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  1. Hi, do you still have this? and can confirm it is ally. Thanks
  2. That's great thanks everyone
  3. Going to change diff for LSD, wife permitting
  4. Thanks guys, what the half shafts and the prop shaft flange are they a week point?
  5. Hi all, I am building my Mk1 Escort and was wandering if I can do some CHEAP upgrades to the original English axle, its an 1100 just thought cheaper to do a few upgrades than buy a new one. Will be running a pinto with around 160 bhp. Any thoughts?
  6. Looks really good mate, its nice to see some detailed photos of how you have fitted all the panels and where they actually start and finish. I'm doing my MK1 at the moment, first project of this size, I was surprised how much I have to adjust the new panels to fit. Its a peach well done. Mark
  7. Thanks for all the advice, I have re-fitted the door to check the sill alignment and it still shuts and lines up nice so hopefully no movement in the shell. Thanks again Mark
  8. Hi all, I need some advice on outer sill and floor fitting. I have braced between the door pillars and removed the floor an outer sill, I have mocked up the fitting of the outer sill and floor and there are moor adjustments to be made to the new panels than I thought they would need to make them fit nice (they are expressed steel panels) but think I will be ok. My question is do I fit the outer sill first or the floor (driver side full floor), my thought is to fit the sill first so I can get it to line up with the door and make the floor fit from there. This is my first time doing this so any advice most welcome, HOPING I HAVE NOT BIT OFF MORE THAN I CAN CHEW Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, just joint so thought i would let all know a bit about me. Love my RWD fords some FWD had loads of Mk1 and Mk2 escorts a couple of Capris and Cortinas and have just got my first Prefect 100e. Needs lots of work but it was cheap and i am looking foward to starting my project. Im thinking Zetec maybe a turbo if budget is there and then plenty of Santa Pod time.
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