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  1. Yes m8. You need to join the north Wales classic ford group on fb.
  2. Hi. Can you post a link to the fb page that the run is on please. Thanks
  3. Hi all. Im almost ready to fit my engine, 711M+90 forged , ported head, double spings, 244 cam. Would really appreciate your views on rads/oil breather tanks, battery and staters, and also electronic mappable ignitions (to alllow lower revs (town errr)).
  4. I've been looking into upgrading my crossflow as well m8. Originally wanted to build my self. But looks cheaper to buy one allready done. Especially if it comes with twin 40's and all set to plug and play. Then sell standard engine, to offset some of the cost. Have looked at several. Was looking at 1700cc producing like 140bhp but from chatting around, people keep saying they are awful around town. Need to be at top revs all the time. Still looking but think ill be aiming at 120bhp. I will follow this. Good luck
  5. Think I'll pop along. Show off me old banger. 15 months pretty much off the seen, due to buying a basket case of a property, just for the land ( for esky ) . Going though planning permission now for a 63 sqm garage . Need time out. Hope to chat with you lads there.
  6. stevegav

    Just add stripes

    Hahaha. I sort of works doesn't it .
  7. Has anybody on here purchased rubbers from retro car seals ?
  8. Thanks I'll go through it all. Thanks vista have ordered one. Starting to understand why people go redtop now lol.
  9. I Should have kept trying ignition after cleaning and refitting each connection. Got peed off especially in this heat. There was no clicking. Not even lights on dash. Had nothing going into fuse box. Had 12v going to starter solenoid but nothing coming out. Thank you both for comments. Much appreciated.
  10. Hi. May sound a stupid question, so, sorry if so. Does the starter solenoid pass the electrical current to the fues box ? 3hrs of trying , uncovering and chasing wires etc and the old girl still wouldn't start. 2 seconds of tapping solenoid with a spanner and she breathed again. Or just a coincidence ?
  11. Cheers pal. Missed it. Will try again next yr. Brilliant day.
  12. Thought you were selling the yellow un then grrrrr. That's a forever girl.
  13. Hi. Struggling to access this interweb forum. Was looking for info on the next Mids to Wales run Unsure if I'll get replies. If seen could somebody please email stevegavin135@gmail.com with details. Would be much appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi. I have this netting if you are still looking. I purchased it from a guy in Australia that restores upholstery. It is spot on and enough for 2 headrests. Give me a shout if interested £25 inc post
  15. Haha, chrome wont get ya home. True store with my 66 Shovelhead, all the gear and no idea.. Still love her tho..
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