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  1. Assuming it is the original engine then being an 84 car it probably does not have hardened seats. I believe the change over was either 1985 or 86 when Ford started fitting heads for unleaded use.
  2. There is an online info: https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty usually it works out at 5% duty plus 20% vat on top. The total cost also includes the postage. The postage costs from USA are normally quite high. If it is then delivered by Royal Mail then their handling charge on top. If it is sent by courier then sometimes it is all inclusive. i would ask the person in USA you are buying from what method they use in shipping. If it is USPS then it will be delivered by Royal Mail here.
  3. You will need different drive shafts as they are different length to Valencia engine. As 771 xflow was never fitted to mk2 if in future you ever wanted to classify as historic vehicle it will be considered a modified.
  4. It’s either a 957cc or 1100cc engine. It’s not xflow but a Valencia. 957 can be either a low compression or high compression.
  5. If it is a 79 escort then it would have been Córdoba beige which was a little darker shade of beige.
  6. Supporting bracket to the strut tower was not a standard fit so did you make one? You may want to modify or get the peddle box from a servo car as you will find that after the conversion the brake paddle has a longer travel.
  7. Servo strengthening plate do turn up on the auctioning site from time to time so worth keeping an eye out. I think a bracing bar from servo support bracket to the suspension strut tower is worth thinking about as during braking the servo appears to sway a bit.
  8. Looks neat and very professional the inner wing modification. Looking at the pictures the car looks like it was a non servo model as it does not have the strengthening plate under the bracket. Might be worth thinking on putting one.
  9. More than likely. I used to have Anglia 105E which I remember had a similar set up in 1970’s. One day in a breakers yard I came across an anglia van which had a new radiator so I got that. The radiator had square hole in the middle which when fitted lined up with the crankshaft pulley. I went to the dealer and asked if any Anglias were ever fitted with starting handles and yes vans came with handles was the reply so ordered the locating cog to replace the crank pulley bolt and a starting handle. It all fitted perfectly. i could never start the car with the handle. I was later advised not to start the car that way because high compression engines were difficult to start and with a back fire one could easily break ones arm! I found it perfect for setting valves though. If I remember correctly there was a strengthening plate welded to the back of valance
  10. Floor on the fiesta is flimsy. The best way I find to jack the car up is to use the original jacking points, one on each side under the doors. You will find a U type metal bracket that is welded on the floor. Stick about 2 foot of steel pipe as far in as it goes into the U bracket then use a trolley jack just below the sill area to lift the car up. You will find this does not strain the floor panel. I have not tried to jack up on the U bracket because there is a chance it may deform resulting that you can’t then use the original supplied jack in case you need to change the wheel on the road.
  11. From the picture looks very much like 1979 UK escorts Riveira Blue to me.
  12. The picture looks like it is from a 950/1100 or a 1300 model. XR2 has bigger calipers and I wonder the kit you have been supplied is for XR2?
  13. what's the other figure? That would determine if it's a 1300 or 1600 carb.
  14. It could be hidden by the dirt. It's not on a tag but on the flange that bolts to the manifold. It will be something like 32 32 or 32 34 and may be dft.
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