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  1. Spot on with the vinyl roof looks mint against the silver i did see one but it was decades ago and i ain't exaggerating must be around 30 years the reason i remembered is because it was a one off in the day i was the only one that liked it except the owner.
  2. Might actually get the blue decals done in the coming weeks that should make a huge difference to the look...i also installed the front wing indicators on mine for a more likeness of them in there day i read up that they were on the earlier ones for other countries legislation as they had to build at least 100 cars for rally homolagation is that correct can anyone confirm if its true or just hearsay.
  3. I believe from my reading up on them they built 109 cars of which 106 where white 2 where venetian red with one other red that was carnival red that was the press car car i chose carnival red for mine i think from what i have read on them its correct but if i am wrong then i don't mind hearing about it...
  4. Slow progress but getting there next job is the wiring i got the original loom stripped and checked repaired where needed by Martin in wales who owns the Escort Agency his knowledge and advice is fantastic i highly rate them. Loads more to follow as it looks like theres time on all our hands for a while now.
  5. Thanks yes it’s the traditional Gaurds Red
  6. My other old car 1987 Porsche 944 turbo 100% original as it left the factory zero mods.
  7. That we fella is probably clued up more than you think at least he's using tools most modern youngsters are lost without a diagnostic reader or laptop by there side
  8. Very well spotted i was wondering why i had two doors left over
  9. More progress should be engine start up mid Jan all going to plan which as we all know it generally won't
  10. Yes i agree on the doing it right but its a long haul with loads of these involved £££££££ and over three years later your about a third of the way there i hope to be finished for the summer but what summer no comment
  11. My 1600 sport near completion in carnival red
  12. I remember all this only to well it goes on and on and on and on but its the best way but it takes a long time iam now three and a half years in on my Escort and i own my bodyshop i dread to think what it would have cost me if i was paying myself the labour hours i have on it never mind the parts it cost me keep the pics coming fantastic looking car you will have when its all done
  13. Sorry just replied to your message without looking on here first so you have the brackets i need and will they fit with the TC bar i have.
  14. Thanks once this hurdle has been jumped i hope
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