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  1. Hi, any update on the digging out the dash top? Cheers!
  2. Nice one, just PM me the details, price etc. Don’t think I need anything else at the mo!
  3. Hi, sorry for the slow response! Excellent - can you send me some pics, describe condition, etc.
  4. Ok, that would be great if you get the chance! I’ll do some looking as well!
  5. Great, advice thanks! I never thought about that...do you know what the main differences are?
  6. Hi folks, As per the title, looking for a clean Mk2 Escort RHD dash top in black (original, not a GRP copy) and in decent condition with no tears, splits. Let me know for you have one sitting around! Many thanks!
  7. Hi dt36, thanks for the response, I'm looking for both passenger and drivers side, but you probably don't want to split up a decent seat? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Hi, thanks for taking the time to look - its much appreciated. Unfortunately it looks like I have a different seat though. Have a look at the pic I've taken from the internet which shows the part I am looking for...
  9. Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply and adding the link. Apologies for the confusion, but it's not the tilt lever bit I'm looking for, rather there is a plastic bit of trim that fits just above / behind the circular reclining wheel at the bottom of the seat. It covers the two bolts...see the attached pic.
  10. Hi folks, just a wee bump for this as I am still looking - anyone have any tucked away?
  11. Cheers for the welcome folks!
  12. Hey everyone, finally got round to making an introduction! Great forum and already found it very informative- looking forward to learning more. Got a Mk2 1600 Sport last year which I'm loving.....
  13. Hi folks, hopefully someone on here can help me out. I'm looking for the rectangular plastic tilt mechanism cover that fits above the reclining wheel on the side of Mk2 Fishnet seats (both driver and passenger sides). Appreciate these are getting rare but just thought I would ask as I have been scouring eBay, etc. for the last few months without success. Many thanks!
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