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  1. This was the first one done in South Africa, Featuring an independant rear end setup of a E 30 BMW . It was a Speed n Sound Magazine feature car as well.
  2. Thats a hot looking 4 door. Stance looks perfect !!
  3. Thanks Jim, Theres a couple of wires there, will have a closer look at the red/blue one.
  4. Evening All, Im am in the process of converting my old Sapphie 2L Gli from auto to Manual, I managed to locate a manual car with a 5-speed and ended up buying the entire heap as scrap. My Question is, theres a fair amount of wires from the auto box ( its a AL4d type gearbox) to the ecu. Any ideas on locating the starter inhibitor switch? My last resort is to lock the selector in P and hide it behind the dashboard. Any ideas greatly appreciated,
  5. Episode aired on Friday, It was epic , well from me anyway, !!
  6. Howzit , My 4 door tag plate shows a Vinyl top - Parchment - The Vinyl top is actually white in colour. The Interior doorcards and seats are an biege ( Parchment Color ) Of course the body colour is Cologne Blue. Thus I assume your tag would describe a Green interior . Alpine white Bodycolour
  7. Thats a very good idea, Thank you for sharing,
  8. Awesome finishes to a great classic. Are you keeping the engine internals stock?
  9. I still love 4 door escorts, they remain the ultimate sleeper cars in my view. My work in progress ....couple years now.
  10. Great , Thank you, Found out this weekend that some old track racers use to add a thin steel sheet just beneath the inlet to shield the distributor. Just added protection if fuel drips from the gasket.
  11. Hi All, Please help me out with a query on the Twin Webers DCOE 40 inlet manifold . When mounted to a 1600 Xflow, there remains just 5 bolts to the head. A friends car has managed to snap one bolt and caused water leaks into the inlet ports. However his engine does tilt a lot at high rpm. Now I have the long type (4 inch length) manifold and I think I might need a support bracket of some sort , just to support the weight of the two carbs and manifold at high rpm . Has anyone built a such a support for the intake ?
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