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  2. Just to say Hi, 1st, 2nd, 4th cars Mk1 Escorts 3rd, 5th Mk2 Escorts Currently driving Mazda RX8, as RWD is the only way to go (was disgusted with the MK3 Escort!) Cheers Reg
  3. Cam & Carbs, exhaust (& manifold) if you can stretch to that
  4. I think the drop between gears is about 2.5k, I'll try it tomorrow. If your engine's power curve is within that it could be a great solution (providing you can fit it)
  5. I think I read somewhere that the RX8 gearbox is good for about 400hp without mods. I'd look at the torque though, RX8 is kinda like a 2 stroke ... all the power is above 5.5k, and pretty low torque.
  6. Interesting thought, I have an RX8 and it's a lovely gearbox. Not sure it would suit another engine though, the rotary redlines at 9k!
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