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  1. Howzit , My 4 door tag plate shows a Vinyl top - Parchment - The Vinyl top is actually white in colour. The Interior doorcards and seats are an biege ( Parchment Color ) Of course the body colour is Cologne Blue. Thus I assume your tag would describe a Green interior . Alpine white Bodycolour
  2. Thats a very good idea, Thank you for sharing,
  3. Awesome finishes to a great classic. Are you keeping the engine internals stock?
  4. I still love 4 door escorts, they remain the ultimate sleeper cars in my view. My work in progress ....couple years now.
  5. Great , Thank you, Found out this weekend that some old track racers use to add a thin steel sheet just beneath the inlet to shield the distributor. Just added protection if fuel drips from the gasket.
  6. Hi All, Please help me out with a query on the Twin Webers DCOE 40 inlet manifold . When mounted to a 1600 Xflow, there remains just 5 bolts to the head. A friends car has managed to snap one bolt and caused water leaks into the inlet ports. However his engine does tilt a lot at high rpm. Now I have the long type (4 inch length) manifold and I think I might need a support bracket of some sort , just to support the weight of the two carbs and manifold at high rpm . Has anyone built a such a support for the intake ?
  7. Yes, thats correct, Post 1978 , Ford ( Well in ZA ) binned the chrome beadings, and replaced them for the black strip lower down the body line. The lettering were completely removed. Color coded wheel caps were replaced by the std steel rims and chrome rings.
  8. This grill has the lettering and the chrome strip inserts as well.
  9. Great Project to take on, Those grills are getting rare now, seems to be quite a lot in interest in it here in SA as well. keeping it in all ghia trim will keep the car a little bit special , well to me anyway,
  10. I have access to the Nankang AS1 , 175/50s. I see the have the rim protector on the side walls as well, Are these tyres any good ?
  11. ShaunS

    Mk1 escort

    that looks like a south african import. Master cylinder looks like a sierra / sapphire
  12. This was my first car , 21st birthday present, pic taken back in 1997. It was in between an orange and yellow. Engine wise all stock SA spec 1600 Sport. Sorry for the poor quality but just thought Id share.
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