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  1. thebassman

    Air Filter Clearance

    Hi, Want to fit a K&N type oval or round chrome filter to my MK2 1600 Sport Crossflow with standard carb (32 DGAV) Don't have the engine in at the moment so I can't take any measurments, need to know if a filter which is 3.5" in height will fit without fouling the bonnet. Going for the largest filter available, believing the more air into the carb the better, hope my thinking is correct. Thanks for reading. Jeff.
  2. thebassman

    South African MK2 Wheel Stud Help

    Thanks Guys, all sorted now, bought oversize one's from Burtons, drilled the holes out to 14mm, pressed new one's in (.013" interference fit) and then spot welded the studs at the rear to prevent them from turning in the hub. New bearings and locking collar on and now all back on the car. Cheers.
  3. thebassman

    South African MK2 Wheel Stud Help

    Yes, thanks, know that. It's the spline size (dia) that I can't match.
  4. thebassman

    South African MK2 Wheel Stud Help

    The thread is 12mm which is what the new nuts are as well. The problem (I think) is not with the nuts but the amount of stud which is showing through when the wheel is in place. The nuts run down the thread ok. I think I have caused some confusion when I said the nuts only go on 3.5 turns, this is when the wheel is in place. The nut runs right down the thread with no wheel on so I know they are compatable.
  5. Hi, trying to obtain some new (longer) wheel studs for a South African MK2 1600 Sport, the problem I'm finding is the dia. of the splines. Mine are .542" dia. There has been a previous thread on this matter and someone directed them to Burtons. I have purchased one as advised (just to test) and this wont fit as the spline dia. is .568 which is .026" oversize. I dont want to enlarge the holes in the hub as the splines are not very deep. The car was originally on 8" x 13" wheels but these looked too wide as the body is unarched so I purchased a set of 6" x 13" minilite copys which came with wheel nuts but they only go on approx 3.5 turns and I feel this is not enough to secure the wheels which is why I would like the longer one's. Any suggestions !! Thanks, Jeff.
  6. thebassman

    South African MK2 Sport Paint Code Help !!

    Sorted, no name or code but got a colour chip to match. Thanks.
  7. thebassman

    South African MK2 Sport Paint Code Help !!

    Thanks, will have to try that although the car had been recently re painted in its original colour (late last year in SA) prior to my purchase and has been garaged since so not exposed to any sunshine. Still would like to find a paint code for Cologne Blue.
  8. thebassman

    South African MK2 Sport Paint Code Help !!

    Thanks for replys, had it paint scanned (polished with G3 before scanning), aerosol made but still too light, tried 2 paint shops neither had colour chips for old fords. Need a paint code before Custom paints can do anythig.
  9. Hi Guys, need assistance again, trying to find some suitable rattle can paint to colour code the front spoiler on my V reg 1600 Sport recently imported from South Africa. The Paint Verf. on the Vin plate shows OP which I have found to be a Ford SA oiginal Factory colour of Cologne Blue however I am unable to get a paint code for this. Googling 'Cologne Blue (OP)' just gets hits on mens aftershave!! I have taken the boot lid to a paint shop and they used a Digital Colour Analizer thingy but the colour given was too light. I know the colour is available as my local parts shop supplied me with an aerosol from old ford colour chips which was a good match, unfortunetly I used all of that and the business is no longer trading. Tried a few local paint sprayers but no one seems to have old Ford paint chips around. Anyone help with a code ? Cheers, Jeff.
  10. thebassman

    Vacuum Pipe to Twin 40S

  11. thebassman

    Vacuum Pipe to Twin 40S

    Thanks for the reply, Assume you blocked up the end from the distributor ? Or did you leave it open ??
  12. thebassman

    Vacuum Pipe to Twin 40S

    Hi Guys, need some more help, fitted twin 40s to my Mk2 1600 Sport but cant find anywhere to connect the vacuum pipe from the distributor. Still in the process of putting the rest together so unable to start it and see if it will run with it blocked off. Any help ? Thanks, Jeff.
  13. Set of 4, 8" x 13" chrome alloys, just taken off my MK2 Escort, they are multi fit with 4" and 4,1/4" P.C.D.s, complete with centre caps and a full set of 12mm wheel nuts and key. Came off a South African import car, make : GANG R !!! My car is not arched and they fitted ok without fouling although they did stand proud of the arch so would be better suited to one with arches. Really nice condition. Looking for £265. Buyer to collect Sunderland area. SR3. Contact on 07857 643362 Phone or text. Thanks.
  14. thebassman

    Remote Servo Advice.

    All sorted now, met a really helpful dealer at Classic Ford Show (Santa Pod) by the name of Richard Lee of Classic Car Spares, Southwell, Notts. He provided me with the Remote Servo and master cylinder and full fitting kit for £160. Just got to fit it now but it looks very straightforward. For anyone else considering doing the same the parts supplied are listed below. Remote servo ; Powertune TT3949Z Part No. RLE 72696 Master Cylinder : Off MK3 Cortina 5/8" Bore (.625) Direct replacment and bolts straight on. Hope this helps and thanks to everyone for their advice. Cheers.
  15. thebassman

    Remote Servo Advice.

    Struggling to find a master cylinder (probably cos i dont know what I'm looking for) Can anyone provide a link or where to look ? Thanks.