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  1. simplesimon60

    Nice Anglia saloon wanted

    hi there i have a 105e for sale 1500 pre crossflow front discs some milton mods plus good g/box call me if your interested simon 07970274648
  2. simplesimon60


    hi jake if your still looking for rims i have a set of five woolfrace style alloys in fair condition call me if interested simon 07970274648
  3. hi there if your still looking for steel wheels i have a set of four anglia 105e standard rims with hub caps if you want to buy call me if your interested, simon 07970274648
  4. simplesimon60

    Anglia 105e

    hi seven i might have what your looking for give me a call simon 07970274648
  5. simplesimon60

    Wanted: Anglia 105e steering box

    hi dan i have a 105e steering box call me simon 07970274648 if your still looking
  6. simplesimon60

    WTD- ford anglia running project

    hi there gwtaylor i might have what your looking for call me simon on 07970274648 for full details