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  1. Not actually Escort related but my current fave is Alan Millyard. He does crazy things with motorbike engines using little more than a hacksaw and a file. Really nice guy too, one of us for sure. Try this for starters: And yes that really is a home built V12.
  2. Looks like Sherpa Van, What a thing they where. I went to the grand launch of the new LDV version in the 2000's. Was supposed to save the UK van industry but had the total oposite effect.
  3. Hi Guys, Sory been away for a few weeks with no access to site, have a few PM'S to reply to. Still got some of the bits and will contact later today.
  4. Thats pretty cool. If it was me I would 1000% be putting in a bit of research and making it exactly as it was when it competed. Be a real bit of history and unlike almost every reso it may actually be worth the sum outlaid in parts and time.7
  5. Loving the IDF's. Not sure about the blue though. If you need an original type airbox theres a guy in Greece re manufacturs them, I have his details somewhere.
  6. Hi Guys, Right then, I have a few parts if anybody needs them. 1600 Crossflow engine complete, 711M block. I have seen it run but not driven. sounded really good. Crossflow inlet manifold and twin choke weber. Pair Sport orange stripe front seats no rips but dirty, probably clean-up. Crossflow starter motor and solenoid. 4 Branch sport tubular exhaust manifold. Crossflow rad. Pair of front black door cards, not sure if original but in nice tidy condition. Loads of other bits ascociated with above, just ask. If you need something listed above please let me know. Provided your not going to put it on ebay its yours for a small donation to a really good cause. My wife runs a small charity for under privileged kids in Kenya helping kids that arnt as luck as we are. Not sure If Im allowed to put a link to the charity here (mods?) But its a really good cause. Contact me if you need anything and you can collect Hereford area.
  7. Its got a bonnet as a boot lid. Still not sure.
  8. I have done few shows myself and love standing by the car and listening to the 'know it alls' I never let on its my car. Makes me laugh just what people think they know.
  9. Not sure about this one.
  10. The Yellow Roller looks like the one John Lennon used to Roll about in.
  11. Well it sold. Happy with that. Hope the new owner uses it and looks after it. https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/events/2020-auctions/race-retro-classic-competition-car-sale-2020/race-retro-classic-competition-car-sale-2020/classic-cars-saturday-22nd-february-2020/1979-ford-escort-rs2000-four-door
  12. Good pal of mine has a Mk1 currently totally submerged. Once the water goes we will see how bad things are.
  13. Yep, Its goin to auction. I have sold a few through Silverstone Auctions and they have all gone above estimate, one went 30k over so we will see. As the saying goes ''the market will find the true value'' I am a bit twitchy though. Would be sad to see it go for lower estimate. Hopefully it gets bought by sopmeone who really appreciates it and uses it. Its such a good car, no rust and never been welded in its life. New interior, new tyres, re-furbished Alloys. Why am I selling it? Even I dont know but will be looking for a project to replace it. Wish me luck.
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