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  1. Has anyone fitted a Carbon roof on a MK1 escort. Do you have any photo's
  2. why cant i view pictures, click on them and just get a white box with a buffering thingy for ages until click out of the box, any software required? thanks
  3. this is my MK1 shell, just managed to get it on a rotating frame but had problems finding a solid fixing I put some bracing on to ensure it did not move when floor was removed And then removed the floor panel It is going to be blasted now before the new floor is tacked in place. more photos to follow soon
  4. I have recently purchased an imported MK1 shell from South africa and am trying to work out the vin plate but am struggling to read the info. i think its a 1974 1600cc 2 door manual sunset red with new tan interior but cannot read the first 2 letters and month of manufacture, any idea what these should be .
  5. thanks every one for the welcome
  6. really good job, i have a similar amount of work to do to mine, should get started next week
  7. looking in projects and restorations but cannot see your add, how do i find it, sorry new to this
  8. i will take a look thanks
  9. yes am changing complete floor and any rotten rails, intend to fully brace have you got details of the kit you have used thanks
  10. My MK1 needs a lot of replacement panels and i want to do it correctly from the off. I have no intentions of rallying the car but want to do all the strengthening now in case i or someone else wants to in the future. The first thing is a new floor pan and possibly chassis rails, do we 1 inch stitch them or 100% weld and what strengthening should i do at this stage. Appreciate any help Thanks
  11. I have a MK1 escort shell, I was told it was imported when I brought it. There is a number stamped on the strut top which matches the plate riveted on the slam panel That is 51017 Can anyone advise how I go about checking the vehicle details, date of manufacture and registering etc Thanks Mark
  12. I need to determine the age etc of my MK1, which forum should I start a thread in Thanks
  13. I have always owned fords old and new and have recently purchased a MK1 escort 1970 shell for restoration and I will need all the help I can get mainly with technical stuff, engines, gearboxes etc. Thanks Mark
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