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  1. Given Webers as far as I know haven't been made in Italy for absolutely years probably 20 at least, i think your chances are slim of finding a new one. If you do go for a new Spanish one I got a new 32/36 a couple of weeks ago from FastRoadCar on ebay, pounds cheaper than Burtons. The castings are not as good quality as the Italian made ones though. I bought a brand new 38DGMS for my car about 5 years ago. after about a year, the choke flaps started to rattle/chatter. On closer inspection, the shaft was a very sloppy fit in the casting causing a chatter on idle. Bearing in mind it hadn't covered great mileage at that point. Anyhow I removed the flaps completely in the end. Apart from that the carb has been ok.
  2. Headlights are standard 7" units. Indicator and sidelight units are Corsair only. They do turn up occasionally on ebay, but like most things Ford, command strong money. Used ones also pop up occasionally, but they corrode out from the back, so inspect before buying. Grilles again do come up occasionally. I think the 2000e had a long slatted type grille, not like mine which is a cheese grater grille.
  3. Front screen if you need one same as Mk1 Cortina. Looks a nice little project.
  4. This my corsair by the way. Join the f a c e b o o k Corsair enthusiast group, you strike lucky if someone is breaking a corsair.
  5. Hard to find good ones and the Corsair tank is unique. But the Cortina Mk1 and 2 can be adapted to fit as they have the same mounting hole positions. The main difference is the position of the filler neck. Corsair is in the just off centre in the rear edge, whereas the Cortinas ones are on the right rear corner. I did have one from a mk2 Cortina which has bigger capacity by 2 galls. I had the filler neck position altered to suit the Corsair and fuel sender hole was altered to suit my original sender. See my pic. Be aware early 1500 corsair and mk1 cortina tanks used a smaller diameter fuel sender and different resistance values, so your later one wont fit into the early tanks. The early senders dont work with 2000e gauges either.
  6. Depends on what parts you need really. Whilst the chassis is based on the mk1 Cortina, there are subtle differences and the same goes for the suspension and steering. Some parts are same as mk1 but some are unique to the V4.
  7. Retroford Escort steering rack 2.9 ratio metric threads. Fitted and used for just 200 miles. Changed to different ratio now hence sale. £130 collect from Spalding PE12.
  8. Not entirely true. Esso Super unleaded in most areas except for those listed on their website doesn't contain any ethanol. Problem they say there is no official labeling for zero ethanol content so the pump will have a sticker saying 5% regardless. https://www.esso.co.uk/en-gb/fuels-faqs
  9. Which is fine if you dont leave town ,ever. Unlike my missus one day, caught a kerb and ripped the side wall. That foamy shite then was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. So she had to phone friend to help get to tyre place on a Sunday morning. no problem you say. Well shes was 200 miles away from home, and the only tyre place open was the not so Kwik Fit. One new tyre and 2 1/2 hours out of her day and she could make her way home. Nah I'll stick to carrying a spare wheel, as she did after that. Sadly her recent new car there is absolutely nowhere to stick even a space saver. I think this is just so wrong.
  10. Had a look to see if i had any as I thought I had a couple left, but none there sorry. I cut the last two I had last year it would seem.
  11. Would I get lynched if I said I usually cut Capri LS rims up to fit different centres in them??? Used to buy them because they were cheap and no one seemed to want them.
  12. Pretty much like so many other weird and "wonderful" things you see on FB and other forums, ie joining propshafts in the centre just by butt welding, teflon welding on suspension components, people using 30 year old tyres on the road, people not MoT'ing cars because it saves them £30 and the law says they dont have to. The list can go on. Bigger diameter outer "weld your own" rims have been readily available for years from various sources in the UK as have limited supplies of 13" ones from Weller in the past, so the idea is far from new.
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