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  1. the original clip has split that goes on the rear of the boot lock mechanism .is there an alternative or any one got one. cheers murf.
  2. cheers fellas .ordered one of retroford site.
  3. Cheers fella but problem.ive got is where to start. How to measure the camber etc Or is there anywhere recommended to take to for a set up.i live in berkshire
  4. anyone got one for sale or dont need . cheers murf.
  5. just finished putting a set on my escort as old legs were u s . small hole top plates as car is a 79.they came with eccentric top mounts ,and no set up instructions,rang gaz no help all i got told was to take it somewhere and get it looked at set up ,question is is anyone else using these and can you get a normal std top mount to suit.or point me in direction of setting up. cheers murf. cheers murf
  6. Cheers fella battery is in front .I renewed the earth lives etc when putting the car back together.battery is new also .will also check that .wosp one is 180
  7. Cheers mate lookedcat the ones on Ebay as above.gone with a wosp one .guy explained it's all about the start current used .this one lm009 is recommended for pinto .not cheap but with 3 year warranty
  8. Gents need some advice .now car is up and running at last noticed a smell coming from the starter motor after re starting from hot.like it struggles to spin over then does so question is is there an uprated starter you can buy and what make.2.0 pinto onto a type 9 gearbox. Cheers murf
  9. So in process of fitting the bonnet cable old one was cracked and worn.is there a pre determined place where the spring is supposed to sit .mine is from left to right when you look at it .9 0 clock to just above 3 on the clock face.and the cable part of the spring at 12 o clock..it looks like the original was too taught as cable has started to stretch. Inside the cab the cable goes into the handle and then attaches to the bracket via a spring clip on cable.. Being s a car they'd used a different cable nothing like the one I ordered Any pointers cheers murf
  10. Hi mate whereabouts r u
  11. Gents is it worth recoring the original rad or buying a new one. My south African one has seen better days.had a look online and quite a few companies.any recommendations. Cheers shaun
  12. Cheers for PMS got one from burtons
  13. Removing the water auto choke and fitting a manual kit is there a 1 piece hose avaliable rather than join the 2 together with supplied piece of pipe . Cheers shaun
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