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  1. looking great that mate! always good at that stage as once the paints on its assembly.
  2. don't talk him out of it, i'm having the escort parts. lol
  3. theres some room left in my dads garage! don't worry col. i'll re home it.
  4. you can leave me all your boxes of escort parts col. i really don't mind.
  5. RWL81P

    Corona virus

    i'm not greedy
  6. RWL81P

    Corona virus

    Due to the current climate the arse has dropped out of the market of classic fords! I do however have some very collectable toilet rolls for sale. Genuine 1 owner from new, all four matching in fully sealed original packaging. Gotta be worth £40.00
  7. RWL81P

    Hands Up!

    so it's round to yours then for a cuppa and chocolate! i'll bring ar col!
  8. RWL81P

    Corona virus

    i wasn't old enough for pubs!
  9. RWL81P

    Corona virus

    my mum always said if i'm not in bed by 10, come home!
  10. RWL81P

    Corona virus

    im self employed and if the customers are happy for me to work in there houses then i'm going to work
  11. bonjour! some cool cars there if they're not too far gone!
  12. yeah i know the ones. same as the mexico ones i've been looking for! rare as anything.
  13. there is some on ebay uk. but theres a few different ones.
  14. track car? its a road weapon too! we've got some stories to tell from going to ford fair a few times in that!
  15. wires up exactly the same as the xf. just that a few wires need extending to the opposite sides of the engine.
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