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  1. HYT995K Mk1 Escort 1300, I think it's scrapped, shame loved that car
  2. That'll do it lol. Nice van though, can you get the bits to move the wipers over these days or is it too much work?
  3. Why does the Transit look both left AND right hand drive?
  4. reggio68

    Best adverts

    Sunblest bread, Harmony hairspray ... and oh yeah, Flake
  5. Just to say Hi, 1st, 2nd, 4th cars Mk1 Escorts 3rd, 5th Mk2 Escorts Currently driving Mazda RX8, as RWD is the only way to go (was disgusted with the MK3 Escort!) Cheers Reg
  6. Cam & Carbs, exhaust (& manifold) if you can stretch to that
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