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  1. Wanted. Does anyone have for sale a pair of 10 mm or 12mm thickness, alloy hub centric wheel spacers? Thank you
  2. Hello notenoughtime, Thank you for the pointer, I had seen these on ebay 3 days ago and placed them on my watch list. They look OK however, my difficulty would be how I move them 185 miles home to North Lincolnshire, given current lockdown rules. We are unable to travel to collect them however, I am still looking into this. I do like the look of the wheels and am sure they would do the job. Lets see where we go with this. Thank you.
  3. Wanted - a set of alloy wheels, either Minilite, Minator, GB alloys or other Minilite style. Must be 14 inch and either 6 inch or 6.5 inch wide. With or without tyres. Wheels must be in good or very good condition. What does anyone have for sale and at what price please ? Thank you
  4. Hello Does anyone have for sale a rear exhaust bracket for the MK 1 Escort ? The type that is fastened with 2 bolts into the side of the rear chassis rail. Thank you
  5. indeed, and quite correct, what a sight.
  6. thanks all, however no luck yet. good idea that col had, but my wife would not drive either car even if i had found and bought a t/c anglia.
  7. i do not know of anyone building a car of this type, i wish i was better with a computer and therefore more able to perform a better search, thank you.
  8. hello all, anyone out there know of a lotus twincam powered anglia for sale. thanks.
  9. hello, does anyone have for sale a steel breather pipe/tube that fits to the front of the cam cover on the lotus twincam engine, or know who sells these items now. thanks for any ideas.
  10. Hello Does anyone have for sale a steering wheel /column boss, suitable to fit a momo steering wheel to the steering column on my Escort MK1. Someone will have one with the correct bolt pattern for the wheel i am sure. Thank you
  11. I would appreciate any opinions from all with regard to my choice to swop for black seats. Quite a number of people have now seen my car and commented that whilst it is very nice the blue seats do not quite suit. These comments have not made me decide to swop to black as I had already decided to change, however, different opinions are all important and I would welcome same. Thanks
  12. Hello again I do not know if they have been re trimmed at some point, I have no history - they were fitted in my car when I purchased it some time ago. My car is not an RS and I am not certain at this point exactly what to fit in the car however, it will be black. I suppose its a shame to change the seats as they are so comfortable, but black it will be.
  13. Cam Cover - Lotus Twin Cam Time to sell one of my cam covers for the Lotus twin cam. Recently cleaned and powder coated. As you will see by the photographs the letters have not picked out well, however, the purchaser will obviously want to make the letters a little better, a nice small winter job to take you away from the television and the turkey. Sure you will agree that this will brighten up your twin cam. Suitable for Elan, Plus 2, Escort, Cortina or any twin cam powered kit car. Would also serve as a fabulous Christmas present to hang on your
  14. Hello Yes, I am aware that the photos do not display, am trying to correct however, this maybe due to my new iPad. I am still getting used to it. regards
  15. Ford Escort MK 1 RS Seats I am selling my Ford Escort MK 1 RS seats. The only reason for the sale is that my car is white and therefore I have decided to change to black seats. These would obviously suit a blue RS2000 or copy, or a white car with blue stripe - your choice. Please note, I am selling the front seats complete, ready to bolt into the car and only the matching blue covers for the rear seat, this means I am retaining my rear seat frames. The purchaser can then simply have the rear covers fitted to their existing rear seat frames in order that the seats ma
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