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  1. YellowTaxi

    Orange Is The New Black

    Love the 4 door Mk1 above. What a refreshing change from the normal resto. Brave choice of interior and that engine hits the spot. Really works for me. If the car was discribed to me I would say no way, but in the flesh 10/10. If I owned it I wouldnt change a thing.
  2. YellowTaxi

    Orange Is The New Black

    Yep, Car cave. Will look better in my Garage. Should take delivery any time now.
  3. YellowTaxi

    Orange Is The New Black

    Here my recent purchase. Its an Import but nice condition, Will be going the full monte on this one. Cosworth N/A powered. Full interior re-trim. 7.5 RS alloys. Atlas axle Looking forward to getting started. Its staying ORANGE.
  4. YellowTaxi

    Show the Critics the Door - Your 4 Door!

    I have a 4 door Mk2 Australian RS2000. I will get a photo-up ASAP. Its currently having leadfree inserts fitted and wheels renovated then it will be for sale. Any idea on value?
  5. YellowTaxi

    Recaro help needed.

    Yep, Once I have done one I will do a full before, after and along the way.
  6. YellowTaxi

    The Overriding Factor

    Very interesting post this. Im doing a similar thing with Recaro seats. I have ammased a fair bit of info so far and still learning. The Idea was to find an alternative source of Recaros to cover with readily available covers (Aldridge). The cost of even shagged Mk2 RS2000 Fishnets is crazy but take a look at other cars that had them fitted and without the RS tax you can get a very good set of seats. So far I have found a lot of early 80's cars had Recaros and not just Fords, Audi's BMW Mercs had them too. Also after stripping them down I have also found a passenger seat can be converted to the other side and vise-versa. Once I have done I will post the info i have greaned, it may help others. Sorry for the Highjack but kind of related.
  7. YellowTaxi

    Recaro help needed.

    Thanks Rich, You are a star. I in the process of recovering some Cortina GLS Recaros with Aldridge covers. Exactly the dimensions you have posted so they are the same basic seat. Im certainly no upholsterer but after stripping down the old seats and removing the cover Im well up for it. So far I have got all the old covers-off and repaired the bolster foam. Once you get stuck-in its not so bad, I have added high density foam to the damaged areas. Used an Electric carving knife to trim new foam and Orbital sander to shape it. Even if I do say so myself I think They are going to look great and as I only paid a few quid for the donor seats It could end-up a very worthwhile and cost efective job. I will take some photos as I go, it may be use to others contenplating the same thing. Wach this space.
  8. YellowTaxi

    Recaro help needed.

    Thanks Rich.
  9. YellowTaxi

    Recaro help needed.

    I am looking for a pair of Fishnet Recaro's. A pal has a mint pair of Cortina GLS ones. I have seen them and they look slightly wider than Escort Mk2 RS2000 ones. I intended to get them re-covered with Aldridge's excellent covers but concerned they may be different dimensions. So, It would really help if anybody that has a set of Escort ones could measure the seat base between the bolsters front and rear. May be handy to know for others too for the future as Escort ones in good condition are getting hard to come-by.
  10. YellowTaxi

    So.. I need the advice of the collective.

    Well at the 8.5k starting price it didnt sell. Assuming its as good as it seems from the ebay ad whats it actually worth?
  11. YellowTaxi

    Trouble with Trays

    Great Write-up. Echo's my feelings about the nasty things 100%. I thought it was just me.
  12. YellowTaxi

    So.. I need the advice of the collective.

    No updates yet, I see it has 23hrs to go on fleabay. I cant get to see it until the week end so. If doesnt make the 8.5k then I think its well worth a look. Watch this space. And look out for a thread ''whats involved in converting left to right hand drive''?
  13. YellowTaxi

    So.. I need the advice of the collective.

    I wonder whats under those red and black seat covers.? Still. Not buying it for the seats.
  14. YellowTaxi

    So.. I need the advice of the collective.

    Is it worth 8.5K?
  15. YellowTaxi

    So.. I need the advice of the collective.

    Perhaps I should start a new thread. ''Whats involved in converting from Left hand drive to Right hand drive.?