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    my cortina mk3 two door
    my granada mk 1 coupe
    oh and my mk 2 escourt

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  1. no probs theres plenty to see lol golfs caddys 2 cortina granada angle box oh and my old rover p5 lol
  2. yeah you should pop in if your passing take a look round
  3. yeah think i saw your angie at humber bridge meet once i owner drypool garage you may have seen all the cars there
  4. what car you got might have seen you around
  5. not far from me im in roos you will be loveing the big week end then lol
  6. hi every one im chris from hull my cars are mk3 cortina gxl 2 door mk1 granada coupe and mk 2 escourt
  7. hi every one bit of a long shot im looking for a rear window louvre for my mk3 cortina two door txt chris on 07815579017
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