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  1. RWL81P

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    taxi mirrors
  2. RWL81P

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    yep most of the speedos are the same. such as old transits using cortina clocks. i have seen those electric mirrors too, i would have a pair but not at that bloody price! like i say. they were fitted to the later black cabs. google a pic and you will see them. but they were electric. and never fitted to a mk2 escort so shouldnt have the rs tax!
  3. RWL81P

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    did you have any joy with the 14" 4 spoke?
  4. RWL81P

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    the electric ones are from london taxis. the black cabs. none of the escorts had electric mirrors. also ive never seen rs clocks without a trip. maybe been rebuilt with a standard perspex and speedo to make a complete set of clocks.
  5. RWL81P

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    very nice, i also like the cibies with grey backs and the chrome rings
  6. RWL81P

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    205 60 13s, personally id do them polished with colour coded centers. if not then polished with dove grey.
  7. RWL81P

    Mk2 Mexico

    cheers my friend. i bought 3 from a bloke that had them on a mk1 escort. he was doing some work on his car on his drive and 2 wheels were off the car. he popped to the motor factors and when he came back 1 had been stolen. he couldnt find another so bought some 7x13s. i bought these from him so need another 1.
  8. RWL81P

    Mk2 Mexico

    whos is the blue car? dont suppose you have 1 of those 4 spokes i could buy off you or know of 1? or a pair? i have 3.
  9. RWL81P

    RS1800 CHARITY

    So i'm sure many of you have followed this build on youtube. but the russell lord mk2 escort is now for sale, and money going to a fantastic cause. russell hand built this car to a stunning standard and build from silver and gold. im not clever enough to work out how to post the link to ebay but check it out for yourselves. item number 233036900374
  10. RWL81P

    Mk1 Fiesta - What are they like?

    square look better, thats the main thing i didnt like about my xr2. although the dreaded pepperpants wheels had gone and replaced with 14' rs 7 spokes
  11. nice looking fiesta! them xr2 steelies always looked better than shitty pepperpots, like the earlier skinny bumpers too. sits perfect and nothing shout look at me, although a harris xf under the bonnet would finish it off.
  12. RWL81P

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    i'd be interested in them if you can find some yes. they dont have to be mint. i think one of mine is broke from storing in the shed, i will have to dig them out n have a look.
  13. RWL81P

    The Overriding Factor

    got to love that supersport!
  14. RWL81P

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    i think that being a ford press or advertising car would have had the low back scheel buckets in. could kick myself but i was offered a pair years back for 200 quid. although i do prefer my scheel roll tops! so next time somebodys at a show ripping a car apart saying its a copy, just remember there is different trim specs for different years. so if anybodys dechroming i still want some chrome window gutter trims full length, i painted mine black. also any good front and rear screen inserts in chrome. i threw mine away and put the solid rs2000 rubbers in.
  15. RWL81P

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    definitly looks black on there, also the rs1800 has black bits. if you look at the 75-76 rally cars they all had chrome! maybe it was only the first year? mines a march 76 car and had all the chrome. this is an original ford pic and is correct to the trim spec that mine was.