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  1. gotta say i do love pro street cars! i bought some mk2 escort parts from a guy down ashfield a few years back. that escort was in his unit.
  2. easy to turn it around on col.
  3. yeah i'll give that one a miss. col can take one for the forum
  4. be nice to see that tranny back out!
  5. like i say. parts are generally cheaper on forums between members. ebay, sometimes things get bid right up, other times they fetch nothing.
  6. my mate bought a 2.0 bottom end off ebay just before christmas. not a 205, had alloy sump but no pipe, and the bores are worn out. he won it on bids at £401. only wanted the sump but there wasn't any for sale as you say. try it on there. i know parts are usually cheaper on these forums. but a good sump with pipe are between 250-300. good bell housings are around 200. mounts upto 100.
  7. to be fair them 2.3 vauxhall engines go well. used to be a sports hatch layed up not far from me, not there now though. never liked the droop snoot front end. prefer the aggressive look of the magnum front
  8. had quite a few escorts. i'd love a fiat 131 abarth or an ascona 400. no modern turbo shite for me.
  9. never met the guy but i think he's a bell end. cant stand wheeler dealers or any of them type shit programs where theyre trying to bodge shit up budget.
  10. we can only hope. have a great day everybody
  11. same with Jeff Harris. I've one of his full race top ends
  12. to be fair theres only 3 names for an ultimate pinto. Harris performance, Vulcan and HT racing. although there are many others out there.
  13. pinto alloy sump and pick up pipe. genuine ford and mint condition, no repairs or cracks. from a left hand drive car. £275.
  14. looks bang on as it is. not much i'd do to it. just a screamer pinto
  15. welcome. a guy a few streets from me has a mk1 focus rs. nice car and rare!
  16. had my block bored the other week to 93mm. 30 odd thou on it, auto. std std crank and the cylinders were perfect. shame to re bore it but its now 93mm on std bearings and cost me 50 quid for the 205 bottom end.
  17. yeah they are the only wheels bigger than 13" i'd use too. i personally think 15s look pants. i see the use on cars for bigger brakes but for me 13s look the nuts.
  18. well i found 3 about 5 mile from where i live. came up on ebay. just need the forth
  19. they are out there if ya keep looking. ive got a few.
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