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  1. Mine is 1978 and I applied this year ,post Office sent it off with the form and guess what Dvla lost it ,eventually they sorted it some 8 weeks later so now tax exempt 👍
  2. Good genuine ford ones command a strong price £100 ish
  3. Welcome nice escort 👍
  4. I’ve got a mint bonnet for sale if interested
  5. Quite a few people are using that Vauxhall Corsa electronic P a S Sorry don’t know much more
  6. The level in the rad should be down a little to allow an air space ,I’ve disconnected my heater matrix just Incase it started leaking inside
  7. Had a look at both cars today the 71 car has the plug like Chris’s pics and my late 74 car has the plug I pictured , was annoying Me so had to have a look 😀
  8. Ref the silver cap beware there are different sizes of those aswell😩
  9. I’ve got a Lucus one with box part number has worn off the box unfortunately but I believe it’s still on the indicator it self here’s some pics
  10. I agree with col a resto to that standard because lets face it there are two ways to restore a car ,would cost a lot more than one done on the cheap ,oh and RP you gave it an oil leak by the look of it 😂
  11. The thing is with the Rs1600 it has the BD engine which is highly regarded amongst the historic rally boys and there pay £30 k for a new BD easily plus it’s a rare car now
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