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  1. hi mate thanks for help so ive read up about the v765.does this allow me to register the car without mot?who would i get to inspect it ,as I see your in Cornwall!to verify the application.this is all new to me,when registerd do i then get an mot?as still isnt 40 yrs old till April according to dvla.


    cheers murf.

  2. hi mate been through the paperwork i got with the car ,ive got the tax certificate and the south african log book,build date shows or registration date is 01 01 1979,i spoke to dvla this morning and asked if i could send the paperwork off in december as previous lady told me it takes 4 to 6 weeks,then she says i need an mot, i said the car is 40 yrs old in 1 months time she says its done on a rolling 40 years,i need an mot or wait till April.the club you mentioned above i gather is the old skool ford owners club,do i have to appy on the v765? cheers murf.
  3. gents anyone on here or know of anyone that has registered a s a escort .got a coulpe of questions to ask as filling in v55. tax group historic as 40 years old. ? did u need to supply a certificate of conformity . nova has been already paid and ive got the no. do i send this off cheers murf.
  4. anyone got a fuel tank fitting that goes in bottom of tank ,cheers murf.l
  5. type 9 gearbox bell housing and clutch fork .came out of my escort in a1 condition . 275.00 rs mk2 alloy sump came off my escort pinto engine .with pick up pipe .its been repaired at front in its history but no leaks. 170.00 high pressure oil pump and drive key. 35.00 (burtons one). english axle casing with the shafts .also off my escort.no diff 100.00. pics on request. set of rear light units passenger and drivers side.1 butlers lense one altissmo.passenger one missing bulb holders drivers one complete .70.00 any questions ask cheers shaun. in reading for pick up all open to offers .
  6. after a set of these i have the runners not the angled brackets . cheers murf.
  7. just did the above axle block,used a countersunk washer off the leaf spring the to underside of the block depending on which make,then i fitted new rubber locates in the shock saddle. cheers murf.
  8. cheers fella . going to phone on monday, is there anywhere that does the rebuild kits for master cylinders ? cheers murf
  9. Cheers chaps.found a few master cylinders online .anyone recommend a firm that overhauls the servo unit. Cheers murf
  10. Going through brakes tday before fitting anything I've found the servo is leaking out of the back part . Can you buy a replacement servo . I ask as front of it is quite rusty so is the rear. or rebuild kit.or anywhere refurbished these. Pardon my thickness. Is there supposed to be any fluid inside the front area when you remove the master cylinder.as had about a cupful in it. Replacing the master cylinder too is there an alternative or replacement one as this has seen better Cheers murf
  11. with you now currently only got one rubber under the spring,found some people dont use them at all. thanks for pics and help. murf
  12. Second pic downloaded cheers much clearer.
  13. Cheers john. Your pic shows the black steel.part that clamp the rubber over the spring is that correct.is there another piece underneath locating in the shock saddle
  14. Had a good look at the springs no marks to look decambered So.ive ordered a std set of gartrac leaf springs and Bush kit.next question when 're fitting the lowering block do.i not use the rubber?So shock. leaf spring .the block to the axle.so people use the rubbers some don't.what effect does it have not being used.
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