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  1. proper mk2 mex that. we need more pinto powered escorts! great to see he hasn't gone down the concourse route, and actually uses it.
  2. i'll keep me eye open for that. love supersports. my mates had 4.
  3. look right at home on a mk2 they do. hope i can drop on another one!
  4. bought mine from burton. only place that sold em.
  5. dont know how i missed this post, did you get the wheels on then? And i'm still after 1 of these if anybody has one?
  6. i'm also 99% it needs to be standard size journals too
  7. the loss of a true gentleman and a fantastic petrol head even driving at goodwood most years. a true legend. RIP
  8. the first 2 are the ones fitted with the mirrors. the later 2 are the ford parts bin taxis. the front actually looks like mk2 granny and not mk5 cortina. been a while since i've looked at one.
  9. they probably do have ford part number. as a lot of the old black cabs were made up from a lot of ford parts. the later black cabs upto N reg had these mirrors fitted as standard. google for images. we used to use these mirrors in the late 90s when black cabs were in scrapyards and with nothing like forums, not everybody knew of them! the later squarer black cabs used even more parts from the ford bin, such as 2.5 di tranny engines, cortina mk5 headlights and escort cabby rear lights.
  10. normal? i think this lockdown is getting to you col!
  11. standard looking, steels, 4 cibies, and sorted pinto! proper mk1 escort.
  12. looking great that mate! always good at that stage as once the paints on its assembly.
  13. don't talk him out of it, i'm having the escort parts. lol
  14. theres some room left in my dads garage! don't worry col. i'll re home it.
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