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  1. Classic top tune .... has to be “ one step beyond “ .... my favourite . Brings back so many memories of the whole Ska revival thing with all the Two Tone bands including The Specials, The Selector and the other bands such as The Beat , Bad Manners etc . Good times !! gradually i have seen them all live over the years . Brilliant 👍
  2. Cant wait til saturday , see you there boys 👍👍
  3. Arrived ... well some at least . Some are a tad wet too !!!.... 🙈🙈🙈🥴🥴
  4. I posted all the photos on 31st october. And they are all showing on my i pad . 🤔
  5. Finally . Last saturday the Mex went for its 3rd Mot since i have owned it and it was all good and passed ok . So now can look forward to using it on high days and dry days as they say . So at this moment in time all is well with the Mexico Finally 😁😁👍. Seeing as it was nice the day after the mot i took it out for a 45 mile run ..... my overall verdict .? LOVE IT 👍.
  6. I have also fitted an Aldon ignitor electronic ignition to an original motorcraft dizzy that Ray very kindly built for me to the correct spec for the Mexico as the one that came with the car was totally wrong . Its also Now fitted with an Aldon flamethrower coil .The initial engine start up was nerve racking to say the least 🥴, but all was fine. Oil pressure is spot on now . On initial start up its around 55/60 psi dropping to around 30/35 psi when fully warmed up on tickover . I have now covered just over 100 miles on the newly rebuilt engine and all seems good apart from an oil leak from the top of the gearbox cover plate with the breather hole in it somewhere !! Another job over the winter months to sort out .
  7. The original crank had already been reground so was beyond another regrind , it also had new pistons and little ends during the second rebuild as well . 👍
  8. The camshaft was fine and new bearings were fitted during the rebuild .👍
  9. I rectified this problem by grinding off the weld that held the mid pipe to the muffler and resetting it in the correct position . Job done .
  10. My next problem was i had a sportex 2” bore exhaust system originally fitted , which i hated to be honest as the headers were high in the engine bay causing a lot of heat high up even to the point of melting the 1600GT decal on the rocker cover !!. I was glad to have the 4 into 1 manifold in the correct 1 and 3/4” bore . The next headache was to find a mid and rear section to suit the bore size . I found a company in Finland called Martelius they had one of each in stock . I made a straight sleeve to couple up the manifold to the mid box . The last problem was the rear section didnt fit the rear suspension set up on my car , this was designed for turreted shocks not shocks mounted on the frame . I had to angle it to clear this , but it made the rear box sit incorrect in relation the the boot floor .
  11. I stripped rad , and then took it to a local guy for a recore .
  12. Also got rid of the old stainless steel braided hydraulic clutch pipe that was originally fitted in my original build and fitted one of trevors ( stage 1 motorsport ) ones as its more correct and personally better looking .
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