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  1. Hi Guys Thank you for your quick reply means a lot to me I will check it out does makes sense Thank you
  2. Hi Everybody I have finally Got My 1978 RS 2000 Mk2 back on the road I purchased it around 1982 it has been off the road since 1986 It was stored until 3 years ago when renovation began I am having a few problems with the following gauges fuel gauge has been working but now shows overfull temperature gauge was working but now goes right across to boiling straight away I had a few problems with indicators main beam ( blue light) not working so had a look behind the dash replaced the bulb now works but the circuit board and contacts are in a bad way although not an ideal cure i have by passed the wiring in the board by soldering wires across the board from contact to contact The fuel gauge and temperature gauge were working then and only went faulty this week well fuel gauge today so really need some advice on how to repair replace circuit board and temp sender and fuel gauge repair Many thanks
  3. Thank guys will give it a go did find some info on the internet on how to pull it apart but ain't going there your solution sounds easier will give it a go with some Fred thoughts lol
  4. Thank you that's hounds exactly what happens plus the car smells of petrol. Any idea where I can find any info on the set up The car has just been refurbished in that process the carbs was stripped and refurbished thanks for the help
  5. Hi everyone this problem is teasing me Engine idles fine when started and cold 1000 rpm but when I have driven for a couple of miles then engine idles at 1400 rp. Engine is a 2 litre with standard twin choke rs2000 MK 2 I have had the carbs set by our local mechanic and engine runs well I have checked all the cables in case they are sticking when hot Any help or suggestions would be appreciated Thanks
  6. Thanks for the information can this be done in situ or does the panel need taking off If so what holds it in place ? Thanks again
  7. Hi new to the forum just had my old RS2000 Mk2 rebuilt instruments were fine at first then the blue headlight light became dull and disappeared , followed by the fuel gauge,and temp gauge going on and off , sometimes the revconter needle fluctuates any advice appreciated
  8. Hi new to the forum just had my old RS200 rebuilt after 20 years in the garage everything was fine but the problem started with the blue dip light disappearing now the fuel gauge,temp gauge go on and off also the tacho is irratic on and off any help appreciated
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