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  1. Hi Ya , ive got then sorted now , but thanks for the reply . Cheers Terry
  2. Hi Ya , ive got one sorted now thanks .
  3. Hi , Im after a two clock dash voltage stabiliser for a mk1 escort or need to know if there is an alternative ? Cheers Terry
  4. Hi Ya , That could be good , any details ?
  5. Hi Ya , Has anyone got a good running 2lt v4 engine for sale ? could do swop for good Pinto 2lt if its an option . Cheers Terry
  6. Hi Ya Macel , Thanks for your reply , ive been on holiday over the xmas break and just got back the other day , I have managed to get one now , but thank you for your offer . Cheers Terry
  7. Hi Im after a petrol cap for my mk1 escort van 1970 non locking Cheers Terry
  8. Yes the top ones look like the one I have , just need one more !!!! Cheers Terry
  9. Did not realise that there were more than one type ? mines off a 1971 escort van mk1 the evnt is black and not adjustable ,thanks for the info though . Cheers Terry
  10. Hi im after the heater vent that fits in the top of the dash , Only need one . Cheers Terry
  11. Hi Ya , Yes please I will have the lot , I live in Rainham Kent where are you ?
  12. ok let me know if you def have the fittings
  13. yes mk2 are bolt on but was not aware they fit the mk1 ?
  14. its tucked away ,bit it look like your one ,fits in the car same fix under the dash ,its the wiper arm fitting thats different ,but no splines ,so must be bolted ? anyway what price are we talking please I need the complete motor linkage and fittings , the only parts i have that are any good are the wiper arms
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