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  1. stainless steel baffled catch tank all finished.
  2. Stainless Steel Oil Catch Tank, all made up with baffled internals and filter system . just waiting for the filters to turn up for top feeds
  3. I agree katana. Yes There is a place for tig welding in DIY garage. But unless your skill level is up to tigwork and the cost of a tidy machine out ways what most people want to pay. Compared to migwelding machine That's why they use mig. I have been welding for nearly 40 ys that covers all types. Arc / mig /tig / plasma. U name it I've done it ( except SubArc ) as I can't swim. And I have seen some BAD examples in my time. And yes some of the post by people who say, I welded that what you think. I just shut my shoulders and laugh. Sent from my SM-A526B using Tapatalk
  4. Yea i use a tig welder in work everyday. so its easy for me. not quiet sure how much use on would be in garage as i think its just to slow for car body stuff, compared to mig. so would only be used for small jobs,
  5. Bite of an update. STILL work in progress. Stainless Steel Oil Catch Tank, got to find some small engine breather filters for top and fittings now
  6. Wrong answers only please,,,,,,,,,WHAT IS IT ?
  7. sounds a nice setup 67 cortina you have , i have fitted a few bike carb conversions to customers cars, and found them great for very little ££££, only time will tell .
  8. Thanks 67 cortina for the comments, exhaust side is gona be tight as only a small amount of room to get manifold down past chassis , but it will work out in the end. yea got to get my thinking cap on for linkage, but still stuff to finish before that anyway. design and make oil catch tank next.
  9. Hi All. hoping someone can answer my question. what is the distance ( in mm ) that the retroford water rail sticks out past the back of the block on a zetec . please.
  10. Bit of an update. expansion bottle mount altered to suit . Power steering bottle mounts made up and fitted. Strut brace all welded up ready for paint.
  11. yes the idea of a brace is to stop the flex of the inner bays / strut tops as much as poss, to eliminate suspension geometry deflection of any sort. so any form of support will assist in that quest.
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