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  1. Xp197777

    Best aftermarket panels.

    Expressed panels are very good i have used them they fit better than any other aftermarkets ,a bit pricey but worth it ,won’t spend so much time on labour fitting them though 👍
  2. Xp197777

    Hello from Wigan

    Welcome to OSF got any pictures of the cars to share
  3. Cheers Chris was thinking of doing one day maybe ,wouldn’t have to camp then 👍
  4. I would like to but not so keen on the camping
  5. Xp197777

    Historic Monte- Carlo rally

    Great pics Scott ,yep spotted that funny looking RS
  6. Xp197777

    Hello from SE london

    Welcome to OSF I love mustangs old and new
  7. Xp197777

    Mk2 Escort Restoration / Rally Build

    Got to be a BD or millington if funds will allow 👍
  8. Xp197777

    Hello from Stoke On Trent

    Welcome to the site nice car
  9. Xp197777

    Contour seats

    That’s the ones Robby but you need the bushing sleeves as well and they are harder to find but you Could use insulation tape until you find some
  10. Xp197777

    Hello from Edinburgh

    Yes an orange one ,join the club mate welcome to osf
  11. Xp197777

    Chassis number location

    Is there holes where the AVO plate was
  12. Xp197777

    wanted rear pillar plastic cover trim

    There are some on eBay just put in escort mk2 RS c pillar trims and they should come up
  13. Hi has anyone got or know where I can get the plastic sheet/cover that goes inside the door before the door lining goes on, need two front doors ,I’m sure there was a thread on this but I can’t find it james
  14. Xp197777

    Australian Twincam Thread

    Sprigalex would look great with the silver facia