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  1. Hi , im after a boot lock for my mk1 capri , not sure if the escort boot ;ock is the same ?
  2. Hi Ya , I have a Mk1 escort van imported from south africa , i have the nova but i need to register the van , i beleive I need to confirm the date of the van ? on the import paperwork i have it says 1972 but I need a club to issue a datting certificate, is this something this club could do for me or do you know who could . Thanks Terry
  3. Hi Ya , ive got then sorted now , but thanks for the reply . Cheers Terry
  4. Hi Ya , ive got one sorted now thanks .
  5. Hi , Im after a two clock dash voltage stabiliser for a mk1 escort or need to know if there is an alternative ? Cheers Terry
  6. Hi Ya , Has anyone got a good running 2lt v4 engine for sale ? could do swop for good Pinto 2lt if its an option . Cheers Terry
  7. Hi Ya Macel , Thanks for your reply , ive been on holiday over the xmas break and just got back the other day , I have managed to get one now , but thank you for your offer . Cheers Terry
  8. Hi Im after a petrol cap for my mk1 escort van 1970 non locking Cheers Terry
  9. Yes the top ones look like the one I have , just need one more !!!! Cheers Terry
  10. Did not realise that there were more than one type ? mines off a 1971 escort van mk1 the evnt is black and not adjustable ,thanks for the info though . Cheers Terry
  11. Hi im after the heater vent that fits in the top of the dash , Only need one . Cheers Terry
  12. Hi Ya , Yes please I will have the lot , I live in Rainham Kent where are you ?
  13. ok let me know if you def have the fittings
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