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  1. The car turned out SWEET !! Well done there !!
  2. Thank you, Was hoping to get things going with the car, however life's priorities do take over. At least for now its dry stored in the garage,
  3. Looking good , I guess you leaving the battery and its tray under the hood ?
  4. Fast Forward to April 2020, Not much progress on the car, Its still garage bound. Interior has been stripped down to clean up the floor pans.
  5. Cool, Body panels are not easy to get here in SA, thus a lot of people resort to cutting up really clean 4 doors to build up 2 doors. Now even the 4 doors are drying up, and everyone is worth saving ,
  6. Quite Noticeable that its a South African car, Big ups for saving her though, !!
  7. This was the first one done in South Africa, Featuring an independant rear end setup of a E 30 BMW . It was a Speed n Sound Magazine feature car as well.
  8. Thats a hot looking 4 door. Stance looks perfect !!
  9. Thanks Jim, Theres a couple of wires there, will have a closer look at the red/blue one.
  10. Evening All, Im am in the process of converting my old Sapphie 2L Gli from auto to Manual, I managed to locate a manual car with a 5-speed and ended up buying the entire heap as scrap. My Question is, theres a fair amount of wires from the auto box ( its a AL4d type gearbox) to the ecu. Any ideas on locating the starter inhibitor switch? My last resort is to lock the selector in P and hide it behind the dashboard. Any ideas greatly appreciated,
  11. Episode aired on Friday, It was epic , well from me anyway, !!
  12. Howzit , My 4 door tag plate shows a Vinyl top - Parchment - The Vinyl top is actually white in colour. The Interior doorcards and seats are an biege ( Parchment Color ) Of course the body colour is Cologne Blue. Thus I assume your tag would describe a Green interior . Alpine white Bodycolour
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