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  1. its a funny old time for ford at the moment. some go for really big money if completely standard. one went for 7k recently.
  2. Nothing shabby about 125hp on that spec, as you say irs how it drives and with that curve I bet its ace. Enjoy it.
  3. Return it to standard spec. Good money to be made on that car. Its just too good to mod. Well, thats what I would do anyway.
  4. Thanks Rally Pack, your a star. The car is not at my house but I will take some snaps when I next go to the storage. Will also take a look at the ID tag for paint code.
  5. Thanks Rally Pack, some good advice there. I will keep you posted on progress and get a few pics up as soon as I can. One last thing, the colour is Yellow and although Im sure its had paint in its life it is a uniform colour all over but doesnt look like the less bright yellow normaly seen on Ausie escorts. Did they do Signal yellow? If not I think its had an excellent spray job as its defo not your usual Ausie yellow. Also any Idea where I can get the proper body stripes?
  6. Interesting thread this. I have a four door in yellow which im tidying up a bit now prior to sale. Unfortunately although its 100% a genuine 4 door RS2000 it has a few of the unique ausie bits missing. Firstly the fuel tank has been changed to the UK type but I do have the blanking plate and the hinged numberplate is still in place. The wheels went AWOL but it now has a nice set of four spoke RS alloys. Interior wise the speedo has been changed to MPH and although the seats are original and in great condition they have had fishnet headrests fitted. I do have the original curvey ones though. Twin pinstripes have been fitted too and the low down faded stripe has been removed. Rear panel is still body colour though. Whats you guys view on resto..put it back to Ausie spec or UK? Generally its in really good condition. Its Yellow by the way.
  7. I have bought 2 sets from JBW in my time 7'' and 7.5''. They are very good quality. Polished part is clear coated so they keep thair good looks too. However, they are not direct copies of the RS alloys fitted to Escorts back in the day. The raised spoke part and around the wheel nuts is thicker slightly, more like Capri lazer wheels. If originality is not a concern it wont be an issue. I wouldnt go for the 6'' ones either on an escort as the rim outer edge is much narrower than usual escort. More like the Fiesta Supersport type. If originality isnt an issue and you dont want polished surface I personally would go for Capri ones and have them blasted and painted. Capri ones which where never polished standard come-up all the time on ebay for much less than Escort ones. If your not sure look at the nut hole area, much beefier on Capri, cheaper too. If your still not sure all Ford alloys are dated, if the date is 81 or beyond they are Capri.
  8. That scan above of the paint codes is for all Mk2 Escorts. The RS 2000 wasnt available in every shade though. Also Neither Nordic nor Riviera were available in Dec 77. The light blue was for the early cars was simply called 'Light Blue' the paint code 'E'. Was available from launch to the end of 76. So strange your Dec 77 car is light blue as Riviera didnt come out until 78 and Nordic 79. That means no (Lighter blues) available from the end of 76 until Aug 78. For referance although I suspect long gone, there should be a sticker in the boot under the boot lock rear panel showing paint code and colour. Could be its had a full re-spray or yet another mystery that doesnt conform with the norm...it wouldnt be the first with German built Escorts.
  9. Does this VIN tag look right. Its a 1976 RS2000. I have a friend thinking of buying it. I have never seen a VIN tag with 'RS2000' actually stamped on it. Any Ideas on authenticity?
  10. Love the 4 door Mk1 above. What a refreshing change from the normal resto. Brave choice of interior and that engine hits the spot. Really works for me. If the car was discribed to me I would say no way, but in the flesh 10/10. If I owned it I wouldnt change a thing.
  11. Yep, Car cave. Will look better in my Garage. Should take delivery any time now.
  12. Here my recent purchase. Its an Import but nice condition, Will be going the full monte on this one. Cosworth N/A powered. Full interior re-trim. 7.5 RS alloys. Atlas axle Looking forward to getting started. Its staying ORANGE.
  13. I have a 4 door Mk2 Australian RS2000. I will get a photo-up ASAP. Its currently having leadfree inserts fitted and wheels renovated then it will be for sale. Any idea on value?
  14. Yep, Once I have done one I will do a full before, after and along the way.
  15. Very interesting post this. Im doing a similar thing with Recaro seats. I have ammased a fair bit of info so far and still learning. The Idea was to find an alternative source of Recaros to cover with readily available covers (Aldridge). The cost of even shagged Mk2 RS2000 Fishnets is crazy but take a look at other cars that had them fitted and without the RS tax you can get a very good set of seats. So far I have found a lot of early 80's cars had Recaros and not just Fords, Audi's BMW Mercs had them too. Also after stripping them down I have also found a passenger seat can be converted to the other side and vise-versa. Once I have done I will post the info i have greaned, it may help others. Sorry for the Highjack but kind of related.
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