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  1. hi mate try the demisterman he does new matrixes ,a new one for my mk2 was 78.00 in copper and brass plus postage.he has a web page .
  2. also type 9 5 speed mk2 pinto prop one piece just removed 45.00 lastly one piece prop for crossflow 40.00
  3. 2 pinto wide cam covers .20.00 each. mk2 anti dive kit brackets rubbers and anti roll bar. 85.00 mk2 escort 2 door green quarter glass for doors .30.00 mk2 escort rs 200 servo pipe ,been painted black in its history 20.00. mk2 escort interior grab handles roof ones 2 sets 20.00 a set. mk2 dash surround in black 15.00 mk2 lower dash in brown 20.00 mk2 escort fusebox covers top ones in black 10.00 each. mk2 escort throttle pedal with twin throttle block .20.00. mk2 escort wilwood compact master cylinder brand new in box from rally design 95,00. 60.00
  4. Cosworth n a manifold.made by tony law. 4 to 1 exhaust pics on request. 300.00 Cheers murf
  5. Ideal for refurb.upper and lower seat sections. One on beta cloth faded.the other brown is a ghia lower. 75.00 Pick up.in reading
  6. Up for sale are the following. 2 door quarter glass green with rubbers 50.00 Front and rear screen rubbers oem used 25.00 Brown switch panel with switches 30.00 Rs 2000 wide rocker cover 20.00. Washer bottle and pump 20.00 Fuseboxes 2off 15.00 each Fuse box black top cover 15.00 each. 2 rear spax adjustable shocks no leaks came off car recently 40.00 Rs 2000 petrol tank 15.00. Bare. Brown steering wheel centre 10.00 Throttle pedal with dual cables 20.00 Door buttons mk1 set 10.00 Mk2 set 10.00 Left over from parts bo
  7. has anyone got one of these with the return on .for sale cheers murf.
  8. I have for sale 3 sets of seat risers to fit fishnet recaros. 6 seats. These have been blasted,repaired new lugs fitted .in some of the sets new nuts welded in .then powdercoated.each set on average cost 90 to 100 a pair shand and were in poor condition. Now up.for sale to recoup some money to getting my seats rebuilt re upholstered. Price 175.00 plus postage. Cheers murf
  9. ive got one mate pm me
  10. gents after a set or lower section for a 2 door escort .frames need to be goood as being re trimmed . cheers murf.
  11. anyone got one or know where i can get one. cheers murf.
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