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  1. Thank you, someone will certainly have one available for sale somewhere.
  2. Hi Colin Thank you for that. The sump you have pictured in your reply is exactly the sump that we require, do you have one for sale ? Or do you know where there is one for sale ? You say that it will not fit a car with a cross member which we obviously are aware of however, trust me, it will fit when I have finished with it!!!!! Hope you are able to find one of these for us to purchase. Thank you
  3. Hello everyone Does anyone have for sale or know where there is for sale a crossflow alloy sump as is sometimes fitted to crossflow powered kit cars ? Thank you
  4. Hello All Could anyone tell me please the correct oil capacity for the Lotus twin cam engine both with and without filter? Thank you
  5. Hello all, Help required please, does anyone know for definite the maximum size that the new 711M Ford American block, could safely be bored out too? I would appreciate assistance from anyone that has accurate information, guess I do not want to ruin my £1,500 block. Thank you.
  6. Hello all, Hoping, amongst all of the very knowledgeable people within Old Skool Ford some one can assist with this query. Is it possible / sensible to consider using a long stroke 87mm crankshaft in the 711M tall crossflow block? I suppose, if the block was then bored to 84mm or 85mm, this may give me between 1900cc & 2000cc. This will be built using a big valve Lotus Twin Cam head. Thank you all for any input.
  7. Hello All Does anyone know if such a thing as a 711M 6015 BA tall block, with the word Cosworth on the side either exists or indeed ever existed? I think I am talking about a cylinder block with 90mm bores and potentially up to 2.0 litre in capacity. Thank you
  8. Hello Thank you both for that. I gather that some of these heads are able to run without cam bearings but some require the old style cam bearings. Do you or anyone else have any idea which is the best route to go ? I guess someone somewhere will have one of these brand new manufactured heads on their bench which could possibly be for sale, any ideas where I may buy one ? Thank you for your help, whilst it may take me some time I will get to where I want to go with this project.
  9. Hello All I would appreciate any input / comments on how good or otherwise the brand new Lotus Twin Cam cylinder heads are. Its becoming more difficult to find an original weber head in good / top condition, unless of course you know where there is one ? Thank you.
  10. Hello all As an older person I am afraid "lol" means nothing to me. One contributor indicates "lol" may just be a joke. I cannot say that I'm particularly interested in a joke rather, I would like any help and assistance on the build of my new engine that I can obtain from the knowledgable and helpful people on this site. As I mentioned I am an older person therefore I do not want an engine that revs to 9000rpm, rather I would like a fast road engine (140/150 bhp) and it would be really good if the people on this site could assist me in my objective. It would be fantastic to have a full house alloy blocked 2 litre twin cam in my car however, it is totally unnecessary although I know it would look and sound superb. I have the funds to do this if I wish, other than its sound and its looks it would be wasted on myself in performance terms. Thank you all for your assistance LOL!
  11. Hello I would like to understand why you think all steel is the only way to go for the engine of a road car? Is it your opinion that the standard crank and rods for a road going engine and when built by a professional engine builder would perhaps not be strong enough? I would be interested to know. If you think all steel is the only way, what steel components are you referring to other than crank and rods? Thank you
  12. Hello all, looks like the decision is made, my thoughts are that I will have the Lotus twin cam engine that is presently in my car rebuilt. In the longer term my intention is to use my brand new 711M block as the basis for what will probably turn out to be a brand new engine. I will then be in a position to run my car on the road on a few occasions next year, using its current engine which will by then have been rebuilt. Still got to finally choose an engine builder for both my current engine (re build) and what will be my brand new engine (build). To re build my current engine should be easy as my chosen builder will simply refresh the engine that I have now albeit with any new parts it needs. I will then need to choose carefully as to spec, components and engine builder for what will be an expensive brand new engine. I will leave it till next year to have the brand new engine built. Should you be willing to assist I will need help and guidance as to specific components that I should use in what will be my brand new engine. The new engine that I will have built will be of fast road spec, not a race engine and at the opposite end of the scale not a standard 105BHP engine, it will be something around 1700cc and circa 140/150BHP. I will then have a brand new engine and hopefully its longer term reliability. Yes, you are right this will be expensive but I simply have to keep it twin cam. Thank you for your help and advice so far, it is appreciated.
  13. Thank you very much for the above information. You are correct this will be an expensive engine but I would rather pay the money and have it right . It would be such a shame to go zetec with this car and I will not do it. My brand new 711M block arrived yesterday it looks fabulous, shame to build an engine using it!! Next challenge is to choose my engine builder. My plan I think is to use my standard crossflow crank and standard crossflow rods. Is it possible to buy pistons, of a height that would allow me to leave the new 711M crossflow block at its present height rather than skimming an amount of metal from the deck of the block? My thoughts are that taking any metal from the top of the block may introduce some weakness and some people have even suggested taking as much as 10mm off the top of the block. Surely it would be better to leave the block at the height that it is and acquire taller pistons if they may be available. The only thing I really want to have done to the block is to have it bored to 83.5mm. If I follow what you say and once again I think you are correct, probably my next move is to buy a brand new cylinder head and have this worked to my requirements . Thank you for your time.
  14. Thank you for the above information, I appreciate the information you provided and agree that this is a very good starting point. Could you now help further please? Where would be the best place to look to purchase one of the newly manufactured twin cam cylinder heads or maybe an old original cylinder head in absolutely top condition (if such a thing exists). Any help and information from yourself or anyone else regarding the above cylinder head question would be very welcome. Thank you
  15. We hope that there is a technically minded person out there who is able to answer our specific questions. We are using the crossflow 711M tall block as the basis for our Lotus twin cam engine. Could we please ask the following questions: 1. do we use the standard crossflow crank that is currently in our 711 block? 2. do we use the con rods that are currently in our 711 block? 3. what height and size of pistons do we use? 4. how much metal needs to be removed from the deck of the block, to give a correct piston height? Thank you to any technically minded person who reads this and wishes to give us an accurate answer.
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