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  1. Thanks yes it’s the traditional Gaurds Red
  2. My other old car 1987 Porsche 944 turbo 100% original as it left the factory zero mods.
  3. As above need some advice on the correct distance for fitting the original mirrors with the backing plates as i have new door skins with no reference to where to drill, Thanks in advance...
  4. That we fella is probably clued up more than you think at least he's using tools most modern youngsters are lost without a diagnostic reader or laptop by there side
  5. Very well spotted i was wondering why i had two doors left over
  6. More progress should be engine start up mid Jan all going to plan which as we all know it generally won't
  7. Yes i agree on the doing it right but its a long haul with loads of these involved £££££££ and over three years later your about a third of the way there i hope to be finished for the summer but what summer no comment
  8. I spoke with them today and seemingly the weather strips i received are 20mm but they should have been 25mm i measured it and the 25mm should fit perfect there posted out and i should have them by tomorrow i will take a pic of how it is now and then another once the replacements are fitted.
  9. Need some help bought my weather strips new from Kent trim and the weather strip glass seal has a gap on the outside front door glass the window moulding is not even brushing against the window that bad in fact that water would just flood in to the inside of the door the seals don't even feel like rubber more like a hard plastic any one else sell these as i can't have it the way it is
  10. My 1600 sport near completion in carnival red
  11. My mistake forgot to mention its an Escort MK2
  12. Thanks all ye i have the balanced and lightened flywheel and the twin 45s have the fifth progression hole bought it as a kit from Eurocarbs very helpful but wouldn't comment to much on what to use, On going backwards regards the carbs i just preferred the old skool look coupled with that noise on when the foot goes down i had a look at the NODIZ they do the lot to get you going also my engine came from Retro Ford what you reckon give the NODIZ a go or is there anything else out there...
  13. Some advice please decided to run twin 45s with my standard zetec didn't fancy throttle bodies with the ecu i know i will need something similar to replace the distributor what electronic device will i need with not a lot of hassle and complications any pointers on tested ways would be great, Pete.
  14. I remember all this only to well it goes on and on and on and on but its the best way but it takes a long time iam now three and a half years in on my Escort and i own my bodyshop i dread to think what it would have cost me if i was paying myself the labour hours i have on it never mind the parts it cost me keep the pics coming fantastic looking car you will have when its all done
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