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  1. Bought the stainless steel from retro ford along with the BDA style rocker cover cheers Steve.
  2. Just some advice needed for the above its for my MK11 Escort i would appreciate it.
  3. zondas

    Panhard Rods

    I have a brand new panhard kit i bought from Burton and i'am not using it was told its a lot of work for little gain on a fast road car tramp bars only with the rear antiroll bar deleted my information came from a good source he built my rear axle for me.
  4. zondas

    Escort MKII Rear diff and axle build

    Sorry for the late reply I also supplied the axle casing and all the innards Andy did the rear brake conversion and supplied the discs and callipers then built the rear axle with my parts he did an excellent job and is very reasonable I totally recommend him he also built my front struts and hubs,then refurbed the callipers ect top job on that also.
  5. zondas

    Escort MKII Rear diff and axle build

    Discs and callipers still to be fitted obviously
  6. zondas

    Escort MKII Rear diff and axle build

    Just thought i would share the rear axle build from Andy totally spot on as you said all quaife internals supplied by myself with rear discs and callipers supplied by Andy
  7. zondas

    Lowering blocks fitment MK2 Escort

    Thanks Guys helpful as always
  8. Not sure what the right way for the fitment of these are as i bought the saddles with the lowering kit from burton power then they tell me there not needed after i called for advice been on google images and i have seen some with and some fitted without also the fitting varies a lot its a fast road car aim building so thought the best advice would be asking you guys.
  9. zondas

    Recaro Seats Fitment

    Any takers on the capri recaros fitting a MKII Escort without modification
  10. zondas

    Recaro Seats Fitment

    Great looking seats for a spot on price the thing is i have fitted a brand new full floor in my MKII and want to use the original seat runners i have as i don't want to weld or drill holes in the new floor if i can help it i just don't want to be paying over a grand or more for two front recaros as my car isn't going to be concours
  11. zondas

    Recaro Seats Fitment

    More help/advice needed does anyone know what other Ford Recaros fit the Escort MKII runners other seat suggestions would help as I want the recliner option as I couldn't live with the fixed style bucket seat on long journeys.
  12. zondas

    Escort MKII Rear diff and axle build

    Axle/Diff sorted nice guy is Andy he sorted out my exact requirements and a great price even got his very own custom rear brakes and discs fitted in with the axle build
  13. zondas

    Escort MKII Rear diff and axle build

    Thanks that sounds good enough for me
  14. Evening all anyone know who can do the above for me also advice on whats best for a 2.0ltr zetec with type nine box both bought new from Dave at retro ford i didn't realise that its a specialist thats best for this aim located in Eastlothian traveling not a problem.
  15. zondas

    Identifying a genuine mk2 RS2000 shell

    Thanks for that i can't understand what i was thinking looked today and there it was i was looking at where the bonnet stay clip locates guess my absence of thirty plus years from mkII Escorts has been to long, still learning