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  1. So they have split the car from v5 hmm
  2. I have a nos new one original springalex have owned it for twenty years but they are big money now pm me if interested
  3. Congratulations Chris and mrs gerbil on your news enjoy and totally understand about the tour.
  4. Hi and welcome to OSF and there’s plenty of knowledge on here Niall cheers James
  5. Welcome to OSF nice orange more door👍
  6. Think it’s already been said but I used expressed panels on my Mexico and they were worth the extra because there was less fettling needed to get them right and so less time and money , magnum are ok though just need more work to get right
  7. Xp197777


    I’ll be there👍
  8. Mine is 1978 and I applied this year ,post Office sent it off with the form and guess what Dvla lost it ,eventually they sorted it some 8 weeks later so now tax exempt 👍
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