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  1. Hi , i am in the process of trying to restore my Mk1 Escort Mexico engine bay wiring loom , but at sometime in its life the bulkhead plug has started to melt due to being close to an exhaust manifold i assume from the position and damage . Does anyone have an old loom or bulkhead plug with leads on it that i could buy to enable me to restore my loom ? .I had a spare i bought but it must be off a standard mk1 escort loom i presume as 2 of the wires are smaller diameter than my Mexico one ( see photos for wire insulation diameters ) . I also need the female bullet and Red accessory feed wire shown in the photos I have attached to show you . I want to keep the loom as original as i can so i am after original Ford plug and wire/bullet connector So if anyone could help me with either of these parts i will be eternally grateful . thanks in advance David
  2. Hi Al , perfect , can you pm me please , do you happen to know what vehicle that one was out of by the way ?
  3. Yeah i saw those on the internet , might be an option . Thanks๐Ÿ‘
  4. The guy is a no go , could you post a photo of the holder you have please , so i can see what it looks like . Many thanks ๐Ÿ‘
  5. Thanks for your replies guys , but i am after exactly the same holders .. i have stumbled across a website that may have the original Lucas one as in my photos . Have sent the guy the dimensions and photos they look the same as Triumph/ BSA warning lights made by Lucas . Will let you know when he gets back to me . ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž
  6. Hi , please can anyone help me ? i am after a bulb holder for a mk1 escort rear heated window loom that fits into the back of the switch it takes a 286 capless bulb . Or does anyone know where i can purchase them from ? I have checked with autosparks and they dont do them . Have had a google search and they seem to be an oddball holder and nothing comes up . I don't know if any other fords at the time were fitted with these ? If so could someone let me know . I would appreciate any help you can give . I have attached photos of what i am looking for if this helps . thanks Guys . David
  7. Thanks Carey , appreciate it if you have a spare , let me know . David
  8. Tried various glues , but not working as its an ABS type of plastic ๐Ÿค” apparently .
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