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  1. Hi All , in amongst a couple of boxes of parts i have got is this coil , its brand new never been used Motorcraft ignition coil with mounting bracket. I know its not Mk1 Escort .. i suspect its Mk2 maybe Mexico or RS2000 maybe 1600 . The number on the box is EDG12 , 711M 12024 AB . Any help to positive identification would be much appreciated . regards . Dave
  2. Try works escort on e bay , he sells janspeed systems for Β£495 for mk1 . Not sure for pinto but definitely crossflow . Worth a look
  3. Hi , i have recently managed to locate and buy a Genuine ford Mk1 Mex exhaust manifold for my car . The bore size is 1and 3/4 inches so i am now on the look out for a genuine mid and rear sections , either new or used . Failing that i have a good rear section pattern one made by Walker which looks to be a better shape and fit than any i have seen since i bought my car 6 years ago , so if anyone has or knows the whereabouts of a mid section walker one please could you let me know . I am trying to keep it to similar or same spec as it would have had originally . So if you can either help or give me contacts to the whereabouts of any of the above i would appreciate any help you can give . thanks in advance . David
  4. Happy birthday scott
  5. Hi , I am in the middle of making proper tab washers for original crossflow either round or oval air filter housings . These were the tab washers that sat over the filter housing mounting studs on twin choke webber carburettors that held the retaining nuts in place . I couldn’t find any on the market anywhere close to the original Ford ones . I had an original lent to me to be able to copy . I have just got to get them plated now and then fit them to my Mexico . Has anyone else used or seen this type in recent years ? .
  6. Hi all , has anyone got a nos motorcraft water pump for 1300/1600 crossflow engined mk1 escort that they would be willing to sell ? If so please could you pm me . thanks in advance . regards . David
  7. Just an ask , i am after buying an original nos preferably Ford stamped aluminium thermostat housing for a mk1 escort 1600 crossflow engine , or a very good condition one with no corrosion . The car is a 1973 model . If anyone can help it will be much appreciated . πŸ‘
  8. Hi Matt , welcome to osf , where abouts in Kent do you live ?
  9. Hi , i am hoping someone can help me , i am looking for a genuine ford mk1 escort dashboard spotlight switch as in attached photo i found on the internet .i have Looked in all the usual places flea bay etc , i cant find a complete working spolight switch , i am not worried about chrome being worn off the surround just one thats not broken . I am willing to pay for nos if any one has one to sell as well . Thanks in advance . Dave.
  10. Colin ... how could you even suggest or say to concede on that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Lol.
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