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  1. Thanks for all the comments etc it has helped i think i will try the restorer lenses i have just seen the Magnum light units complete with seals and bulb holders i have ordered them i have new s/s screws and ill fit the lenses and let you all know my findings good or bad, Burton have lenses they say they are butlers but i would reckon they are the poor copies as there parts are not what they used to be anymore and a bit of a hit and and a miss!
  2. We all know the holy grail of rear lights for MK2 are the originals but there are two lenses available iam confused as to what are the better ones to purchase as original ones are expensive and hard to find in good condition there are The restorer quality and the other is Butler could anyone shine a light excuse the pun on what is the better of these two.
  3. I used Tiger seal over epoxy primer its the best and most durable and it lasts.
  4. Its been sorted now plastic weld and mesh skim of polyester then i will high build prime the whole spoiler.
  5. hanks for the reply but the one i have has the hopes in the pictures you kindly posted i reckon its been drilled as its a genuine part and i haven't seen any others with it.
  6. Anyone know if this cut out hole serves a purpose is it genuine?
  7. Every mechanical part on my build is brand new with the exception of the rear axle casing and front anti roll bar mine will get an mot every year its good for mileage recording and selling it if that was to happen, I am a bit confused as to why old cars should be exempt from mot makes no sense from a safety point of view for other road users.
  8. Things are on the up with hopefully zero road tax to pay only cost me in excess of £25k to build it looks like a win..... That comment was pure sarcasm at its best
  9. August 1975 registered car i have.
  10. What year is your car to be historic.
  11. I have the v5 its in my name i have had the car for a number of years now i think i will call them and find out what the procedure is i will let you guys know my findings
  12. As my restoration nears completion iam in the dark as to the procedure in the engine iam installing a brand new Zetec 2.0 from retro ford into my 1600 sport do you need an engineers report or will i just put the new engine number on the logbook and send it to DVLA.
  13. I bought the front anti roll bar with a whole load of other front suspension new struts and new inserts with hubs all new and on there advice, upon dry fitting my car the anti roll bar pushed the whole suspension to far forward and the double width kit didn't even come close to fitting they even sent me a front anti dive kit and the double width kit it took me ages to work out you can't have both well the ones they sell, i no longer use them for anything they even sent me two different size hubs...
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