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  1. Thanks for help everyone, I've just had time to have a quick check and the holes are 16mm diameter.
  2. I need a pair of sidelight bulb holders, found that one sidelight bulb was just hanging in the headlight unit - with the remains of something a previous owner has used to hold it in place and the other is held in place with insulation tape. Went to my local parts place to see what they had and they could not think of any holders that would fit in the holes as they said they were bigger than most vehicles. They suggested using a electrical grommet to make the hole smaller then they could find something generic that might fit. Does anyone know where I can find the holders that I need? or what I need to ask / search for to find them. Or know of the same part from another model that also fits. Thanks!
  3. I'll share some pics of the car when I can work out how!
  4. Hello all I've just joined forum, I'm in the process of trying to get a mk2 escort back on the road after a few years parked up! I started with no mechanical skills so this is a big learning exercise for me. I've picked a few things up from friends and family so far, but I think I'm going to be after lots of advice and tips! Look forward to reading about other people's projects.
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