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  1. Yes m8. You need to join the north Wales classic ford group on fb.
  2. Hi. Can you post a link to the fb page that the run is on please. Thanks
  3. Think I'll pop along. Show off me old banger. 15 months pretty much off the seen, due to buying a basket case of a property, just for the land ( for esky ) . Going though planning permission now for a 63 sqm garage . Need time out. Hope to chat with you lads there.
  4. stevegav

    Just add stripes

    Hahaha. I sort of works doesn't it .
  5. Cheers pal. Missed it. Will try again next yr. Brilliant day.
  6. Thought you were selling the yellow un then grrrrr. That's a forever girl.
  7. Hi. Struggling to access this interweb forum. Was looking for info on the next Mids to Wales run Unsure if I'll get replies. If seen could somebody please email stevegavin135@gmail.com with details. Would be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi. I have this netting if you are still looking. I purchased it from a guy in Australia that restores upholstery. It is spot on and enough for 2 headrests. Give me a shout if interested £25 inc post
  9. stevegav

    New Toy

    Nowt wrong the vn's, kawasaki keeping it oldskool'ish. Have one in my bike collection.
  10. I'm quite sure, once upon time, I read a story about an Anglia, written upon my old school toilet wall. Was very naughty, but no where near as naughty as that cortina I saw at this yrs Nec. Hit the ball out of the park there Col. True insperation for all. 2018 goals. Merry Christmas ford boys.
  11. She looks absolutely stunning col. I'm looking forward to seeing her Saturday. Seen all the hard work that you put into her. Quality fella ?
  12. Hi. Aldridge do a very good recover. If you decide black is your colour then I'd strongly advise on using them. If you do change and your brown covers are in good shape and removed properly, I'd offer £400 for them. Pm me if you decide to go this way. Cheers Steve
  13. Hi. Looking for a mk2 escort 4 speed gear stick. Have done quite a few miles this wkend. Mines gone stiff. So now can go into reverse without applying any pressure. Also looking for a pair of door mirrors. Just found out that mine are originally off a Nissan Champ haha. If you have either please pm me. Thanks Steve
  14. Meant no offence . I'm looking into building a garage, 45-50k. Was just asking as per the people on here. Housing your prides,. Some pics of your car homes. inspirational ideas. More than a normal garage, Its a lot of research. I'll keep looking sorry.
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