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  1. Unfortunately selling for family and business/financial reasons. Hopefully something I can come back to in years to come, when I can enjoy them more!
  2. I won’t be holding onto either for much longer unfortunately, but both real lookers! 1969 1600GT XLR restored with 33k miles: 1981 2.0 GL unrestored with 11k genuine miles:
  3. Have a 1980 2.0 but not a S. what exactly do you want to know?
  4. Would like to know the same and other options in the southeast.
  5. Great looking car! Needed the bumpers!
  6. Hi, I think you might be the same person who put your pass up on the F###book page? I'm interested in taking my '69 Capri along seeing as the weather is due to be nice! Please send me a message if you still have the pass so I can share my address and details. Thanks, Gary
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