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  1. Helps me sleep at night 😂
  2. So after a bit of added security work(handy owning a diamond drilling firm) she’s finally home 😁
  3. Thanks fella... I must admit I like the look of the bumpers now.. but also have a fondness of the smoother look. Think they are better with the holes filled in to pull it off though.
  4. Cheers yeah the bumpers have grown on me now. The tuner was Bob Archer he did live up North way a few years back Thanks.. not sure on model I just went on their website and customised it to suit my needs. Not cheap but was really happy with it
  5. So had a fella round today to balance and set up the carbs. Great old boy been doing classics for the last 40yrs.. finally got to have a proper blast up the road ?would definitely recommend him to anyone in the Norfolk/Suffolk area ??
  6. Every single person who saw it said the bumpers would look great.. so thought what the hell. They do set it off nicely
  7. So I’ve finally been persuaded to go for the bumpers
  8. Thanks fellas looking forward to the spring now ?
  9. Mot passed today ?took it for a little spin down the road.. all in all drove really well just needs the carbs setting up as is sputtering a fair bit. First time on the road since 1996 almost felt 19 again ?
  10. Here’s my contribution... 18 months of graft. But loved every minute.... well almost
  11. Fitted the GPS speedo from speed hut today. The final thing done off to its Mot Tuesday ?
  12. Thanks mate yeah found some panels a right pain. But Magnum inner wings chassis rails and gartrac arches were spot on. Floors not so, mind you no two Escorts are the same ?
  13. Ah yeah I’ll pop some on ??
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