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  1. Unfortunately the matrix on a mk2 is different to mk1
  2. Is that the Mk2 Escort one on turbosport you are meaning ?
  3. Ray is correct the aftermarket ones are junk . I have a guy who recores radiators and hopefully he may be able to make one good heater matrix out of the 6 spare Ford ones i have All with their own leaks and issues in different places within them . I will keep you informed how i get on . 🀞🀞. But in the meantime the hunt goes on for a ........ sensibly priced ...NOS one obviously not from oz at this moment in time !!
  4. Hard to get new what i am after but this guy has everything .... out of my price range ..... the search goes on !!lol
  5. I tend to agree with RP scott , its annoying and as he says you lose the size of the post to view .
  6. Scott , I seem to have similar issues on my ipad . this is whats happening once i click on the forum. First screenshot. then when you click on a title of a post it comes up like the second screenshot with all the info on the right hand side
  7. I have also bought Many parts from Stage1 motorsport very good quality parts . But when you have an issue with something they never come back to you when you complain . A few months ago I bought by their Own description on the website the so called correct door check strap rubbers for a 73 mk1 escort mexico , but they aren't correct ! When i received them and went to fit them they wont go over the check strap it turns out they should be a simple foam gasket item At Β£4-99 ,Not what is being described on the website . I have messaged them several times via the website and tried calling the num
  8. I am currently building a new heater unit for my Mk1 . I was given a new old stock LHD unit casing Minus the fan motor and matrix . i have now converted The casing to RHD . I have a nos Fan motor but I am ideally looking for a nos heater matrix to finish it . I dont suppose anyone has one stored away somewhere for sale ? If not i would consider a very good condition used one that doesnt leak Or need repairs i have seen the one justin on e bay Is selling in Oz , but thats a tad expensive for me at nearly Β£300 plus import tax !! . so if anyone can help me i would be really grateful .
  9. Thats nearly Penelope !!..... pop up sunroof and mudflaps next Nick ...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Its a Ford ........ what ??? ........... wheres the rest of the boot badges ! πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
  11. Hope there full of oil ... will stop it all tipping over when he puts the shell on it . Could also put some ammonium nitrate in the footwells to use as a heatsink when he welds sills !! πŸ‘πŸ‘
  12. Fords use to cut the blue/green off at that point where it exits the loom if you had the oil pressure gauge option on the Dash effectively making the Oil pressure light/ switch Redundant . So with your Gt and 6 dial dash you wont have the oil pressure light / switch on your car .
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