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  1. its just annoying! what really gets me as the whole lost and found scenarios,weve got it ,no record,we found it,can you resend,just put a clear bit of laquer over it for moment!wait AND SEE NOW! CHEERS FOR ALL HELP CHAPS .
  2. So this is what happened tday. anyone else had to do this . I was told that someone would contact me Monday to say all received. had to rub down strut top to find chassis no,which i did .emailed and posted pics off friday last week.and was told I would be contacted on monday.nothing rang this morning. first phone call to number given not accepting calls.rang the generic call centre got through on case number nothing received had to leave a contact number . tried first number again got through couldn't speak to the chap dealing with the case,got a lady instead tells me its a 2 week backlog .i reply ive been told to phone back,this week regarding the registsration process .gives her the case number ,looks in case no pics received ,no inspection photos etc.i explained to her ive been through the process ive got a case number ive got the sgs inspection photos,the report has been submitted could she look again,put on hold,da daaa ,she s found them,i ask as been told to phone up as was told by the gentleman dealing with it it would be sorted within 7 days as process has taken so long,puts me on hold,then comes back to me and tells me the pics now are being sent to their ford specialist for approval,its going to be another couple of weeks as he looks at alot. I ask her can i now repaint the panel or do i leave it bare ,she says she doesnt know.I explain im off on holiday saturday and if anything is being sent out can i be notified ?I explain i can instruct my sons to keep an eye out in post?she says she can put a note on case! is this normal? started process on 10th march.
  3. Cheers fellas for all advice rubbed top.plare and found nos.not brilliant but there.pics taken email sent see what happens next
  4. cheers chaps looked at the new strut plate with stamping 85.00,then i have to remove the old one and repaint.spoke to dvla tday and have resolved the issue now hopefully,as above actually spoke the guy dealing with it himself.so sent another load of pics again,it doesnt help thats its a mk2 rs 2000 south african car as dvla have only 2 others he explained ,2 4 doors and mine is the first 2 door.so hence the process . cheers murf.
  5. cheers ray car has taken about 3 years so far putting back together and sourcing some of the missing parts,ive done everything they asked for so far,had it inspected last month,didnt help guy didnt know difference in models ,had to explain difference between custom and non custom,he took about 40 photos checked all the nos with paperwork,checked chassis plates on slam panel with dvla paperwork ,no mention of the strut tops at all ,then when i didnt hear anything,another 3 weeks, after him telling me it takes 10 days,i decided to phone .!spoke to few owners and seems that there isnt any clear guidelines,some have been registered with numbers some without.so cheers murf.
  6. cheers rallypack thats what ive been told by several people but apparently in the letter im going to receive off dvla, is that they want pics of the numbers stamped around the strut tops and more annoying you cant actually speak to the person dealing with the application,you go through to a call centre then put on hold.next post will be does anyone in the uk own a registered south african mk2!the saga goes on!.
  7. cheers eeb43 ,if they were renewed were they ever re stamped?my car was painted and semi restored before i got it and top plates look as new . cheers murf.
  8. sorry chaps wrote above with the right hump!, ive got the original vin plates on the slam panel, there both intact, readable, all the numbers correspond with the s a documents,original log book ,tax documents etc.after another phone call again tday they are asking for the pics of the strut tops, question is my car has been painted and looking at the car there are no numbers,can i get new strut top plates stamped with my correct numbers. are the south african ones stamped differently from the uk does anyone know or has anyone got a south african car or pics i could look at!. cheers murf.
  9. Has anyone on here registered an imported car from south africa. heres my situation. sent all the paperwork off in march,it got declined as sa log book only had the first 8 numbers unlike the s a log book which had the full number.my mistake! re sent in ,heard nothing for a month, then phoned ,theyd lost everything,funny sent recorded delivery signed for receipt and proof of delivery. call centre at dvla cant put me through.case opened anyway another goes by and get a letter with case number need the car to be inspected. 10 days later i get a date. guy turns up takes about 40 photos of everything,then i get a letter can i send a copy of the vin plates in as lost photos.id already sent them and gave adept. inspection done now waiting v5 nothing heard for 3 weeks rang up tday. now they want pics of the suspension top strut plates and vin. my car has been painted and looking at plates there is no numbers. i have the original bill of sale,s a log book,engine numbers all match,tax documnets etc.vin plates state rs 2000 white .colour plate all matches up. but no numbers stamped on strut tops. been reading up some sites say you need these some say they were never stamped . any help guidance would be really grateful can i buy new strut plates and get them stamped. would i have to go to fords? what should of been a quite straightfward proces is now into its 4 mth! cheers murf.
  10. hi mate thanks for help so ive read up about the v765.does this allow me to register the car without mot?who would i get to inspect it ,as I see your in Cornwall!to verify the application.this is all new to me,when registerd do i then get an mot?as still isnt 40 yrs old till April according to dvla.


    cheers murf.

  11. hi mate been through the paperwork i got with the car ,ive got the tax certificate and the south african log book,build date shows or registration date is 01 01 1979,i spoke to dvla this morning and asked if i could send the paperwork off in december as previous lady told me it takes 4 to 6 weeks,then she says i need an mot, i said the car is 40 yrs old in 1 months time she says its done on a rolling 40 years,i need an mot or wait till April.the club you mentioned above i gather is the old skool ford owners club,do i have to appy on the v765? cheers murf.
  12. gents anyone on here or know of anyone that has registered a s a escort .got a coulpe of questions to ask as filling in v55. tax group historic as 40 years old. ? did u need to supply a certificate of conformity . nova has been already paid and ive got the no. do i send this off cheers murf.
  13. anyone got a fuel tank fitting that goes in bottom of tank ,cheers murf.l
  14. type 9 gearbox bell housing and clutch fork .came out of my escort in a1 condition . 275.00 rs mk2 alloy sump came off my escort pinto engine .with pick up pipe .its been repaired at front in its history but no leaks. 170.00 high pressure oil pump and drive key. 35.00 (burtons one). english axle casing with the shafts .also off my escort.no diff 100.00. pics on request. set of rear light units passenger and drivers side.1 butlers lense one altissmo.passenger one missing bulb holders drivers one complete .70.00 any questions ask cheers shaun. in reading for pick up all open to offers .
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