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  1. Burden

    New Mk3 Fiesta Rs Owner Bristol

    Here’s mine. 72000 miles, totally standard . Might be up for sale next year . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Does anyone have a Mk1 escort drivers side seat belt assembly for sale ?
  3. Burden

    Type e gear stick

    Thanks mate , I've ordered one that looks like the blue one , though I did want an original one I couldn't find any , I did dismiss the black one because of the wide cylinder bit and the ones I saw were advertised as type 9
  4. Burden

    Type e gear stick

    Thanks for the replies gents
  5. Burden

    Type e gear stick

    Hi everyone, just signed up and wondering if anyone can help. I've snapped the gear stick on my mk1 rs2000 and I'm struggling to find a replacement, will a type 9 fit instead ? Mines snapped about an inch from the bottom of the stick and I'm finding changing gear a little bit hard ! Any help would be greatly appreciated