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  1. It will say on the vin plate if you have it
  2. Mine had them ,The contours were a extra with what Ford called the rally pack I believe along with map light ,springalex wheel and spotlight switch according to literature
  3. Looking good mate those seats are comfy I’ve got same ones in my mex
  4. We’ve all done it mate the amount of mk1s and mk2s I used for banger racing and grass track and then scrapped was criminal
  5. I’ll have 10 Mexico’s and 10 rs1600s please 😆 I wish
  6. Went to Sidmouth classic today excellent show here’s a few pics
  7. Ditto in every way that man look after yourself and mum and remember we can’t be good at everything RP 👍
  8. Where is RP 2000 James gone must be on his hols
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