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  1. Hi mate unfortunately the other two cars in our party have suffered a puncture and now a fuel issue. So looks like we have to cancel as we won’t be making the gate time.. shame ☹️
  2. Hi mate just letting you know I will be taking the car up to Glemham Hall Show next weekend on the 6th of Sept if you wanted to see it in the flesh 👍🏻
  3. Yeah be great to see.. spotlights all gone before I got it.. will definitely let you know if I’m about.. not really into the show side of things.. but maybe some meets over the summer I’ll head to. I’m in Suffolk so not far away if you’re still local.
  4. Hi mate really good to hear from you I’ve often wondered about it’s previous owners. My friend originally bought it from a guy in Norwich in 1992 for around £400.. the old 1300 sport engine was shot and he was going to convert it to a pinto. I think money and enthusiasm ran out and he sold it to a local breaker later that year. His wife ran it for a couple of years before it was taken off the road and sat in their yard before I rescued it in 1995. After a few months of work I had it back on the road until around 97. Ever since then it’s been sat in various barns and sheds until I decided to re
  5. The tinkering never ends!!!!
  6. That sits awesome looks great 👍🏻 Personally I would go without fat stripes and stick to plain looks so much better that way.
  7. My first car late 70s 😂
  8. These are cheap mate!! You may need to invest this summer 😂
  9. Ah yeah 2 to 4 hours is a chore I’m in a very rural location so no real long hauls on motorways. If I do make it to the A12 Everyone’s doing 45mph 🙄
  10. It’s geared for the conditions it’s going to be used for. It’s all country roads around my way. At 70mph it sits at 3000rpm in 5th it won’t be going on long runs. But if it needed too I’ll pop the 3.5 back in 👍🏻
  11. Thanks mate, it’s been on the road for a couple of months now. But found the 3.5 Diff a bit long in the tooth for the country roads around here and the ride a touch too low. So swapped the diff for a 4.1 and changed the springs and height along with adding some front bump stops on the shocks. Seems a whole lot better now 👍🏻
  12. Lol you might be right... but the roads around here are suited to tractors not lowered Mk1 Escorts 😬
  13. totally forgot how bad the roads are in Suffolk😂 don’t notice it in my everyday Nivara!!
  14. Diff swap time and ride height tweaked!! Bloody country roads are full of bumps!!!
  15. Cheers mate so glad I kept hold of it all those years
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