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  1. Thanks for the reply and pic, turns out it is original to the car.
  2. Many thanks for your help, car back up and running. Valves ground in, new stem oil seals, waterpump and a recore radiator for good measure as it was gummed up. Now runs very well and only gets to a stable 1/4- 1/3 on the temp guage. Out of interest what is the usual place for the needle on the temp guage?
  3. Ok, so ongoing from the overheating saga, I've decided to replace the cheap bits which are probably due anyway, water pump, rad cap and radiator. Any idea if this is an original, it looks like it but I dont want to pay out for a recore unless it is, I'll probably have to take it out to find a number but has J DEUS stamped on the top.
  4. OK so an update, no smell or smoke. Took out thermostat, I got an 82o one for Portugal, it works and so does the car without it. Runs cooler but doesnt throw any water out at all, no excess pressure.
  5. Thanks for the reply, re the cap I would say the car isnt even getting to 60o never mind close to the thermostat temperature before it starts to empty itself.
  6. Very true, it was working when I took it off though.
  7. Just tried the old one and it is just the same, thanks though!
  8. Hi Rich, thanks for your reply, yes I replaced the cap and it isnt great, how would that cause the water to dump out of the overflow?
  9. Hi all, Happy New Year! My wife has been using the MK2 estate 1,3 to work, I know I know! Since she started, nothing but trouble, never cleans it, washes it, put a tank full of diesel in this week too and last night she came back with the coolant needle in the red and nothing in the radiator. I had a quick look and topped it up, there is a serious amount of coolant coming out of the radiator overflow only and there is no water in the oil. Am I looking at a head gasket or is there anything else you would advise looking first, way too rough to think about this logically this morning. Many thanks
  10. Well I surrendered to the qualified and turned out to be a faulty voltage regulator, its a femsa GRK 12-16, attached a not very good pic. I understand Femsa werent fitted to many cars. Has anyone tried fitting modern electronic internals and keeping the original look?
  11. Well the accelerator cable is now sorted, I soldered the ends I had left to a bike brake cable. I still have a problem with charging, does anyone know if the above plug is original, is it the resistor I can see on the wiring diagram and is there a wire running to the coil that would affect charging. I'm so close to getting it back on the road so any help really really appreciated.
  12. Update All cleaned up, fired up using auxillary petrol tank so I know the starting and ignition circuit are all ok, wires soldered and looking quite neat. All new hoses and good service from Escort-tec for the airbox and plastic parts. I do have a few problems though. I missed Slaker's throttle cable so still need one of them, hard to find as I need all the plastic connectors due to them being melted so cant make one up, 65cm too so not like any others ive seen for sale. Its not charging, the wiring was a jigsaw to work out, it has been messed about to fit an aftermarket alternator so wires were everywhere, wrapped around hoses, no colours left so was a bit of a guessing game. There is a plug that I cut out, it has a yellow or green and black wire going into it, I cant see the colours of the others, I guessed it was a signal wire for the starter solenoid which is also aftermarket but im now thinking it is for the charging circuit too? I just cant focus on the haynes wiring diagram as too small, any ideas? Ive added a pic of the plug.
  13. Been in touch, got some ticked off, thanks. Still need Washer bottle cap, brake fluid cap, throttle cable, plug leads, dist cap and all pipes for carb (vaccum etc) Is Burtons the best place or is there somewhere else which most people use?
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