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  1. Hi guys, Powerspark here, forum sponsors... Quick one, we're running 10% off all of our Cologne and Essex V6 HT Leads... Use the code 'Retards Club' when you check out Oh, here's a tip... it works for any products, so all of you running Pinto engines, you're sorted too! www.simonbbc.com EDIT - we've noticed that the forum uses an auto correct when you type the name of a popular social networking website, so don't use the code RETARDS CLUB, instead hit your CAPS LOCK and type the name of a popular social networking site that's run by Mark Zuckerburg
  2. How's this for a rare classic car? What, we hear you say?! A Ford Sierra?! Well, 1,299,993 were sold in Britain. Yes, 1.3 million. Know how many are left? By our calculations, around 3000. 1.3 million minus 3000... That means there's One Million, Two Hundred and Seventy Nine Thousand Ford Sierras MISSING. Are they in your garden or garage? Anyway, if you own a 1982 - 1984 Cologne V6 Engined Sierra, you're in luck! We now stock a distributor for YOUR car. https://www.simonbbc.com/distributors/6cyl_standard_electronic/ford_cologne_v6_distributor_bosch (Also suitable for some Capri, Cortina and Granada cars, for those of you that have been left wondering if this morning's post is directed at 3 people nationwide)
  3. For any Ford Owners heading to the NEC this weekend and needing ignition components (or anything else for that matter) Powerspark Igntion are running 10% off the store. Use the code 'Resto Show Poster' on the website. Either pop by and see us in Hall 12 or order online at www.simonbbc.com
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