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  1. what exhaust have people fitted to there 100e pintos
  2. i bought amk2 escort 1600 ghia diff does anyone know what ratio would this have p reg thanks

    1. Vista


      Count the teeth on the crown wheel and the pinion and divide the larger number by the smaller one and you'll have your answer. :thumbsup:

  3. front and rear bumpers wanted for a 100e cash waiting
  4. front and rear bumpers wanted for a 100e cash waiting
  5. does any one have a steering column cowl
  6. hi my email is millertimepaul@gmail.com
  7. any chance of some pics for the exhaust
  8. bought this some months ago in good condition £70 plus postage around £15
  9. i require a full exhaust with down plpe for my 100e with 2 litre pinto engine any got on for sale all so throttle linkage 32 36 twin choke weber thanks Paul
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