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  1. Iv'e got a 1983 2.8 Ghia X, iv'e just fitted a reconditioned steering rack, but i can't find the settings for the tracking i.e toe in/out, anyone know or can point me in the right direction, thanks
  2. luckymark

    steering rack

    Nice one, i'll give them a call
  3. luckymark

    steering rack

    Anyone know where i can get a Mk2 Granada steering rack reconditioned or if a Mk1 rack is the same, mine's got about three inches of play in it!! iv'e got a spare Mk1 rack in the garage but don't want to dismantle everything only to find it won't fit
  4. luckymark

    wobble bolts

    Thanks guys, the granny has studs, so i better have a look for some new nuts, ooh eerh missus's
  5. luckymark

    wobble bolts

    Has anybody used wobbly bolts before, iv'e been offered a rather nice looking set of wheels for my granada, but i'm being told i will need wobbly bolts to fit them, as the pcd on them is 110 and the granada ones are 112? any info will be gratefully received
  6. Has anybody got either a front or a rear "poverty spec" bumper for a mk 2 granada? its the one that comes painted in the body colour of the car
  7. luckymark


    Nosher 64, did i see you cruising down the M40 the other Sunday afternoon in the Tina?
  8. Many thanks, hopefully i can progress now, iv'e got a couple of days off coming up, so will have another go then, cheers
  9. Hi guys, iv'e just picked up a 2.8i Granada Ghia as a project, it was last on the road in the year 2000 !! the trouble is , that some one has disconnected all the injection pipework from the metering device on the inner wing and i cant work out how it goes back together, i looked for info in the usual places, Haynes, google etc, but no joy, can anybody send me some photo's of the system or tell me where i can get some info from? many thanks Mark.
  10. luckymark

    Retro Ford Track Day @ Brands Hatch

    That was us on the way to try and find a tyre place after our big moment, we managed to collect about half a ton of gravel when we went off and the marshal's said that i had to get all the gravel out that had got stuck between the bead of the tyre and the rim before i could go back on the track, unfortunately we didn't have any luck so we headed home, many many years ago i had a mk2 tina in exactly the same shade as yours, i'm liking the spots on the front, very nice cheers Mark
  11. luckymark

    Retro Ford Track Day @ Brands Hatch

    thanks i'm not on that facetube thingy but my mate at work is having a look for me, but we can't find anything! mind you we are a couple of old gits!! can you tell us where to look? (i don't think this webnet thing will ever really catch on!)
  12. luckymark

    Retro Ford Track Day @ Brands Hatch

    Thanks, good advice about the photographer, i'l look into that, i will defo be doing a few more track days in the old beast weather its suitable for it or not! i will tame the thing without modifying it, its now become a challenge! and i love the look on the race boys faces in the pit lane!!!
  13. Gentlemen (i use that very loosely!!) i have just returned from Retro Ford magazines track afternoon at Brands Hatch and i'm looking for some assistance, i took my recently brought Mk 2 Granada along and gave it a good blast round the track, its bog standard, so me and my daughter(first time on a track day) got some very funny looks whilst in the waiting zone parked amongst all the race cars, i don't think that anyone thought we would actually go on the track! once we got started we were having a whale of a time until i overcooked it on Paddock bend and put us sideways in the gravel on two wheels, the marshal reckoned the only thing that stopped us going over was the weight of the thing(not sure if he meant me or the car?) anyway whilst this was all going on, the camera we had taken lots of photos of the car with flew up in the air and crashed on the floor and would have appeared to have deleted all the pictures, has anybody who went got any photo's of my old granny roaring around that i could get a copy of ?, i'm more than happy to cover any costs involved, p.s, my daughter reckons that due to her near death experience(please!) she is never doing another track day again, the youth of today, no bottle at all
  14. luckymark


    Thanks guys, i'l give both of them a try, i'm looking for a quick turn around so i don't miss my track day
  15. Anybody know where i can get a rad for a 2.8 Granada?