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  1. It does the battery backup in case the mains goes down
  2. There’s a company on the internet who makes them ,they obviously need sight of your original ones and ownership proof but they do finish a nice job off well
  3. Need a picture really but you’ve got hazard,fans,wipers ,heated screen ,and on some models spot lights ,brake test and obviously lights which can be in the centre dash or to right of steering wheel
  4. Welcome to OSF would love a pic or two👍
  5. There’s a six dial On eBay for spares mate missing the speedo but everything else is there still not cheap though
  6. I’ve got one of those spare daisy didn’t realise you needed one
  7. Welcome to OSF any 📸📷
  8. I had one on a xr3 Back in the 80s it looked good on a silver mk3 , no pics sorry
  9. No just got a fridge and washing machine in the garage one refreshes parts and the other holds beer which refreshes me 😂 lol
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