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  1. RWL81P

    Historic Monte- Carlo rally

    looks a great rally, good to see POO504R is still being used how it was intended
  2. RWL81P


    not sure if i'm gonna make it yet, may have to work! not missed it in 10yrs so i dont mind missing one, and to be fair it's always snowy and freezing at this one!
  3. RWL81P


    stages for next sundays north yorks rally are Wass moor 09:15 and 14:50. o/s ref 100/567 812. and Cropton 11:05 and 13:30. o/s ref 100/751 908. great entries so far with lots of escorts, lotus cortinas, cossies and many others, around 100 entries so far. service area is at Thirsk.
  4. RWL81P


    most people opt for a garage to store wheels in!
  5. RWL81P


    i dont know why Ray but i missed this when you posted it, and just come across it. most of the time it doesn't show me new posts for some reason. thats amazing how many colours these came in, up until now i thought they only came in purple velvet and jade green. they are the only colours ive ever seen, must be the most popular!
  6. RWL81P


    right, they are a rare thing now, and cant of been that popular back then either.
  7. RWL81P


    how did you manage to buy them new and where from? been trying to find out info on these pirellis.
  8. RWL81P


    dvla can be twats! i had log books go missing in the past now i always send them recorded then they can't say they haven't received them.
  9. RWL81P

    Mk2 wing mirrors

    if theres nobody closer to you then i can make a template from the back of my mirrors and post it to you.
  10. RWL81P

    RS2000 VIN tag doubts.

    not genuine but is nice although i dont think dvla would like it!
  11. RWL81P

    Carello vs Lucas

    yes thats correct, big shaped bowl go's on the front panel with the grille fixings, then the round bowl, light adjusters and light. hope the pics help.
  12. RWL81P

    Carello vs Lucas

    hope these pics help with the fitting.
  13. RWL81P

    Carello vs Lucas

    looking at those i'm sure theyre same as mine that were fitted in the metal rear bowls i posted in that other pic. i would post a pic but i think the lights are either in a box in the garage roof or at my dads garage in the boot of the car. 75ab should be mk2 escort. its been a while since i looked at the lights but the plastic bowls are only a newer rust proof version of my metal ones.
  14. RWL81P

    Contour seats

    yep col didn't want to spend money on a decent pinto so stuck an old vauxhall lump in there! lol
  15. RWL81P

    Carello vs Lucas

    i was thinking wheel barrow