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  1. Cheers Will get it out and try new fuel and a battery and see what happens. Was driven in and left for around 9 years by all accounts
  2. I've got this that I found during my work with the council. The owner is in the process of finding the log book and key for me so will be registered to me soon. If I don't take it it's getting scrapped so thought it is worth saving I'm sure one of you will know what model/ marque this is as I can't get back to it to check. Basically I saw a glimpse a while back through a fence and popped a note through the door so these are the only pictures i have. Thanks in advance for any info
  3. Not sure why the garages were blocked up. There looks to be smoke damage in there so possibly closed of due to vandalism or crime. Ive been working here for 11 years and only noticed the side door a few months back. Done the forced entry to the door a saw the car. I don't think that thearlier area exists on our systems so if it was not for curiosity I would never have gone in there. Just getting the ball rolling to get the funding for the refurbishment works now and hopefully get the area opened up and the car out. Again if there is any thing I can look at in particular that would better
  4. If anyone is local to sw London during the week I'm happy to open up the garages for a look. A torch will be needed though
  5. The compound it is in has been abandoned for 15 years minimum. If there are any records they will be paper archives and likely destroyed by now. The renovation to the garages isn't going to be for around 12 months so I have time to try tracing or registering. There seems to be enough interest to pursue it. There is no chance of it coming out before as the area is sealed with concrete blocks at the moment. I have only put a metal pedestrian door on one side.
  6. It is dumped on our land so I do have a genuine reason to request details from the police. Hopefully they might have something on record. If not I will go down the DVLA route.
  7. I work in housing and you would not belive the amount of red tape involved in tracing via the other departments. I have a few contacts in the local SNT and they are usually helpful when it comes to tracing owners for us. I will update when I find out anymore. I've had similar I'm cases in the past but not with a car that's been off the road for over 25 years. The compound it is in has been bricked up for 15 years or more so it has been where it is for a long time
  8. Will get some more pics this week just to show it a bit better. If only good as a banger at least it'll have a chance of going out in glory lol
  9. Will get some more pics this week just to show it a bit better. If only good as a banger at least it'll have a chance of going out in glory lol
  10. Any rough guide on value. There is no interior. Looks to be most of the engine there and that's about as far as my knowledge goes.
  11. It has definitely seen better days. Cheers for the information on the year. My head was saying 76 for so easy reason. I'll let you know if I trace a keeper or what happens to it
  12. Found the link to add a picture. Cheers
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