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  1. still a cracking pic this!
  2. it can be done yes but its quite tight and obviously need to take the rad off. cant remember if last time i dropped the gearbox crossmember or not.
  3. i hope the reason its on a trailer is to take it to the knackers yard! i dont know why you'd want to make a mk2 escort look like a morris marina!
  4. the bodge is actually good, not sure about the rot in the sill
  5. i thought castlemaine xxxx came with a ring pull?
  6. to be fair ive only seen him with mk1s
  7. too many to post on here! if only i could figure out how to put them all together to make one 5 minit video! and yeah there was a load of new crap and scoobys and evos but none of that interests me, except the escort cossie.
  8. yeah a spot on fella, didn't realise at the time it was his car or i'd have had a chat with him. he actually uses all his cars properly. the chevette has some history too. talking to the owner of that. its running an all steel 3.0 omega v6 engine and Penti Arricala used to live next door to him, and the plates if not the shell were from Penti and there are photos of Penti using the car with that reg on. think he was the best chevette driver ever!
  9. that escort col, is the fella dave watkins? just looked on the entry list, tells ya the names and where theyre from. not saying on here where he's from but not far from you. and i did spend a few hours with him at the first historic rally i went to at pickering about 10/12 yrs ago. at that time he owned FEV5H which if i remember was hanu mikolas rally car from the 70s.
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