torque. No more sport plugs and car is great. Proves that RR are good value for money. Today I did 80 miles in Brenda and never missed a beat.
  10. I had a dutton with a xflow. The radiator was at an angle to close the flip front. It always ran hot. I fitted a different radiator with an expansion tank.i think it came off a fiat, I went to the scrappy to see what would fit and job done. Fitted electric fan as well. You can buy an inline bleed screw and this will remove air in the system.
  11. These were great when I first installed them. Now they are pants. Dipped beam is quite vague,main beam is ok though. They are coming out on the weekend . The light bar is awesome and staying
  12. Waiting for MR. ROLLING Road to open. The carbs are not far away probably a tad too rich. I dont have a lot of room .
  13. Never been a fan of rostyles
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