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  1. Cortina ken

    fao colr6

    It's a northern ball shit detection device custom made for colr6.
  2. Wayne wigger every time WPE
  3. Lovely tina col, well done guys , see you all soon, Gotta love northern humour lol
  4. I just want to say a massive thanks to Scott ( vista) for putting in all the work to make our stand at santapod the best club stand for the second year running. And an even bigger thank you to our Dutch brothers and sisters for makeing the huge journey to get everyone parked up just right. Thanks to everone else who has put time and effort into todays show. It was a great day guys.
  5. Many thanks foe your help guys and have a safe ride, See you sunday.
  6. I have for sale 2 english diffs. I only changed to fit LSD both in very good condition. I can not say for sure what ratio they are but i know thay are good for 140 mph lol £130 each +postage. Or collect from milton keynes or classic ford
  7. Check your spam box , mine came in my spam box
  8. Cheers guys, Vista booked in with you guys for classic ford,
  9. Had OSF got a stand at ford fair? If not is there a classic ford stand?
  10. Its just my luck, went to a local show this everning and on the way home the crank case oil seal decided to say goodbye, i have not got a snow balls hope in hell getting it fixed before the weekend . Sorry guys i cant make this round, see you all at round 2 , to say i am pixxxd off is an understatment
  11. Cant wait, its been so many years since i last put a car down the strip.
  12. Anyone got a 2 pound hammer ? Lol . Good one vista
  13. Thanks for trying but no help at all, just got a email saying i need to get an independent valuation report, Thats going to cost me £150 and there is no guarantee you lot are going to except that. Wish i did not bother with Adrian flux !!!!!. To say i an not happy is an understatment.
  14. My story starts with getting my insurance with Adrian flux, paid my money and no paper work or sent via email, after three or four phone calls asking for the paperwork and agreed value form it eventuly turns up, Fill out my agreed value form send off the payment and photos, only to get a letter telling me that the value i asked for was too high and the value thay have agreed was the same as the predicted maket value which was well under my value of my car, Now they have told me i need to get an independent valuation. Is this normal ? Just to ad my car has never been welded and has a very high spec, QUESTION What sort of value would you guys put on my cortina 2.1 WPE pinto 5 speed type 9, Adju
  15. Hi dude, your part of our family now
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