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  1. Hi , i am hoping someone can help me , i am looking for a genuine ford mk1 escort dashboard spotlight switch as in attached photo i found on the internet .i have Looked in all the usual places flea bay etc , i cant find a complete working spolight switch , i am not worried about chrome being worn off the surround just one thats not broken . I am willing to pay for nos if any one has one to sell as well . Thanks in advance . Dave.
  2. Colin ... how could you even suggest or say to concede on that 😂😂😂😂😂. Lol.
  3. A Mk1 Escort RS2000 air filter housing , so you know its the correct colour plastic as the original press photos in Dan williamsons sporting escorts book !!
  4. Heres a few of the club stand
  5. Hi All , Does anyone have or know the whereabouts of a Genuine ford Rear Heated Windscreen wiring loom , preferably uncut or damaged for sale ? I am in need of one for my Mk1 , Please pm me if you can help i would very much appreciate it . thanks in advance . regards. Dave .
  6. Have that in my watching box already , just wondered if anyone had one on here to sell rather than e bay .
  7. Hi all, i hope someone can help i am after an original ford non locking petrol cap for my 1973 Mk1 2 door Escort , If anyone can help let me know a price , i dont mind if its used or nos as long as its in good condition as i want to paint it anyway . Would appreciate any help . cheers Dave
  8. Congratulations Ray , all the trials and tribulations along the way you have had this is an absolute credit to you . You have produced probably the best Mk1 Escort of any model i have ever seen . Your attention to detail and knowledge of these models is second to none , you have certainly set the bench mark for a lot of people to follow and try to achieve in their restorations . I look forward to seeing it at the NEC next month on the club stand . Well done mate !!!! ??
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