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  1. Possibly do you have a pic of your sedan car
  2. Xp197777


    Surprised he didn’t want a massage when he got up there as well lol
  3. Oh and mk2 is a lot rarer I’m guessing because everyone went for locking cap
  4. Yeah there’s a Few differences , pictures show the red one is mk2 mk2 is half the weight shallower hollow where mk1 is solid and on the front the edges are sharper on the mk1 and centre Bar that you twist is thinner that said it will fit
  5. The red and yellow ones on eBay are both mk1 solid type different to mk2 but will do the job
  6. Hope they mix it the same Huge there’s often slight variations when mixed
  7. You just select choose files and then select you photos easy works fine with iPhone
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