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  1. andrew james

    Mk2 Escort RHD dash top (Black)

    Ok will sort it out to night
  2. andrew james

    Mk2 Escort RHD dash top (Black)

    yes no problem I will go over to my container this week . It’s a nice one. Need any thing else?
  3. andrew james


    I’ve got a 2.0 and 1600 ones . Not sure on price? Swaps??
  4. andrew james


    Did you get a fly wheel?
  5. andrew james

    Mk2 Escort RHD dash top (Black)

    Hi I’ve got a dash top
  6. andrew james

    Mk 2 transit bonnet

    We have one at work
  7. andrew james

    MK1 Escort cross member

    Hi I’ve got a tidy cross member
  8. andrew james

    Pinto Flywheel

    I’ve got a pinto flywheel saltash
  9. andrew james

    WANTED Kent engine alternator bracket and adjuster

    I’ve got the bit you’re after
  10. andrew james


    Integral bell housing type . pinto or cortina/rs 2000 type e or Sierra type 9 4 speed have separate bell housing I hope that clears my comment up cheers
  11. andrew james

    Hello from Kingston

    My anglia had an awesome 1380 x/f 109 bhp at wheels
  12. andrew james


    Yeah it’s incorrect. Only escort box’s have integral bell housing 11 and 1300 are the same 1600 sport Mk2 and 1300 gt/sport mk 1 have have different ratios and can be identified by having a solid tail housing
  13. andrew james

    Mystery wheels, any ideas?

    I will take some pics of what I have . I have 3 sets all different.