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  1. Does anyone know in which issue of Classic Ford it was featured? Have a collection starting from June 1997, but couldn't find it. Thanks. John
  2. Thanks all, hope to get to know my car soon... Yes, yes, finally brought her home today with help from Brian Jones. Have a week of from work, so will make some miles and see what's she's like. John
  3. Having had a couple of Fords in the past I switched to BMW E30s. Apart from the E30 M3 I also had a couple of six cilinders, what a great sound and smooth engine. But after many years I simply had to have an Escort Mk1 and this year I decided to try and find one. Prices have already gone up considerably, but still I wanted to try and get one. So I started looking at pictures on internet to see which I like best and in the end the Mk1 bubble arch does it for me (although I have seen some very nice and clean examples on youtube posted by Mk1Kiernan, particulary a nice blue example doing some burn outs). I came across a nice example from 1968 (one of the first 1,000 cars ever built) and bought that. However, thinking about it, the car was far too original and in near perfect shape to cut the wheel arches and weld some steel bubble arches on it. So while struggling with this, the guy I bought from told me he had another Mk1 arriving shortly and this car was from 1973 and had already been worked on. So I gave the 68 car back to him and got the 73 Mk1. It needs some tidying and those nice bubble arches and a paint job, but it seems a good base car to work with. Don't be too harsh on the car, hopefully this summer it will look a lot cleaner. John
  4. Hi all, My name is John and I've been a long time Ford fan. Many years ago I bought my first Ford Capri 1.6 Laser, white with red pin stripe if memory serves me right. Bought it near King's Lynn, though not at Norfolk Capri Spares. Couple of months later picked up a nice blue Capri 2.8i, must have pictures of that somewhere. Loved it and really used it, sounded like a small Ferrari 275 GTB. In the end sold it to a guy who used it for spares. After that I got myself a Granada Estate 2.3 V6, great car to get my go-cart round the country. Not sure if I still have pictures of that car somewhere, but lots of fun with it. I part exchanged the Granada for a nice Moonstone blue Sierra RS Cosworth, which to me back then was the big daddy. At the same time I bought a nice BMW M3 as well and friends thought I was going to start a touring car team. The Cossie was a joy to drive and one day I took it down to France to the privately owned Mas du Clos circuit for a FOC track day. I could keep up with most of the Ferraris except for the F40. Fair enough, my engine was slightly tuned to phase one putting out 250 bhp. After many years I recently bought myself a new Escort Mk1. Hope to learn a lot around here and get back into the Ford community as well. John
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