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  1. agreed, but the key thing is, if you have the original parts. keep them so it can always go back to standard. mine wasn't original when i bought it. 2.1 pinto, janspeed, capri 4 spokes, xr3 front seats, plastic front spoiler. so the engine and running gear is just uprated, bought a genuine front spoiler, and also have a roll top trim. so will look as it should.
  2. saw that on ebay, looks a cracking buy! i have a mk2 mex that is in a state and needs a lot of work. yes theyre worth more standard. mine will be original colour and original looking with roll top trim. but i've got a full race pinto, 48s, quaife straight cut box, roll cage, narrowed atlas axle and revolution 4 spokes. its your car do what you feel is right for you. im a hooligan and like to piss off the trailer queen concourse people.
  3. you can't post that pic and then say don't do it. it just looks so right in that colour with the old grille!
  4. i'm sure the escort will turn out as nice col!
  5. you keep 2 spare panels? is crime bad down there or is it always windy?
  6. only a bit of wind and rain! most of the flooding is due to our victorian drainage not being designed for an extra 20m people, and not being cleaned out properly and full of silt. the councils technical term is climate change!
  7. there's plenty of fence panels there, although still in tree form!
  8. if i can lay my hands on mine tomorrow i will measure it for you. but as mentioned. if you mod the tin one you will need to mod the pick up pipe, correctly
  9. that will be your problem you need an alloy sump or cut and weld the tin sump. the alloy sump was designed for the pinto to fit in an escort and is reshaped around the crossmember
  10. have you got alloy sump? maybe drop the prop and gearbox cross member for the box to move slightly. it is as tight as!
  11. it can be done in one if you can lift the car high enough. standard or auto tunnel? auto tunnel is a lot easier. but i put the box in first then drop the engine in from the top.
  12. i always use hammerite smooth. aslong as you use the engine steady a few times and up to temperature before thrashing it, it's fine. used it for years.
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