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  1. my st170 engine sitting in my RWD Fiesta conversion,
  2. bit of TCUT and that will polish out, new tyre / window job done
  3. Passenger side tunnel finished, now on to drivers side to make up.
  4. ENGLAND,, How bloody dare you say such thing, Vintage Voltage is Situated in Newtown , that just happens to be the largest town in the county of Powys,,, MID WALES
  5. You could try to grip it with mole grips and work it back and for with the aid of some penetrating oil. or you can apply some heat to the insert to enable it to expand slightly and free off. or gently cut along it , either hacksaw or angle grinder, then use a chisel to gently open it out to free off. then once off clean pin with emery cloth and a lot of grease
  6. djb222, THANKS, im slowly building it and posting pics when ever i get some work done on it, keep watching this space. cheers mike
  7. Hi David, welcome to OSF, May i say nothing wrong with mk6 fiesta , check out my project im doing on one at the moment. RWD version
  8. Welcome. very nice looking anglia , i once fitted a red set of inertia seatbelts out of a mg metro to my mates mk2 escort ,many moons ago, so anything is poss. cheers mike
  9. making up lower dash side panel now,
  10. Hi notenoughtime, yea coming together bit by bit. yea tunnel nearly finished, then onto front suspension. cheers mike
  11. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/grp4-fabrications-mk2-escort-windscreen-wiper-motor-mechanism-kit-2012150/ Best you start saving up pennies, Bully
  12. NICE ONE, pics please soon as weather gets better, you could try G,S,ESCORT LTD , for wiper motor, he might be able to help. cheers mike
  13. LOOK i got a gearknob NOW, just working on lower dash panel to house push button start , battery cut out and oil light, work in progress.
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