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  1. As title I’m after a big valve pinto head for my 2.1 pinto build, close to north west unless your able to post. Thanks
  2. Ye I’ll take them please! Pm me the price including postage and email address I’ll paypal the cash over
  3. Anyone got a good usable set of shock absorbers to fit my 1300 mk2 4 door has a 2.0 pinto in but still on the standard suspension lowered 2” thanks
  4. Thanks what sort of weight can you lighten it to safely? And is the starter just s standard pinto starter
  5. I’ve got a 2.1 pinto with a type 9 gearbox with alloy bellhousing but when I got the car it never came with a flywheel,clutch or starter and just after some help as to which ones I need are they just any 2.0 pinto parts I need? thanks in advance
  6. That's great thanks ?
  7. Thanks I do have discs on at the moment but there just solid ones I take it these arnt m16 calipers? I noticed you can buy a spacer kit if they are so they fit vented
  8. Hi I'm just after help on upgrading the front brakes on my mk2 it was a1.3 and I want to get vented discs on the front I think I'm right in saying I need 2.8i discs? Will these bolt streight onto my original struts? And what callipers will I need to suit them cheers
  9. Thanks mate just what I'm after but the wife's car has just bloody broke ? If you still have them next month I'll have them off you
  10. I'm after some twin 45s with manifold and an alloy sump for my 2.0l pinto if anyone has one thanks ?
  11. I was thinking of the Capri set up am I right in thinking the full Capri strut will just bolt straight on with all the brake assembly already on? And what master cylinder and booster
  12. Hi just in the middle of my mk2 build it was a standard 1.3 but will be running a 2.0l pinto and need help on a brake system like what disc setup is best on the front and what are the options in master cylinders and servos, would like to keep the engine bay as tidy as possible too Cheers
  13. As title I'm after an rs alloy bellhousing and the clutch release fork if anyone has one please message me I'm based in Preston north west so if your miles away I would need it posted to thanks
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