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  1. ive just bought a small parcel of mk1 cortina lenses and im sure i have an amber indicater lense but not sure which side, when they are here i will get back too you mate
  2. hi folks, i have aquired a type e bullet gearbox but not a bullet close ratio, and i would like a close ratio gearset and also i need a gearlever, a quickshift would be good but a gear lever for now would be well handy, also i will be building a warmish pre crossflow 1500 cc engine and want a pair of dcoe sidedraught carbs on a manifold and linkage. also clutch parts and the hydraulics too. all this is going in mk1 cortina 2 door, any help would be much appreciated.thanks
  3. just bought a 2000e cortina/corsair 3 rail gearbox, have done the test and have got 3.5 turns in to one out. so its not close ratio but while i was buying this gearbox the gentleman also had a batch of old ford spares, which included a rally spec 1500cc pre crossflow engine in bits and a heap of other parts, so my world has changed again. now im getting the urge to return this car to original running gear !!!!! arrrgghhhhh im going mad. thanks danish i do know what you mean about motorways. so i am looking for a close ratio 3 rail gearset , or maybe just the bottom gear incidentally i havent even checked what rear axle ratio i have but i would imagine its a 3.89 to 1 any advice or info is welcomed gents and thanks for help so far.
  4. hi folks ive been researching on the internet as to what would be the best gearbox to use on my mk1 cortina. im going for an ST170 focus engine which i will have on bike carbs and a management system for the ignition. i was hoping i might stumble upon a 2000e bullet gearbox with the high ratio bottom gear, or even a straight cut set already, but ahem, no luck yet, so am looking further afield to rocket boxes or those that claim to be. i hear a rs2000 or capri has a close ratio set???. so now im torn . i want to keep the hydraulic clutch so im guessing a bullet bell housing is a must, if so would this fit onto a rocket gearbox or what is properly know as a type 3 box. then im hearing i need a 1.8 zetec flywheel redrilled to take a sierra pinto clutch . ok so who is still with me ... heres my thoughts 2.0 zetec engine redrilled 1.8 zetec flywheel sierra pinto clutch kit 2000e (bullet) bell housing to retain the hydraulic clutch then either a type 3 rocket (single rail) gearbox or a 2000e bullet type e (3 rail ) gearbox so i understand a type 3 rocket bell housing fits a 5 speed type 9 box as a conversion to 5 speed but im being a bit too old school now and want to stay 4 speed. i have recently sold my westfield megabusa and am seriously on the market for authentic racing gearsets for either of the above boxes so please get in touch if you have or know of any items. please my head is hurting and im having dreams about bell housings, i wont sleep properly till i get to the bottom of this conundrum. ill deal with the prop later
  5. hello again col thanks for quick reply, it seems you do have what im looking for in respect of the 3.54.1 diff and the axle with brakes and tramp bars. the clocks too. i really want to look for some banded steels to look a bit classic and dont really want to grind back wheel arches and stuff but thanks anyway, heres my number 07543 203666, im hoping to get news on wednesday regarding the sale of my westfield which is going to fund this cortina project, also i need to cash in the s2000 running gear which is also on ebay and pistonheads. so fingers crossed and i will be in touch asap. ps what part of the country are you in mate ???
  6. hello, im starting a zetec or duratec engine conversion on a mk1 cortina. soon i will be needing.......the list begins dear santa either an st170 zetec engine or an st150 duratec engine.(i think thats right) i want to run it on bike carbs and a stand alone management sparks system, i will also need a rear bowl sump and pick up pipe a suitable flywheel and would like to keep the hydraulic clutch system. ive heard about the water rail issues and that doesnt pose a problem. also will require a rwd exhaust manifold for either engine depending on what is available at the time . Gearbox, my preference leans to a 4 speed bullet or rocket type gearbox with the tall first gear, i have seen straight cut gearboxes on here and would go the extra for a good example. i will for the time run with the standard cortina diff which i believe may be a 3.89.1 english type, if an rs2000 3.54.1 or an lsd popped up i could be seriously tempted. i also need all the clocks and dials for the dashboard classic smiths types are preferred but not essential, i need speedo revo watery oily volty and fuely gauges any kind of rear disc brake conversion anti tramp kit for the rear axle a full roll cage set of banded steel wheels or minilites or dunlop d1 alloys,with or without tyres. 175x50x13 would be cool i currently have someone interested in buying my westfield so the moment im holding and folding i must spend the money or i will fritter it away. so there is a start to my list of items. please call or message me here or e-mail, whatever way suits you but a phone call is the most direct. russ 07543 203666 or e-mail freetrade72@gmail.com thanks for reading . please try and give this child a happy christmas...........
  7. hi mate im just about to start the same project as you, im going for the st170 engine and plan to keep the vvt even with a bike carb conversion and a nodiz type sparks arrangement. i had a chat with dan st engineering and he said by the end of november he will have a module that will control fueling,sparks and vvt and be fully mappable. i going down the 4 speed gearbox route, hopefullly a bullet box with that long bottom gear, keep us posted on how you get on and please if your going 5 speed type 9 box and you are offered a bullet or even a rocket 4 speed let me know. im in essex and have a large van to collect stuff, if its all in the same place i can collect for you too. thanks russ.
  8. If I'm honest I like all of them, I presume they are all one offs, therefore unique, thought it does look like the moggy traveller hit the jag in the rear so hard it became one.
  9. Hi thanks for response,it's true the s2000 is a phenomenal piece of kit, but what with a dry sump kit at around 2 grand and a lot of other messing around with steering geometry, to get the engine in there properly I have decided I don't really need a 237 bhp coffin, I'm sure an st170 on tb,s and a mappable ecu for the sparks and vvt running through a close ratio bullet box will give me enough fun at north weald and the pod.. also I drive for a living and reckon Mr plod would have a problem with 9000 rpm clutch starts ............honda=12 points. ......st170=6 points lol !!!
  10. Good evening, just here to say I recently bought a half finished mk1 cortina/ honda s2000 project and have decided to rebuild the car using a rwd converted st170 engine, the Honda power plant is up for sale and can be heard running and I will have a list of items I want to buy,and need advice on. In particular I want to use a 4 speed close ratio bullet gearbox mated to the zetec engine and will defiantly need a rear bowl sump due to the alachi57 cross member and steering rack conversion . I'm living in Essex which seems to be a bonus in this club and really look forward to getting out in the early part of 2017 and wringing this motors neck. Please feel free to get in contact if you think you have items I may need or want. My car is going to be a stripped out race car so roll cages and harnesses etc are good news. Thanks for reading this.russ
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