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  1. gotta say i do love pro street cars! i bought some mk2 escort parts from a guy down ashfield a few years back. that escort was in his unit.
  2. easy to turn it around on col.
  3. yeah i'll give that one a miss. col can take one for the forum
  4. be nice to see that tranny back out!
  5. like i say. parts are generally cheaper on forums between members. ebay, sometimes things get bid right up, other times they fetch nothing.
  6. my mate bought a 2.0 bottom end off ebay just before christmas. not a 205, had alloy sump but no pipe, and the bores are worn out. he won it on bids at £401. only wanted the sump but there wasn't any for sale as you say. try it on there. i know parts are usually cheaper on these forums. but a good sump with pipe are between 250-300. good bell housings are around 200. mounts upto 100.
  7. to be fair them 2.3 vauxhall engines go well. used to be a sports hatch layed up not far from me, not there now though. never liked the droop snoot front end. prefer the aggressive look of the magnum front
  8. had quite a few escorts. i'd love a fiat 131 abarth or an ascona 400. no modern turbo shite for me.
  9. never met the guy but i think he's a bell end. cant stand wheeler dealers or any of them type shit programs where theyre trying to bodge shit up budget.
  10. we can only hope. have a great day everybody
  11. same with Jeff Harris. I've one of his full race top ends
  12. to be fair theres only 3 names for an ultimate pinto. Harris performance, Vulcan and HT racing. although there are many others out there.
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