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  1. ive got one mate pm me
  2. gents after a set or lower section for a 2 door escort .frames need to be goood as being re trimmed . cheers murf.
  3. anyone got one or know where i can get one. cheers murf.
  4. the original clip has split that goes on the rear of the boot lock mechanism .is there an alternative or any one got one. cheers murf.
  5. cheers fellas .ordered one of retroford site.
  6. anyone got one for sale or dont need . cheers murf.
  7. hi mate thanks for help so ive read up about the v765.does this allow me to register the car without mot?who would i get to inspect it ,as I see your in Cornwall!to verify the application.this is all new to me,when registerd do i then get an mot?as still isnt 40 yrs old till April according to dvla.


    cheers murf.

  8. anyone got a fuel tank fitting that goes in bottom of tank ,cheers murf.l
  9. type 9 gearbox bell housing and clutch fork .came out of my escort in a1 condition . 275.00 rs mk2 alloy sump came off my escort pinto engine .with pick up pipe .its been repaired at front in its history but no leaks. 170.00 high pressure oil pump and drive key. 35.00 (burtons one). english axle casing with the shafts .also off my escort.no diff 100.00. pics on request. set of rear light units passenger and drivers side.1 butlers lense one altissmo.passenger one missing bulb holders drivers one complete .70.00 any questions ask cheers shaun. in reading for pick up all open to offers .
  10. after a set of these i have the runners not the angled brackets . cheers murf.
  11. standard set of front legs with shields ,springs and top mounts, complete .small hole mount. Ideal for refurb .removed as bought coil overs in reading for pick up . 130.00 cheers murf
  12. Hi mate take this can you post .Cheers murf
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