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  1. No sorry RP there scarer than hens teeth lol
  2. I’m looking on eBay but there doesn’t seem to be much about someone needs to make the internals aswell that would be good 👍
  3. I have the new casings but was hoping someone would of had some decent internals on some old switches so I could restore them
  4. Hi has anyone got any switches for a mk1 escort, all they need to be is working with good internals not bothered about condition
  5. Welcome to OSF nice orange more door👍
  6. RP I fitted the slim fit rubbers to my Mexico mk1 back in the summer and they’ve been great ,no more slamming doors 👍,if you can’t find originals they are the next best thing thoroughly recommend them. James
  7. I don’t think they can keep up with it ,it’s not cars either, but what worries me the most is the fact that they still keep doing it which means they must be getting some success surely
  8. Think it’s already been said but I used expressed panels on my Mexico and they were worth the extra because there was less fettling needed to get them right and so less time and money , magnum are ok though just need more work to get right
  9. Got to be that awesome BD for me sounds awesome when singing 👍
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