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  1. Thanks guys sound advice as always i reckon the less expensive route might be the way to go.
  2. Any thoughts on this would be helpful going with the Mexico steel wheels 175x70x13 should i go the original pirelli CN36 or something else will be using the car just to enjoy on summer days with the odd moment of fun
  3. Morning you still got these or are they sold.
  4. Stewart at SD Developments might be able to help 07879043941
  5. All the panels and other related body parts i bought from magnum by the time you get the shut gaps the way you want them best saving your money also the original factory Escorts shut gaps were never perfect anyway and the paint finish on them well thats another topic
  6. Plenty car parts next month though with no viewing problems.
  7. Yes longer leads and you have the new coil pack mount also bought the alloy filler cap removing all the plastic from the zetec going for the old skool look think i will put the battery where it should be though.
  8. There you go use the money not buying the alloy casing and get a nice new laptop
  9. Thanks for the info guys as i changed the radiator after i bought the expansion tank think i will remove it as advised on here less clutter just another thing i have the new battery tray panel ect in two minds if i should fit it engine bay bay or boot that's what i like about this forum always great advice, I have bought the BDA cam cover and throttle bodies not fitted yet for obvious reasons any other advice would be welcome
  10. Just replied to your asking me about the rear axle on another thread not to be cheeky to anyone on here but 5kg saving i bet most of our cars have double or more that weight in filler and replacement metal i know mine probably has, I would do as someone suggested keep your hard earned cash if its a road car it won't make a blind bit of difference
  11. Heres a couple of pics of the dry fit with the rear axle on sits just as i wanted it at the rear theres one of the front strut/hub Andy built and the last pic is after i stripped it all back down should have paint on by the spring.
  12. Evening no its just a standard rear english with quaife 16 half shafts quaife lsd and converted for rear discs with bmw mini rear callipers Andy supplied all that then he built it for me the reason for the rear callipers is the parts are easily available and 13 inch wheels fit over them as aim going standard ford mexico steel wheels, worth it i would say yes as its very strong all round the other parts internally Andy supplied guys spot on and not expensive i got him to do all the front struts ect.
  13. Yes I think I will it’s been extensively repaired as I totally gutted the shell with new everything where it needed it ?
  14. I bought the roll over jig from tom at Roll over jigs and the one jig did these three jobs all i did was get them to make the brackets for the next car i was putting on it they come all welded up and the price is reasonable. The MK2 is my own car ill need to post up pics one day i have over 700 of it from start till now.
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