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  1. Sorry just replied to your message without looking on here first so you have the brackets i need and will they fit with the TC bar i have.
  2. Thanks once this hurdle has been jumped i hope
  3. Yep looks right but its finding them unless there as you have them side by side it would be difficult to tell i reckon.
  4. Correct yes i changed the bar but haven't tried the TC bar with any other brackets however i called Martin at the Escort Agency he said to send the brackets down and he will sort it i think he will do the same as ford used to do just modify the bracket as in move the captive nut brackets i would give it a go but not that confident on the measurements of it he's a very knowledgable guy and knows all there is to know about them as i am just getting a bit lost in it all....
  5. I know it wasn't i just think its so true well in my case strange how deep down most of us know the money spent can get out of hand but like any enjoyable hobby its what its all about, You might have a good point i have the original brackets i haven't tried them with the TC bar what do you think worth a try...
  6. I will see how i get on in the next week or so i could leave it for now but would rather solve it when the wings are off it plus its starting to niggle at me i just can't understand it i even thought about changing the TCAs but i doubt it will make any difference could put it all back to standard but that would mean changing the outer struts ect as the 1600 sport has it all in one piece i still have all the original running gear it would be grief and another expense refurbishing and painting it all plus the money it has now cost its a case of it will be cheaper probably to solve it, like your wording of the £40k not that i am a newbie but its very true sad part is i don't grudge a penny of what i have spent on it
  7. Yes its to far forward to the front of the car i have tried other combinations of antiroll bar and brackets but still the same i thought i had it solved and took the advice from Burton Power who sold me the current set up of double width brackets and the twincam bar more money for nothing as its probably now worse
  8. Thanks for that but i am unsure about how much i need to move it as iam unsure of measurements
  9. Yes your spot on about the money waster i have a workshop full of parts that much in fact i could just about start another nice build.....
  10. Like yourself i probably will i painted the cam cover to see if i liked but after the build ill probably take it off weird as you go along your plans constantly changed
  11. Just another few progress pictures need some advice though i can't understand why the front struts are sitting so far forward to the inner wing strut tower its the same on both sides i had an anti dive kit on with the standard anti roll bar and it was the same problem so i changed to a lotus anti roll bar with double width kit and ditched the first set up but as you can see from the last three pictures its still the same i thought the weight of the engine in the car would change things but no joy, I even bought another set of strut springs and the drop is now only minus one inch thinking this would help but its the same any advice would be welcomed....
  12. Nice i like that the colour no probs wouldn't bother me its still an Escort MK2 iam now on the hunt for a four door to keep the two door company preferably a ghia complete car bodywork not really an issue within reason bet that trailer wasn't cheap....
  13. I used Owen springs for my Escort MK2 build they made me new ones with proper virgin steel i got the RS2000 three leaf done they have a seven inch drop from the hanger locate holes to the bottom centre of the spring thats the genuine factory sizes i explained about lowering two inches and using lowering blocks they custom made the rear springs that the hanger locate holes to bottom centre is only five inches and supplied the u bolts to suit all proper new steel top job and no two inch blocks not cheap but well worth it they even asked that i send my new polybushes to make sure all was good came back in satin black i totally recommend them
  14. Thanks i will keep at it now i know it comes off the problem is maybe iam being to careful as like you mentioned i don't want to damage it.
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